102 Magnets

by Sankofa

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    As I was getting ready to go to Detroit, I reached for my luggage and found this book bag inside of which were some of these. Instead of an obi strip, I had custom ribbon made and then I had my guy Wrecklords use a laser etcher to make some aluminum stickers which sealed the case shut. Inside are two CDs, $5,000 Flashlights with beats by Agent Orange and artwork from Greg Locke and 102 Magnets featuring artwork and production from J. Dankworth along with a holographic sticker.

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The Uplift 03:44
Think of the all things you did to get to where you are We take for granted all the pieces, paths we wandered far It’s a given that we find mistakes and magnify them Isolating ourselves our hell, a saddened island Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold Evaporating every drop of hope we have held close Seeking someone else to set it right, nobody else knows Nobody’s going to help you if you don’t try first Life can be a struggle tears flooding your eyes hurt Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold Look, whatever you going to be is who you are And other answers seem easy cause the truth is hard We learned to walk, we learned to talk, we learned to interact Some do better than others, but there’s no stepping back We’re only here for so long, we’ve got make it count And when it’s gone we’ll never know we ever touched the ground No time machine, our children are the bridges made May you not envision death as sitting at the prison’s gate Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold Sometimes the hardest thing to speak is the word no But too many yeses start to lessen your worth, so Learn to recognize what is going to help you live Cause that’s what matters, reasons to breathe, and shift Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold It’s not selfish to take care of yourself first Look at flight attendants when the oxygen masks drop Guilt is just an obstacle to drop you a well, hurt So go ahead...and let that self defeating trash drop Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold Bad things happen to good people it’s not you Karma is a trap that only happens after life’s through Plastering a smile is only going to cause strain Is there a problem with honesty that got claimed? Is it fear of being hurt that keeps our wings tucked away We’d rather shuffle in the gray then live to touch the day There’s no resuscitating the years that have passed by And what’s the value of regret replaying all the bad times Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold Is it weakness that causes me to speak these thoughts aloud? A reason for feet gliding as my head is lost in clouds I don’t have time to read between lines so interwoven I’d rather take a deep breathe inside of winter, frozen Don’t those strings pull at your heart man? Make you want to take on the world with just your own hands Let the music flood your soul until it takes hold Overcoming the fear that’s freezing you cold I’ve seen people running around, wearing catcher’s mitts Hoping feelings rain down from the sky in a blitz On the other side of the coin are cynics, optimism shrouded Avoiding the experience of life just like it’s sour
Tolv 03:27
I’ve seen a Jeep Grand Cherokee ablaze As for shoes, which pair will be my therapy today? Serenading me with the song of a thousand sirens Stay positive, found the lining, my thought is a mountain island Lava droplet showers nightly, behind you can find me writing Diving deep on a rhyming spree, tonight i’m mightily rhyming The titan fighting, I see you trying to hide, whiny behind a tiny leaf But I can spy you easily chief, leaving your forked tongue juggling teeth, whenever the war drums Score some, trouble as you struggle to breathe So yes, the sword swung singing, bringing forth a personalized dirge The versatile person despised first, payback working on my nerves Purplish light blurs disguising needles, cerebral incarnate Stephen’s starting deeply evil procedures of carnage, the charming beast in the market, leaving meager cheaters are tarnished No need to even start it, so please breathe, and seek retreat regardless Here’s the world’s smallest violin, got you hanging by a limb Of your bonsai family tree, the trying times begin It’s not a minor whim, it’s more a tidal behavioral wave Vinyl plates creating razor slicing bladed brigades Hiding my trident inside the tightest rhymes that i’m writing 3 foot high and i’m rising, the highest heights I’m a’climbing Combine with the mightiest, J. Dank and San your midas finalists