Iron Kofa Sharp

by Sankofa

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    Here we go, 8 tracks of analog monsters to flood your boombox and bash the teeth out of any that dares eat tapes. The A-side is all the songs and the B-side is the kind of treasure an emcee like me dreamed about back in the days of locking myself in the bathroom and freestyling for hours on end: the beats. TaliRod blended the Iron Mike Sharp instrumentals, so you'll have smooth transitions between those bars you're laying on thick.

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Sankofa From the first face tat to the third chain Deserved fame The words blaze paths with a terse aim Berserk claims Accursed place last and prefer frames The bird brains works trades flak in a curved maze my word grave Inertia stays the placeholder for the Kafka flights Trying to get the picture just right, we crop it twice It’s not advised to follow suit, Canal Streets to map Defeatist slop they try to feed us that, indeed it’s fact Why don’t you write what they say to us then read it back They pray we bust I remain to crush, erupting into flames, combust No puppet with a play deluxe, portrayal made of guts I stay talking to myself like there are eight of us And maybe there are and maybe there aren’t Cause sometimes it feels my brain just some alien farm Creating bizarre paintings made of phrases and art Voracious and large as this is one occasion to spark A traipse in the dark I’m taking it the labor enlarged Back in the days, I was blazing cigars Walking through the backwoods with pterodactyls, aiming to harm Prepare the casket emblazoned with razors, apes and the scars Trying to track that lost thought, my database is on Mars Alice is in chains my wonderland with clay in the jars Prepare the rocket ship, the wormhole now I’m launching in All in the name of tracking down a long forgotten whim What they got us in, trouble, lava bubbling Crows stay marching on my windows, what is supple skin? Going out on nothing but a limb, my rudder broken Designer jeans and osmosis for the blood to soak in Another Roman, Brutus on the mix, unkindest cut With a neat little bow, so folks can tie this up Love letters on receipts that they provide for us So thoughtful of them Benedict Arnold then denied it thus Declining payment thirty silver pieces, hills are rolling Some break the law, but will uphold them just to kill the potent And why is that man? JON?DOE It's like Swing batter batter ya lose, we battle these dudes Then I batter their boos except my batter be ooze, i baste and blasted her boobs after I bag her then move on too bad it's the blues- honey badgers amused The bastard imbues Find me Baskin with a basket of booze u pissing blood now ya bladders confused Blithering idiots who blabber the news, blackened and bruised Silversmiths never lack in the lube, tracks in the Louvre Yall lose when we loose the diction, commute the system The sentence of these sentences' silence- a mute existence A brute affliction, you thought this broods a fiction Accrued a crude crew we set the cruise to bitchin My shield is pineal perform- the eye closes 3rd from the sun that warms the sky- roast cliques Answers no when they warned... to try? The guys knows this Informed and still swarm? Some form of psychosis My mind is a mixture of the Red Room and Red Rocks I been rocked from Bedlam to bedrooms to bedrock Crowds hype but uneasy like they likshots in wet socks Trigger finger like a porn star- it gets cocked Techs, glocks, shotties, soul and bodies- see us set em free Rattlesnake rhymer with a diamondback pedigree Aint scared? Well ya better be Warning sticker on the album says "front: towards enemy" Pump the raw energy- electric stacks Catch a 2 piece with a biscuit and and extra slap Bless the track? U know that we the best at that We log on- wack rappers left the chat Tell em lemme see dem hands up into the ozone Holmes Imma get them peeps rockin in an old folks home The ink in my pen gettin froze on poems Find me wandering the lands where explosions roam Holding chrome like my name is Prince Hearts explode once they laid the stents, labeled since As exact as a laser prints, what we lay's intense Leave the lay amazed now they convinced... yall trapped inside a wordgrave
