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The Sonny Vaccaro Years

by Sankofa

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    Birthed from the mind of The Sneaker Savant and brought to visual life by the skills of Sons of Black Maria, behold "The Sonny Vaccaro Years" CD. Each disc will contain a random bonus card from The Sneaker Savant's batch of magical amazingness placed in its own protective sleeve. There will not be blood, but there will be high end basketball sneaker cardage accompanying your CD. Card allotment is random, so I cannot promise what you'll get beyond...SOMETHING DOPE. The Wallet Lite packaging gently cradles your precious rap musics without churning through so much of that dead dinosaur goop.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Sonny Vaccaro Years via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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The Question 02:40
Coming up the heart of bubbachuck Summon the blunderbuss Some of them runners up, run amok when the fun is up Punish all, 5’11” listed six feet Killer moves leave the best defenders all as swiss cheese A brisk breeze and I find the millimeter in A moment of weakness, i drive to the tin My drive is that of a suvivalist, I fight to live Took Mutombo with me when i got a title sniff My deal with Reebok is paying steady dividends Spend it all and get some more, set to live again 32 in a trust, at 55 I can access Plus 800 per year until that hits So the Answer is rocking the Question Curlique on the Q is a reebok vector So don’t tell me bout, we got pressure Hexalite on the side with the deep raw measure Are we talking ‘bout practice, naw It’s AI in the Questions set to crack your jaw Snap facades simply face foes, attack them all Banshee on the court with the basketball, One bulldog, a mini fro and no cornrows Before dress codes, style and wardrobe R double E B O K on the lace loops stay true, steady fighting like Beirut A VA dude 60 over ten, red toes MJ on the D, getting exposed Philly repping, 76ers Shorts about as big as him containing swift blurs Those couple sticks made the fire burn And the kicks at the end, took him the entire turn Nobody had so much guts and tenacity Left other squads suffering such catastrophes succotash indeed, no Liktwit crew though Turn the strongest competitors into Menudo From bowling alley brawls to Georgetown and the league The quarterback attacker steady down to compete
Who’s the man who body slammed Kobe? Me If I’m coming to your town bet I won’t be meek Ask Spike Lee how the pain is dealt I’m the card shark, run the table stain your pelt Not RUN or Daryl Mac, but I’m raising hell Documentary, I make your play youself Two sharp elbows lead to two hands Choke sign here, mocking your true fans Made UCLA pre O’Bannon or Toby Arby’s with the sauce, I’m planning to roast beef my sister, she was better than you ever could be Miller fam before Master P, you never compete Running off of screens like a squeezie pull Toe to toe with MJ, never feed me Bull Making sharp cuts precise the air pound PSI pressure the veteran tears down Poison the square roots of Madison ave So when miller time arrives, better batten the hatch Getting the feed from Mark Jack, it’s a swish no prayer, I’m the angel and assassin of this If I happen to miss, the Davis Brothers are there Dale and Antonio the cutters beware Pump fake is deadly, it’s a poisonous feint Feed the ball down to Rik, Dutch boy in the paint Toying with Ahmad Rashad at ping pong Playing with my off hand, killing your BING BONG King Kong the conqueror beanpole but deadly The bad guy best believe leagues won’t forget me The hero who’s house became a pile of ash bury that under the rug, dial it back There’s something to be said for the privacy allowed
Mt. Mutombo 02:16
Rolling in the club like who want to sex Mutombo? Bass in the place from dumb low Forget a dunk here, best to bring your bag Grim reaper’s scythe is my finger wag Man does not fly in whose house? Mine Plan to stop by with tooth out, fine Double nickel not Air with the comeback Rep it on my kicks like a shield where the fun’s at You run that mouth, better train it to moonwalk And dump that clout, I’m containing your tomb, akh So do not test my formidable D Let alone consider it, cause none are bigger than me Mark Eaton doesn’t roam this paint here Intimidation factor keeping the lane clear Three seconds and I’m out the paint Turn that gimmie layup you’re taking to an ain’t Taking names Denver Nuggets on my chest You’re just a puppet getting rugged with the refs Three stripes rep them in these nights Matisse like when I’m painting your bleak fright A fee fi with a foe fum giant here Clear path to the bucket til when I appear Tribal print all the way to the outsole 55 makes the crest, knock them out cold Got your pump fake running out air, you’re gassed Altering shots don’t you dare trespass Scratch that, might as well get a Vestax Press your best laid to vinyl, and jet fast I’m Jazzy Jeff with the crossfade, quiet is kept I’ll send your shot back in time to find some pets Chances slim to none, thinner than the air here Colorado Rocky Road drove them to amp fear
G Money 02:53