Pariah highnesses providing reasons for suicidal cats to find the why to live Passersby admire but we’re keeping deep within the mire, at work, survivalists I’m the rattlesnake who slithers in the fragile cavalcade Grab a crate and take a record making magic, happen great Scraping classics from the scraps that many left abandoned So we pay attention, taking care until we heft an anthem Ant labor the plans made to expand greater So voyage 83 miles and get a translator Got me waiting on the rapture like Debbie Harry career day Then I’ll move along without the menace of these ear aches These thoughts of mine are laser guided, shining from a mesa, highest Might have been a state of mind that’s liable to create a crisis Invasive virus is created, can’t contain it in the slightest Even basements won’t keep you safe when the phrase is flying So duck and cover from the blunderbuss with shrapnel screaming Running on fumes without the ride to put some gasoline in No passive scheming, we’re making plans to surpass your idols I’m D’Onofrio in Salton Sea you’re half a rhino My cauldron is scalding scoundrels, bubbling bone marrow The trouble bringer with a quiver full of drone arrows Tracking down with rapid navigational maps to blaze in a batch Face it, no escaping this wrath Releasing rats infected with contagions percolating in vat Side effects ranging from fatal to uranium baths
Hide it Away 03:34
Betting on myself’s the only gamble i’ll make Look man, I understand that i’m great The hand that is dealt is something I play with The tools of the trade help create the greatness I look better in the mirror than I do in photographs self-esteem healthy? Check, yep., I know the maps Took years to get to the point of not lending credence To people I didn’t care for, Stephen Stephen RhymeWise is telling me i’m too blunt May hurt somebody’s feelings with this huge tongue So I tend not to speak unless I’m spoken to Happily invisible and not making them miserable When I begin to speak, case of the floodgates Cause everybody’s going have sets of tough days best to simply listen, for the chance to learn I know how my voice sounds, so expand the term My apologies, you’re caught up in a storm of my words And I didn’t mean to drown you, but I see you submerged Nearly 45 still learning to have a conversation I stepped on your thought, your turns i have taken I’m chomping at the bit to launch my thoughts without a hitch And often monstrously awkward oh how awful that it is But the crazy part is that I see it worse than it was Hindsight’s hair vest, lurching in fuzz A permanent stub of the toe lodged between my teeth Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I’m the meanest beast I can’t really tell when it’s time to find the end of my words And i hope that get too badly on your nerves I’m observant until participating At which point all perspective goes out the window and my glimpse is fading So it’s probably easier to let me scribble thoughts on envelopes Then strike up conversations with that tall fellow, awful close I guess I’m just accustomed to head in the clouds If you happen to be flying, I’ll welcome the company (humbly) now I’ll be humbly mumbling, talking to myself with lips still With the exception of my tapping foot, I’ll probably sit chill Sometimes it’d be easier if I didn’t care for words so much But it’s too late, so now I work them thus Almost worship, within an interia as I nurse the verses And my signature is the only time i’m working cursive Surfaces scratched, serpents turn intro track Evaporated time, inspiration’s worth is a trap And I didn’t exactly require encouragement to continue But thanks for the thoughts and props, I will binge though What’s dope now is living in phones is so acceptable That I can write raps and pretend that I am texting dudes But I do miss the way ink dries on the page So I take this little addiction and I hide it away
Morning, i woke up on the wrong side of the bed Smashed the bed to smithereens, i’ll try the floor instead I’ve got to summon the new groove, coming to do damage 102 Magnets dagnammit a classic, bumping it through traffic Produce facets to fascinate all the listeners The team at Bravas making major flavor for the slickest urge Shout to Tom Francis, JON?DOE the raw rapping Friend of mine who thinks in similar ways, fillet the prawn sandwich I’m a bazooka launching Luca Doncic Got you losing consciousness, step back, bury the dagger, slang apocalypse My fangs are made of obelisks, dripping magma vomited But time to chill on all the illest of my accomplishments I got a high five from the hand of Lazarus As for better dap than that, I can’t imagine it