Knock them out the box, break them down, put them back in pieces Assembly required, no instructions, just bent and beaten bears repeating, hearts I leave them barely beating, where we see them Krampus with the gift they never wanted, have a Merry evening Forever haunted trying to wipe then wash the pain away I’m giving every game they play an acid rain delay The facts remains as stains attached to their brain I’m the composer leave them frozen with a tragic refrain Ebenezer with the dread amoeba threading the infected needle Throw a camel through the eye of oligarchs, death to evil Less than regal, proposing broken hearts to pressure people Festive treacle pouring from the spines of those with vapid backers Half enamored, souls pouring from a bet that’s fecal A glass decanter turning wine into Flint water Lock the high and mighty in a sauna let them sweat it out Wet the ref’s whistle in a rigged game, no set amount Grease the palms until the springs are slick and keeping calm Believe the bond between folks and fear is demon spawn It isn’t cheating if the rules don’t apply to them So they play us in the coliseum fight again Divide and bend, abolish reason let the rage occur Trying to picture what it was but it remained a blur An ugly buzz swarms from the hive in painted slurs Just one step higher, grading that betrayal curve One job, plus some side hustles, as the face of worth See a trinket just within reach, obey the urge Some tithe away in hope, bowing down to pray in church Empty wallets staying nestled inside a greater purse Taking sips with installment plans, remain to thirst A halted glance, comparison to drain your mirth A thief of joy the beast deployed we compare on socials Ferragamo and rarest opal Feral woeful
Desairology 02:18
Who’s up on the docket today man? I keep a list of famous people who could possibly die their cadavers are the rungs that I could possibly climb chasing clout forever never stop it with pride, ambulance art chasers come on hop in the ride rest in peace, here's an art piece of the dead one, poured my heart into it at least until the next comes I'm getting famous out their death, I do respectfully, so give a like and share or maybe even buy my freshest tee I'm out for fame and my shoe size is their tombstone, hyping up my work but doing so with a mute tone tragedy is the fulcrum that I catapult my fame with, No need to be your bridge you know I came with the grave shift anything that's popular, you know I'm on it quick, in memory of left behind, plus the trauma rich cashing in before the cease and desist Forget the family, I’m deep in this stiff Strategic, if they’re not famous, then I’m not painting It’s not the way I’m operating, I’m a thoughtful raven The combination of suave and gracious upon the graves Fame phoenix from the ash, placement in the vase Wearing gear paid for by the last to die All black, murdered out observant that’s the vibe Subtly screaming for attention with this A still warm corpse and now I’m getting equipped Can’t let somebody else beat me to the dead and gone Flip a tribute my soul sucking renaissance Maybe use a finger for a brush it’s authentic Make some prayer hands, claim that their god said it Anyone that disagrees with me is hating god And the peanut gallery, man I made them nod Never gonna conquer, a conscience your fatal flaw Survival in the jungle I rumble, obey the law Piece of the pie I’m never cutting, set to break them off Heading to the morgue with my palate, take a saw I take it to the house, Vegas odds, pay them off Another death, watch my memory with data loss Put it on the live, orchestrate, they stay to watch Get on the reel remixed streamers went and made it pop Get a fresh image, exclusive from the first responders The magician with a hearse to conjure, birth a monster Cause I got to get paid That means you’ve got to die Cause I’ve got to get paid Somebody famous got to die though
Squirm 02:40
Thrown under the Bus in a pair of Nike Air Total TL maxes Pete Rock, CL classic Jerome Bettis I roam freshest no chrome fetish Hacksaw Jim Duggan with the the strobe wettest Black Sheep within a flock of the sameness Doing macarenas in a pair of aqua trainers My gospel greatness proclaimed from the top of Mount Olympus Quick to snap on proud boys marching found them limping So hell better go prepare their souls Find themselves within a paradox no Air Ware soles Slap a Caldecott sticker on them, haul them off Weaksauce inside a white claw molotov An olive daubed incel with zealous ambience Existence unfulfilled with a bunch of mommy wants Squirm, squirm, squirm, squirm Some tawdry comp getting courage from a set of losers Seeking refuge in message boards some rental movers They’re getting Rugers and tiki torches and spreading rumors All this for some form of action just to get approval Regret is brutal but it’s fun and games until the hammer falls Then again, the cops ride along in camouflage They’re losing everything, so fragile check their manopause lawn order types breaking any law they ran across But what’s the cost to pay when the nation’s