Crimson Feather (intro by Kashal​-​Tee)

from by Sankofa

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Caustic plumbing of artistic navel depths.


I’m the resident cynic sitting atop of throne of acidic trash
Hatching a bitter batch of rap, so let the timid pass
Inspiration faded, return to the confines of the complacent
Pens full, the page blank, Declare my soul vacant
The ache of trying to be patient
Mightily waging war with a world that couldn’t care less
Stress builds and the ones I love become the targets
Blood pressure climbs
please don’t let me once again succumb to this darkness
The harbinger of heartless, I march to the cliff and pass it by
Swiftly charging in the abyss voiceless scream, glassy eyes
Just another human self-destruct button with lips tightly zipped shut
Not even the man of steel can resist rust
And heroic doesn’t even begin to describe the opposite path
Playing poker with sympathy cards, dad was lost in the past
Get over it, over and over and over again
Prone to pretend I lost hope in my lone moment of Zen
Do I know it’s pretend, or have faith and hold fast?
Steel jaw, iron lung, soul glass
downcast, 13th stone for the most loved
Figment or fragment, for real I swear the ghost was
I felt the chill but dare not turn around
Take the thoughts and burn them down in the fertile ground
I heard a sound

It never happened, never could have and never was
Settle for pretending with a level of etceteras
A pathway these feet of mine did never tread enough
A crimson feather for the heart that I had left to rust

My paper is Gus Fring’s profit margin, chickenscratch
Getting up to speed with a wicked batch of vivid rap
I feel like Dusty Neal in a world of verbal prison tats
Participants pretend to listen just to spit it back
They’re ruling our entire world based on minute math
Claiming mastery minus thought because they didn’t ask
I split in half with callous laughter after given trash
A vicious act, fly the black flag high on the mizzen mast
I grip the craft’s psyche tightly with a griffin’s grasp
So sick of sycophantic tandem banter, slick and fad
I don’t visit rap, I live with it and pick the scab
Watch it bleed profusely til the page becomes a crimson gash
A rhythmic path to follow, steps become a chisel’s tap
Chipping away until what remains betrays a simple task
A rhythmic path to follow, steps become a chisel’s tap
Chipping away until what remains betrays a simple task


from Ink From Rust, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Sankofa Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne

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