Hold up, got a song, with a burger that’s named after it Even Kash would have to admit, maaan, that’s legit The dig find listen sample isn’t complete Unless it’s followed by the legendary chop and repeat, A dusty fingered organism guiding the right path Even Preem wants to go and sample the fly stash I see people pressing luck and trying to turn it into diamonds As if luck would ever change by simply putting shine in Got the pen of a ghostwriter, wandering through haunted pages Exploring every crooked angle in this house of mazes I weave words majestically, happily make a tapestry Evaporate a mediocre rapper for my apertif This banger here has been certified as hazardous Emerge from shrines, miraculous with myrrh provided labyrinths I’m strolling streets holding heat in the form of pen and paper My footfalls provide the rhythm of this ventilator The orchestral restaurant the rest are left to stress upon So bet the rest to guess are wrong and yet my rep is never gone A fresh beat is my cranium, engulfed in flames Then my tongue becomes a lever to catapult my brain A raw classic with a cult parade The audacity to dastardly dash past the fray The dig find listen sample isn’t complete Unless it’s followed by the legendary chop and repeat, A dusty fingered organism guiding the right path Even Preem wants to go and sample the fly stash D is for the dinosaurs steady dusty in the crates I is for invention and the mothers that it takes G is for the greatness when all the pieces connect F, the fruits of flavorful labor keeping it fresh I, for intiutively, navigating the path N’s for nobody else knowing where you found that stash Next D is for the discipline it takes to make this L, is for what’s given to those who stay asleep Third eye is for intelligence intersecting with greatness ST’s for Mike Muir cause impressions are deep EN cylopedic awareness of every SAMPLEd snare CHOP shop of musical mastery hands in the air Are each of you prepared to proceed with dopeness PE for Public Enemy, bringing truth to focus A is for again adventuring with the craft So cop a T or hat from my man and make it last
No one deserves to see me going bezerk So immature with the words that I have chosen to chirp Choke on the girth of my vocab, you’re provoking the worst Motion adjourned cause my judgement is atrocious for sure Your focus is hopeless and blurred Turn away from the explosive opus, open to burn I’m home alone with the motive to be better than the previous me Not photogenic Go ahead and let the scenery speak immediately No genie here is needing to teethe Reconvening with a media team, the greediest needs Inebriated with a sleazier creed Recreated havoc that we wreaked lesions, leaking, the knees The speed demon keeping at it, it’s my reason to breathe 40 thieves and a preacher redeemed, no beef seen in this theme No adidas allegiance, it’s a B with the izness not a brand man I’m a sickness That’s not what they need, excess eff a subsist Milk the cash cow dry until its pink blood drips What’s this? a consumer recognizing his status Shoes are added and added and added To what end, time periods become ellipses Lined up my kicks from Fort Wayne to Poughkepsie We’ve got, no other options and act like it’s awesome magic losing more ground now it’s getting problematic We need sufficient dirt to go and hide our heads in Treating happy face stickers like they’re not another death grin Let’s swim in the biological waste and pretend That keeping our heads above it all is going to help us reach the end Disbelief suspended just to keep on spending, visa credit Joneses reach them, better ownership of elitist measure bonus of loneliest holding items for the sake of stature Screaming for attention with subtlety just in case it matters Rise and shine as I awaken Deep inside of an iron maiden Violated the pact I made to keep it light and life-related Unless of course, the light has faded In which case, it’s time to find the pilot with a long match And strike it like I’m waging War against officials who are killing public schools Billionaires chasing more money, grubbing ghouls Voucher vampires and the charter starter celebs Not fighting only makes me part of this mess So if you send your kid to a private spot Just know you’re stopping neighbor kids from climbing higher, and it’s time to stop We won’t raise taxes, rob peter to pay the apostle paul And use you to kill public schools, having a ball Pay teachers, why would a corporation do that? Change the company name and then they can’t do jack Paying all the lobbyists, the posse is tough Backpack full of cash, bop, watching them strut
Bernard King 03:27