boss is gray And their skin is white as mine, that’s a toxic trait Taught to pay homage, a leader out for Jim Jones Locked in the Stock, home sweet home for syndromes Closer to that cult climax, the grinch moans Supply wrath and bathe in fired brimstone Squirm, squirm, squirm, squirm A new apprentice, the true believer who moves so eager Jumping high to high, chasing that elusive fever The bruises deeper, the cast is signed by half the squad Fueling fires blasting off with astronauts Making martyrs of the ones who made the martyrs die Idolatry the policy with precious heart to find Let’s start a riot using cars to kill, so guard your grill Barbeque them start inhuman moves and arson thrills Lighter fluid with the tones of flesh, so no one rests Sacrifice ourselves until they hold them in a gold caress The molten flesh, the stench to bring the gag reflexes All to serve a haggard despot, but that brag is precious
Iron Mike Sharp lays the foundation with the tracks Me I’m busy building buildings on top with wicked raps Won’t stop until some friends have got some property too Plus we’re building sidewalks so we can walk the heat through Mutual respect the infrastructure, movement is best But what good is progress if you’re not moving with friends? So I do this on the basis of having fun and amazement The feel revealing contagions for real it’s healing and greatness Pause to give thanks, realizing that I’m fortunate You say the torch it lit within my heart, of course it is My reward in this to rearrange the coordinates Friendship over most else, for sure my sort of wins And the fans of mine I happen to talk to Are much the same as me and that’s a classical thought smooth I don’t support others hoping for a favor returned Supporting dreams is my policy, a sacred concern No DM copypasta with the fatal sojourn I’m here to live life with page as it turns And this book of life of mine doesn’t yet require epilogues What I hear within my rap? you can bet the flaws Stepping off and being fine creating is best because I’d rather make than perfect inflated with breath Some claim it’s a rep, I’m just doing what I love Keep it simple cause I’m staying busy, view it from above Cause who am I but a speck in a universe of dope Humbled by folks who may choose a verse to quote A new disturbance glows, that’s my inspiration Time and energy my only limits, you can glimpse the cadence Feeling superhuman but I know the clock is ticking Drawing breath into lungs, pulling oxygen in No talk of winning, no competition, my brain’s afire Give me dope friends to build with, I’ll stay inspired Some rate it flyer, most never hear, and that’s OK Nice with the raps that I happen to say
Sankofa: Word is born, heard you got your doula at the water cooler East of Montezuma, my songs are the bomb it’s gruesome There’s no future in your mom seducing, constant nuisance If my type is typographic then my font is brutal The livest rapping titan double bass kicking ear drums So bite your lip and catch a split and pierced tongue My raps are fire, use a grill brush to scrape my lungs out The weight of tainted residue that clocks a ton now There ain’t a recipe escape pod, you’re best to flee Word to J Dee held in high regard by chili peppers I play the baseline and elevate, Darvin Ham So come and celebrate the way I break the park with jams No barking chance, bunch of speakers and some tables out Wires snaking from the house, a fatal bout I lay them down in fragments, figments of an ego broken Let them walk it off in hemoglobin seeking omens The Demon Deacon toting tomes to leave them decomposing Broken homes their Visa frozen, speech is leaking dosage Beseech the token but they’re up to frying bigger fish I’m chopping fingers of the cats who catch that trigger itch A bigger picture trying to aim and shoot at vacant ruses I’m looking macro at that stove who makes it pay is ruthless So let’s do this So let’s do this Chuck Brown Lyrics: wet noodle with a jawbreaker - listen up! This is Darth Vader to a Cosplayer; I’ll make ya crawl through the sewer then i’ll Shawshank ya - put the picture up This is what my main objective on this record is To make the exorcist look light weight and sensitive With type A, primate aggressiveness Mixed with a mind state on a wide range of mescaline Plus psilocybin and some Ayahuasca I been flyest since the wright brothers finally launched a Plane up in the air; am i making all this clear? I’m no kind of monster I’m more the the song of Hiawatha; so once I’m a goner I’ll be studied and debated over, catalogue bubbled with some baking soda, broken down to make a quota That’s the type of dope i leave you with With more flavor than a smoker with some cedar chips (Let Him Cook!)
