by Sankofa



A song namedropping the folks who participated in a promotion by using sidewalk chalk to write #glydrxlr and post it to their IG.


The time is upon us
In the name of keeping me honest
A reason I promised
Believe me, I got it

The policy’s giving them quality quips
Got them all in stitches, thinking Wallaby Knits
Man and he’s fresh, outdone by the family Plett
Dan and his sons are handling tons of reps
Reverse habitat, search Burnt Bakarak
The Fox Fam in adidas, have you examined that?
Plus Katie Jo showing kids the way to go
Pete Dio and Jake with CDs in the crate
Wingclipper with kids and garage kickflips
Erick with a K, straight awesomeness
Bar none, Mark Dunn in NY
Castor Pollux on the left coast sent vibes
Probably spent some time with Xavi and Ren
Totally Orange Time Machine hops in the blend
Andy Kurzen with the stop motion tricks
Faith Cardelli with the art so slick
Jon Brown in the flour that makes the best dough
Big to the Apple to the Pizza, Presto!
Try rankin’ chalk of Mike Mankin
So I thank with rhymes that I banked in
Sober Pete with the Lego so sweet
P-Mac and the Ludwiski clan, so don’t sleep
Coming with the dopeness, no risky plan
Best believe only a high five will hit the fan
So this is it, my thanks to all of the participants
Glyde Drexler, the album, give it a listen quick

Sidewalks with a dose of the chalk
Something to pass time when Rona’s frozen the clocks


released May 2, 2020
Prod. by EDS
Artwork by Undefeatable by Matt Plett




Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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