Side, toe, ankle, collar and tongue FILA all over the piece, it has begun Moves quick enough to make the mighty miss Detroit Piston mighty quick, ‘96 Jersey with the logo redone Plus Sprite tie ins believe I see fun No rerun, the bad boys are ancient history That quick first step, you’re gone when I blitz your team Mister Clean cut all american Angelic but driven, Maserati seraphim Patent leather blue triangles reflect Trying to stop me and feel all the pangs of regret Velcro loop on the heel, why not Messing with your mind like psy ops White leather supple as it ever was Sublime pleasure, muscled up are left as dust Grant Hill teams with FILA the GH2s, indeed that’s true you never seem that smooth It’s grant hill with the GH2s Afeni’s son is seen rocking my shoes All eyes on a pair that none could ever confuse Iconic, forever so smooth I’m on it David Raysse designs are the truth Catch me redlining when I’m given an F This is my life and Imma live it to death That’s a logo reference, there is no hesitation Unless you’re talking bout the dribble that the rest are facing Crossover is Hardaway, I’m talking Tim Not Penny or the boots that duns are often walking in Plus the sole is blessed with herringbone The world is mine, no need for sharing thrones My team is motor city that’s how the crew plays No more Coach K Nikes from the Duke Days Before my junior year, it was those adidas though Bankshots plus Artilleries the sneaker show
The Admiral 02:31
At the start of war, watch out for Carnivores Teeth gnashing for the martyr more, sharks galore Carpet floors, cover damage maybe guard the door Tighten velcro straps, snatch a heart for sure Regarding predators eating patterns the art of more High tech, the connoisseur with a sharp repoire Far from floors, flying over cats, you know the haps Left handed with a note attached, I broke your back The jumper deadly, got the lane opening wide Split second and I’m gone, watch me smoke them in kind Soaking in brine with bitterness From what I did to them Naval operator, got the flavor prime meridian Shots are high percentage The admiral, is it me or just the Cybergenics My flight ascendant It’s time to get it, my drive the weapon I’m throwing down And if you didn’t know my name, well you know it now Cover ground, got the moves of gazelle Hardwood conqueror, proving it as well These opera guys might talk a nice scheme But do they really have that oxidized green? In slow mo’s the only way you see the scene Foot and ankle steady cradled by the neoprene They’ll catch up to me when hell froze back Still lock it down with those velcro straps Safari midsole with black and white print Jagged like the nerves of those to who try to fly since Zen gray and black with a grimace touch I mean the purple accent admit it’s tough Anyone who starts Imma finish up The carnival of carnivores find the dinner stuff Spin and bust another move with straps steady I’m ahead of my time, no other cats get me
The man with Jamaican roots the racist hatred I made it through, deja vu planned to drive past the Rivalry Highs Major shareholder goodbye the life of three stripes Part of the design team, 33 Hi Got a ball on the key chain, swinging behind So come say hi to the bad guy Don’t take a drive cause I’m swatting it, bye Middle name Aloysius Beast from the East with an Oak, my pal is vicious No salad dishes or politicking, I’m here to rep In the heart of adversaries where the fear is kept Gerald Wilkins 360 dunk pirouettes I give my all every game, are you (not) cheering yet? Turning rims to rubber bands when the ball is dunked I carry loads on my shoulders, you don’t haul enough Jumper, hitting from the baseline-BLAOW! Plus pulling down boards set take them out Never taking that guff, raise the wristbands high A living, breathing legend in this Garden of mine The man whose pride wasn’t built with lions Fighting to the end, set to kill the hydra Nobody represents the rotten apple like I did Another swish long range with the fly flick Lockdown D, set to tighten the vice grip Elbows sharpened to the point of an ice pick July 5th, I’m there after all the fireworks My silhouette inspires facing fight or flight at first I’m staring right though your soul as you hide in smirks Way before Kanye, I provided worth The power of ownership, having a say in it Word to Pat Riley’s hair, I’m staying slick
The Worm 02:32
Kevin Willis got the gator arms, I’m not sweating that hop the chopper, I already packed the Medevac Went from the Worm to a Demolition, Maaaaan Lock down D, soon a head is missing, daaamn Last seen lost out in Venice, licking spasm Battle lines drawn, won’t let a regiment advance A menace with a plan, studied every player’s moves I play to win the science of it all, you play the moves Serve a plate of blues, moved to San Anton Shooting bricks like a mullet rocking Van Damme phone Diving after loose balls like they’re made out of nitro Glycerine my discipline can sizzle them like so Participants who listen in will never understand I do it for the love of the game, not for the fans Awkward as a kid and then I morphed into me Leave confusion behind at the source of defeat Know them all better than they know themselves I watch the bellybutton shift go get them Ls Ink from my navel radiates around the logo 98 the pair of all stars are so dope Modified Y bar for ankle support The only one playing D on Magic tangled in war Stitched leather upper with the non marking outsole It’s game time and I’m set to knock them out cold How so? Side visible React I do work, leave it up to others to sizzle pizzazz My nickname, the Worm, well it came from pinball Getting championships and my winning’s the windfall MJ’s got to track me down at the casino And life can move so fast, but it seems slow Zero regrets I tap the ball to myself Chasing down another carom and it’s all in my wealth