G Fam Black He so tyrannical, damage you, bro's a animal Fold a scram a 2, for walkin in open sandal shoes Knuckle Fragguh famm the cru a roll the cannons thru fireball Roman candle you, Those is flammable he hood molded, wolf in wolf clothing, Iron Mike lung wood rollin kush smokim, You overlook shoulder, soldier we took over, Wile e coyote over cliff I push boulder, These crooks colder look closer they shook kofa, 1 workin burner on the stove i cook over, an G chef like Ramsey on the flame, Artillery train whole family on the range y'all insane, we cleary are deranged, Got me gravediggin cuz they bury yall wit chains, Got you addicts scratchin tearin on ya veins, An save ya politics, jus spare me all the change Brockton to the Fortress And the Fortress back to Brockton G Fam and Kofa rocking Be warned the beats are knocking We form to make the coffins that we drop them in fast Speech storms staying monstrous to conquer and smash Sankofa I’m watching walking heaps of compost, they biodegrade Providing arrays to bomb those, survivalists pray I’m the fly ascendent leaving them hiding inside of cryogenics With mics a menace vendettas getting them all iced and deaded Slice berettas using venom for my medicine repping better than ever endeavor ledgering evidence Step in the sediment sinking deep beneath the rhetoric Creature creeping in memories enemies weep and end it quick Centipedes, leaves, and regiments sleep Meanwhile I storm forwards, know they never compete I endeavor to breathe turning air to fumes that are toxic A violent end that I have penned the tomb of colossus So gruesome and awkward my movement is the proof of the trauma Iron Mike takes the flavor then produces the monster They weren’t prepared for this, crossing G Fam and Kofa is perilous They lack the wherewithal to tear and brawl, so there it is
I cuss enough in daily life to leave it out of my raps So if the barnacles are blistered you have found it, the map I’ve even got the purple shirt from Matt Plett to verify it But sometimes, songs are just a way to share some guidance Adjust the rate at which words bungee jump from my brain Iron Mike and I are one and the same Bouncing on the beat, some need to punish with pain No holy spirit but I’m strolling nearest tongue is aflame From old and bearded to older and even doper with raps Too wizened to be posing, steadily I’m honing my craft Sitting in the zone a snap, barcalounger Upholstered in some corduroy fortified so dark and dour The dogs are barking louder, pay them no mind Just turn the beat up higher, and I’m making dope rhymes I read the blurb and got distracted, maybe half a chapter weapon Sometimes my enjoyment comes as spat, cemented I’d sooner write a batch of freshness Than fester in my frustration straight from adolescence, that wrath is dreaded Maybe even attach a message for the cats to catch and get it Holy moses linoleum slowly strolling past the wreckage The crash is epic, the burn remains in certain ways Synaptic methods where subversive traits prefer to wait The saboteur who knows well the way I work the words And won’t sell themselves short until that verse is stirred Ripples when the butterfly begins to spread her wings Verbal Intercourse has been the source of better things I think of Cube on the Grand Finale, superdope Even if he said cholestreol, Madrid, the boosted dose Can’t forget a hooping note, Thurl Bailey with the googles Sure wavy with the slick ensemble, kick the gifted nozzle Only rocking Woolrich if I’m seen in Orlando Sickest fits since the wardrobe of Jorge Campos Arctic expedition the way that I’m setting it Man, your whole camp froze So let’s do this, make a plan and see it through Where we are is where it’s at, man there’s no need to move


Iron Mike Sharp is dope on that ASR-X. He slid me some beats and I went to town on them, writing 7 of them and recording all 8 in one day.

This project is about the energy of being present, taking that moment and doing something with it. Anything on my mind during that time span found its way to song, be it egotistical parasites leveraging death to draw attention to themselves, how we keep falling for the same old tricks, the cost of belonging to this nation's undertow of hatred, the value of relationships in order to accomplish projects like this, being a menacing rapper talking tough, or even how parts of me got to be the way that I am.

It's all here, in these 8 tracks.


released June 30, 2023

Iron Mike Sharp-ASR wizard
The Raw Remains-artwork
Greg Locke-graphic design


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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