Bag Security

by Sankofa



Bag Security Industries is all about securing the bag.

Once upon a time I went to pick up my Bravas takeout order and there, in front of me, was my first encounter with an influencer in the wild, filming themselves with their phone as they spoke about securing the bag. They requested the guys in the food truck look more excited to see them and then reshot the encounter. Thus was born my character whose entire role is to secure the bag on behalf of Bag Security.


It’s bag security, waiting on on standby
Anyone in my way is out their Spam mind
May nothing come between me and my beloved
Brown paper bag, Kofa written on the side of it
Locking down the goods, don’t ever try and touch this
The kind of toughness with the tongue loving vital clutches
It’s in my grip I showed my badge and made my presence known
Reaching for the food glory gory episodes
When it comes to are your down, there is not yes or no
I take the burger tween my teeth and then I press it slow
Grip the bag tight, ensure security of precious load
Flavor dripping down my chin is the majestic pose
Sequester prose until the meal is done, cause Bravas rules
For real I’m feeling stunned, revealing love the gods approve
So awesome dude, I’m feeling righteous, with the bag secured
Watching out for the fresh tees, snack on slacking herbs
No track of germs, I’ve got the memory of pachyderms
You can do the math on who is that cat that that concerns
This rapper yearns to support proprietors of indie dope
It’s for the love, supplying fire verses singing mopes
Sure to shrug when I ask a major player what they’re repping
But I’m not the one draped in big name stuff for stepping
Take it up a level, couple notches I adjust the treble
Find the stuff of legend patatas Nravas the plush selection
The calm persona set to cut another promo
A heel turn for the sake of funning slow pokes
Approach slow and all is well, I’m pretty down to earth
Blue lives matter only if I found a smurf
You think I only I specialize in rap and food, you’re wrong
Take a second, check the catalog, man I’m moving strong
Peruse the bond I have with my community
Ravishing Rick mister slick to ride the rudest beats
Tonight the move’s to reap the flavor in the brown bag
Don’t need designers to feed my fam with the leagues of whiners
I pounce fast swooping to the truck with power moves
The window cracking open providing the a mouth a muse
Out to do some damage molars in the back set to crush
Kill destroy, deading the agenda, put the rest to rust
blasting Pharoah Monch, the Prince of Poetry his errand on
Heavenly delicious taste bud portrait cherub song
I dream Benneton America’s Ameri gone
A land of savagery, the aperitif a feral taunt
I keep my people close and Bravas is among the set
Supporting indie dope, dope folk I come to rep
So if you summon stress, I’m quick you leave you choking dust
I’d rather find another dope beat and flow for months
Speaking my perspective repping with a sober tongue
And MAGA rappers need to quick selling all the smoke to chumps
Laughing to the bank, I’d rather be myself and keep it well
They got the soul of Keebler Elves plus a free Mattell
Feeble smell chasing dollars with souls a gaping hole
Thinking that they got it made, they operate with fake control
Easy bake oven rappers with their face toughened
A house of cards, the real rappers know you stay bluffing
And all that huffing and puffin got you a fanbase
That you can’t cover up with their confederate bandaids
My bad, I got distracted by some trolls
I’m here for bag security and that’s how it goes


released February 2, 2022
mixed and mastered by TaliRod
artwork by Chef Mike
Bravas logo used with permission


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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