The Dream 02:30
I remember the first time i wore shoes that fit me Couldn’t stop jumping best assume the gym’s deep serving dream shakes, giving Admirals brain freeze you downing MVPs? Yeah you know 'keem now open up and say ah when I'm killing your team It’s all about the fulfillment of dreams when I started off, they dropped the H from my name Confused announcers and defenders, ways of the game Facing the same walls that others had, I run it back Cat quick with the skills, watch them stumble slack Otis Thorpe by my side, Mad Max with the ball He’s too busy rolling dice, set to shatter them all Learned to hide the fire of my younger days, some amazed Blocked shot records in the Finals, summer days When I come and play they run away at stunning rates Bank shot but none are safe, combo moves to punish fakes In the offseason, catch me teaching some moves Fundamentals of amazing but true, playing the groove Not that quotable, my game it makes the statement so true So humble that I went with Spalding making my shoe 34 on the side, but not Chuck with a flat That’s Barkley on the shoulder if you’re getting the rap From Phi Slamma Jamma up to Chuck and Glide Hold it down for H-Town without a puff of pride, what a life Then again, the fire burns within don’t test Or I’ll have you so stressed with a dope flex getting served by a guy rocking Payless kicks You’ll see it on the highlights and really hate that bit And ain’t that slick? No need to pay a hundred or more So consider a pair of mine when you run to the store Plus I play D, I’m not simply coming to score You’ll feel my presence like that shadow creeping under your door
Starbury 02:50
They tried to bury the star, the Starbury is here I gave my all to this game, staying very sincere Who blazed the path to China, I became a God Had to visit another world so I could break facades The last of a dying breed, a city legend Coney Island’s finest, forever kid be repping Rucker in ‘96 with Al Cash and Bubbachuck People climbing the fences just to get a glimpse at us been a minute since it was, just a game no tinsel dust Go ahead and mumble words if mince you must In some cuffs? Nah, I got the game for life On my coattails the other prodigies, they’ve arrived Paid the piper, they try to beat me down with the flute Foxy Brown video, I’m the one found in the suit People not up on game saying Who’s he? 4am turning the Porsche into a hooptie Slam Magazine? Man I built that How many covers over the years? An ill stack Should’ve been me on the front cover with the basketball No jellybean prima donna, tough is the task involved I settled for a towel on my shoulders, rocking a mean mug Coney Island to the death, I’m repping the beast tough Who Got Game? My life story, told by Spike Lee I’m just here to fulfill a prophecy, don’t mind me I’m that walking target, the one they pick apart Meanwhile, the lights dim and still I finish hard The scapegoat in a pair of And 1 sneakers Maybe I should’ve signed with Nike or adidas They would’ve had a PR machine to speak on my behalf All star game I’m draining threes, rewind it back Wolves to Suns to Nets to Knicks to Celtics overseas My resume speaks for itself, just take the time to read And try to see…
The Reignman 01:54
Lightning bolt on the side of this Aftershock psychiatrist Zig zag back with the fly assist Coming to dunk and the drive it hits 95 was the year that it dropped Try me, why, you’re appearing lost Appear in a box made out of pine Thunderous dunk when you’re out of line Sonic BOOM that is pounding ears Cats left in shock, when the sound appears First the denial, now the tears Tears tears drowning fears We’re here repping that Reebok Kicksreason on to the treetops Pure dope the game, no detox Breathe, stop checking that kiosk We got something that you don’t It’s called hops and we’re send your crew home Revenue shown on the highlight reel The Lister blister, hi fi deal Even the Glove’s sitting back like damn Giving me dap like that’s my man Damn right, amplified Slam from the drive, I’m the man tonight Downright nasty, a Manson vibe Not Marilyn embarrass them, with hands up high Black and white, the nightmare zebra Hanging on the rim,maybe even get tee’d up Roll with the Mobius crew, and you? Trying to stop,that’s a no can do Die in the spot that you tried to stop me Hexalite heel was for real, the bomb B


10 basketball players, 10 shoes, 10 songs.

TLDR: The Sneaker Savant reached out to me about the possibility of making 10 songs about particular basketball players and a specific pair of shoes they wore. Production was provided by Supermuch, who also handled engineering. The initial idea was to have the songs available in NFT format and would be bonuses for people who got particular cards from The Sneaker Savants' card series. In addition to NFTs, there will be CDs. For each song, there is a premium card associated. Each CD will come with a bonus random card. To purchase the flavorful cards in question, visit shop.thesneakersavant.com

The only shoe/player combo I passed on was LA Gear Catapult/Karl Malone, Google his name and the number 13 to see why.


released October 18, 2022

Supermuch: production/engineering
Sons of Black Maria: artwork/graphic design
The Sneaker Savant: executive producer
Sankofa: raps


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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