My state of mind has metastasized 13 to 50, even got Alaska, right? Then nabbed Hawaii for the territoriality Then snagged Aurora Borealis to max the malady My rap’s an actuality on tracks with a pal or three Dual citizenship, my nationality Used to live by the Castle Gallery, but no more Now the ‘07 is embedded in my folklore Horses? Better hold yours, I don’t have the reigns man Alton Lister Blister prominent upon my brain scan The goblin in a van, bumping beats from the underneath Bite my rhymes? That’s going to put you back 100 teeth Your boss succumbs to 1s and 3s, I skipped the 2s and 4s Superhuman troubadour, (dude) who can move them more? I found the apple of your eye and chewed it to the core And that’s just mean man, you don’t want to do this war The stripes of adidas plus Gilbert Arenas Patrick Ewing minus John Starks, do you see this? Dennis Rodman plus Allen Houston with his sweet kicks Harboring the math for Bernard King, believe it Step back, tighten right and left straps on your flyest jetpack It’s fine advice, so get that, ‘for I arrive and wreck tracks Slap happy epidemic repping many years plus All of the friends made, lifting peers thus It appears we’re up to whatever we seek The sickness is sinister, guess you’d better retreat Sip or slurp your Fiji, I’m drinking from the faucet Piloting the flight to break the barriers of conscience Threw caution to the wind and it shifted and came back at me Now i’m stuck with a gasface, trap travesty The last boss to slap box with the hand of fate A cast off with the mask, lost, no plan is fake Command breaks, from Mandalay to the land of lakes Shout out to dusty digger dynasties who cram the crates No can of spam of candygram, this type of dope just can’t be planned ….Heightened focus with the family man I’d rather eat a mouthful of touched by dirty hand Cheetos than Bandidos You’d sooner see San in Speedos, so bland and weak though command a land of tree folk, forget an ego, just go for what where your needs go Be-trothed to the beat with these flows intervening with fire words pull from deep within, baptizing the entire earth I admire work in many forms and mediums The core is craftsmanship, no haphazard disobedience So listen solicit ingredients from the passionate Find your realm, learn the ways of an inhabitant The overnight sensation whose tracking number was misplaced Laughing amongst the scraped away debris in this brisk race In which case we snik days away with switchblades Saliva survivalists sliding inside of a slick cage The crow doesn’t fly to quick pays, papercuts and wrist sprains betrayed in sludge, made enough and thus the wish fades
I don’t have favorite rappers, I’ve got friends that are dope Sensitive folk presented in a mention is nope Besides, cats these days seem to have the flavor backwards Rocking shoes with mouthguards, the vapormaxes Already rock a guard cause nightly I’m grinding and the high price point isn’t going to entice me Plus this rock called home is pretty comfortable Long as I’ve got beats, paper and pen that is functional And I seek greater ways to say what I reflect upon I wouldn’t mind being on an MC Escher echelon I’ve got a dream job that lets me hold funds So I’ll never Rakim with a promo for gold fronts That feeling when your hero turns out to be a trope With an IG feed of inspirational quotes Not everyone can tell tales like Dante Ross does The skill to put you right there in the midst of hip hop stuff I’ve got seven pieces of rap-covered paper in my pocket That doesn’t include the sardine pack with raps on it I write new raps instead of using the old ones A security blanket made of paper’s gotta be my whole sum Rest in peace to Nick Fabini’s Honda, not a Mitsubishi River greenway stays dripping the slick graffiti I found Astroworld in MSG’s driveway No bootleg Mankinds supplying fly days So if you’re catching my drift, my rap, it is slick I’m BA Baracus slapping with a random assist Miraculously ravenous, I’m bragging a bit Shout to Nigel, floating up with Nasa in ships No need to even ask about a passenger list I’m laughing to live, trouble’s just a matter of blips When it appears, I’m going full force, no holding back Penning the coldest raps from back alleys to the culdesacs When you try to write just one verse Then along comes another and makes it all worse Next thing you know you’ve got a hook to write Cause that’s another new song and it’s looking like That track invited a friend along for the ride And this beat just arrived and it fits just right The deft, fractured shots, taken by trespassers None other than 11s and the rest step after The breath captured in masks keeps more than hope alive Pipes broken, dry, puddles