by Sankofa



a fun song about having fun making stuff, in this case my Santakofa merch (socks, shirts, air fresheners, stickers, caps, knit hats...)


The Christmas spirit without spiking the egg nog
Just coming through a sprig of that head nod
Someone having fun goofing with the next thought
Like what if I made Christmas merch and it leapt off
Okay, so I hit up Chef Mike for the graphic wizardry
To speed far away from any bitter path of misery
I already got mistaken for Santa when in Chicago
Why not take a photo of me and flip it pronto
Dude came through with multiple options
My white beard making me a natural, it’s pretty awesome
So then I started thinking, where could I flip this logo
Cracked open the Acer, or was it the Lenovo
Figured shirts were a lock, a butter run
Even though I’d just done the Kofa Brigade the other month
Some of the shirts were sold, others I gave away
Cause what good is fun if you can’t dry away a rainy day
I want people to experience the same joy that I feel
Which is one of the reasons I create, that’s the appeal
I’m not here, chasing bucks, greek freak can stay deluxe
I’m just being me, no need to fake and make it up
So anyways, the stuff, I thought socks would be dope
There’s the deep end, yep and off it he goes
Giant stickers would be another fun ingredient
Then Keter hit me with another flavored beat again
He suggested this track, and that is superdope
We made the Tortoise Hustle and Glyde Drexler, truth be known
Even got another waiting in the wings when life allows
We keep it piping hot when other cats are piping down
It’s cool, I’m around when folks are ready to make things
Same goes for all the other cats who trace kings
So we got the shirts, socks are coming in from China
Stickers come with the shirt, but is my time up?
Nah, got some air fresheners, pine scented
Looking like they came from the 70’s, the fly menace
My rhyme fetish provides freshness, to navigate to
So when you’re bumping this in your ride you can stay smooth
But it’s getting colder out, so why not add some knit hats
Some with the script, others with the logo, a slick batch
Flipped the colors on the Santakofa looking like Andy Warhol
You could rock it raking the leaves after more fall
So let’s review, Santakofa stickers shirts air fresheners
Knit hats, dopest socks, did I forget a burst
Oh yeah, even got some caps rolling in
Just the script, different colored hats that you can stroll and win
I don’t have a storefront, I sell directly
So hit me up if you want to touch the velvet medly


released December 5, 2021
produced by El Keter


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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