Bumper Stickers

by Sankofa



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If the south rises again, you’re going to be a sharecropper
Get that bumper sticker off of your truck
Homophobe plus trailer hitched neon pair of nuts
Overcompensating, seems suspect, what?
Cowboy boots are nothing but high heels
Fancy leatherwork for sure and I feel
They probably haven’t seen a stirrup since the gyno
So this image you embrace is just a whine show
I love my country, but like Ice-T said
It's freedom of speech, so just watch what you say.
Dread is creeping in when your daughter has a black son
Yet somehow you still find a way to act dumb
Larry the cable guy, cut your sleeves off, git r done
Cooter rehash, stupid, proud, better run
A humdinger to confederate flags
Flying high in the sky, cause we’re better than that
This is America

Land of the free…Home of the bumper sticker

I want a bumper sticker that says “abortion bumper stickers suck”
Letting your car do the talking, but then you zip it up
How does something so complicated become a slogan
Then a candidate’s political fodder, it’s a no win
It’s murder, and it’s freedom, it’s not an easy answer
It’s something we can pick sides on, yeah that seems a standard
Then we can bicker, picking away at old scabs
Never listening, but megaphones we hold fast
popping veins in necks soon brewing a chant to love life
Saliva flying from their faces when the mud flies
naked baby dolls on crucifixes hanging from necks
Kind of makes me wonder…what will come next
Threats, a clinic bombed, killing killers, holy wars
A new wave of crusades with a golden sword
Drawing lines in the sand where the tougher withdrawal
And nothing says nothing like nothing at all
this is America, this is America man
This is America So get your bumper sticker ready to go

Tip Top and Rise Skate shop for the edgier types
Standard equipment for the nonconformist car, right
It’s time for Cardinal Tattoos to add to it
Bout the same size as Tip Top's but far superior
Kind of like Everest to bunny hills, greedy guys
Make scapegoat mountains, to cover their needy lies
Indeed we find the tangled web is woven thick
If it’s my call to make, man I go with Nick
I’m not much for ink beyond a few pieces
Nothing for the show and tell crowd of guess who’s recent?
I got them for me and that’s about the size of it
Not a how can I be down starter kind of kit
I wonder what jobs will be around for neck tats
We can’t all buck the system with our flesh flash
And what kind of uniform consists of turtlenecks
Sounds like a job for sweating more and earning less

Radio stations…
Favorite bands...

What’s your religion?


released June 28, 2015
beat by Joe Harvey




Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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