from a soaking sky Eyes opened wide thought provoking images, broken windows and sediment A land the betterment seeking gentlemen had then jettisoned Indebted to reticent architects who hefted breath to shift Once unified reduced to separate, no longer residents severing resonance no resurrecting the desolate Death the definite whispers echoing among the emptiness The ghosts succumb to weariness loneliness invisible tears From then to now? near infinite miserable years Inadmissable fears, dental chairs swivel in gears Masterpiece plaster cracks black ripples appear Could it all be so simple with a frivolous sneer Could it all be so simple with a frivolous sneer Issues of abandonment, the vision is clear
(Sankofa) sky's the limit for cowards hiding inside of cynics Cause life is nothing if you never even try to live it I see you walking cockily into my posse's dojo Next second, wheeled out, the second son of Quasimodo My rap, a boa constrictor with Krakatoa scripture Trafficking in language so graphic it doesn't need a picture Extracting oxygen from your air quotes, don't dare go Where we've been we squeeze limbs and scare folks, the heir's toast
So go ahead and start to try My rap is a carving knife leaving you carmelized In your pair of karl kanis You don’t want to spar with my spartacus rhymes Leaving you trapped in some dark confines Take some words, marking mine for a suitable goal Unfurled from a scroll, beautiful for dudes to behold Remove the control from the equation, you have none And i’ll write the truth until about when Walter’s nap’s done Lights camera action packed in a path of pathogen raps Laughing at the wack, stacked on a marble slab in the back Sitting back, inhabit the track,until my voice finds the right spots Comfy and cozy, provider of fly thoughts Why not, go on a stroll and discover what appears Maybe something here of this can find about a hundred ears That’d be dope, kind of gramaticly magical plus Making me emphatically stoked, crushing data to dust Stamina, adding it up to make the abacus click The pattern is plush plus miraculous scripts Are what I write and the mic is my klaxon I even know a kid by the name of Zaxxon Thanks, I’m dope. Yep, you’re right Me on stage, what an unexpected sight I work hard at this and I’m glad that you’re here Now you found some hidden treasure with the whitest beard I suspend poetic licenses in carbonite Phonemic menace with the medicine to spark insight It’s hard to find sufficient chunks of life to do it all So i fit it in when possible, and drop in with a groove to thrall You can call me by my given name when I don’t rap And that’s most of the time I’m around, oh snap I know a dude named Kovax who’s so dope that it inspires me To try a little harder to get a bit better with rhyming sprees Honestly, I can’t compete with it, but the dude’s dope So respect due to the karate chopping hair Cousteau To and fro you can sway to the tracks when I’m playing the Rail And shake my hand after the set, maybe tell me a tale Stories are fascinating, I’d rather hear yours though Plus my voice is probably shot like death metal, but moreso Maybe I can tap my mason jar in morse code So you saw Kevin Sorbo at the record store bro...tell me more Welcome to the braggadojo, got more belts than Adrian Peterson’s kid But I don’t cosign all the meanness he did Indeed, my treatise is treating people to speak on their feelings and live No bulimia skits, believe me life is full enough of all its challenges And even a paladin with pals is only so talented I’m prowling in a fountain for Scrooge McDuck’s lucky dime maybe it’s my pair of shoes I can’t quite find We each have our riches and superstitious itches With urges for more when the need is fictitious Arthur’s going to have the illest kicks in existence When his feet are big enough to fit within the slickness Only a matter of time, little giant grows fast Maybe he can join me, running on the Towpath Fort Wayne Trails are the dopeness, man you know that And if not, get on out there, get your own facts This is where Rhymefest would probably say mopad Just ask my bro Kash if you doubt the flow math And that’s Kashal-Tee from Bice Corve Bitten twice by Eminem, but never shy in a mic war, my Lord


Follow up to 100 Magnets


released June 10, 2019

All beats by J Dankworth
Artwork by J Dankworth
Recorded at Tempel Studios
Scratches by Konfewshus for Hometown Hooligans
Mixed down and mastered by Bob Inciti
Guest raps from Colazonta, JON?DOE, AthenA, Styxxoplix, RhymeWise37, Smitty, Massakre, and Castor Pollux




Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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