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I smash the walls that they build, tactical splinters Surpass the thrall with skills, amidst a massacre winter Let’s just call it what it is, withdrawal it’s ill Tangled web, a spider lies upon her ball of silk dollar bills, ankle deep in wet cement, baby steppers represent Take a minute for that second spent, left a dent, no festive lens is seen a stressful end So let’s pretend the rules they made apply to them and press repent I wrecked the pen, ink spill exxon valdez The best and worst of times, accursed minds inside of foul leagues My falconry amalgam of alchemy on how to breathe Falling on deaf ears, feather pillows smother sound asleep Crown the beast claws scratching on the palace floors Hardened hearts raising foulest swords the calloused forged Sharpened blades serrated sparking in the darkest days It’s been a while since they succumbed, but now they start to crave I’m spending time like a billionaire with a thousand watches Constant withdrawals, never thinking about deposits The sound of faucets, steady drip of water torture Wander lost…within a toxic torpor got them warmer We celebrate the failure of those who had dared to try As though the air we breathe is rarefied and there’s the lie Pointing fingers grubby digits what he did was verified Poison stingers So many scared to fly yet wear a kite A cherub’s spine crackles under pressure spare the pine Run for cover with abundant treasure best beware of mine Too scared to climb rather see the mountain and call it quits The kid making mystic potions dosage from a cauldron drips No fault of his, the line is San Andreas random praises The phantom paces underneath the stanchion hands in cages No keys to find beyond pianos ammo reeks of hatred I’m speaking statements catapulting past the recent wages I breach the mazes they created, and reap complete amazement Sometimes I sit back and can’t believe I even made this But time’s signature is signed upon my contract Written deeply in the wrinkles signaling my gone past
It’s been a long time coming I hear those ghosts start running It’s been a long time coming Cats are getting done in Scrape the walls til nothing remains but the kindling Sawdust and splinters choking out the bitter sting Fit the strings around the points to best articulate Morphine bag sways above the victim tricked to pick a day Ricochets leaving more than scrapes and dents in here Gaping wounds in heads of those who chose to lend an ear Torrential tears flooding cheeks, hearts numb with grief Only some can eat other, others run for crumbs that crumble teeth A drunken creep, slumps to take his sips succumbs to sleep None compete we cut each other down with glee to brush debris We must convene before the teams are busted, broken players Moves are made beyond the hopeful layers, votes for mayors Note the neighbors turning the opposite direction Ice-T my mind lethal, penmanship I lock in with the weapon Toxic is his legend the map is ruined now Soldiers love to shout a chant, but soon so few are found They move around, chess pieces hover over trap doors Stockholm the syndrome submitting kisses to the captors Half yours the remainder is gone, tracheas stomped I’m creating the bond between alien font, hatred and song, Kofa JON?DOE: maybe its wrong but once i introduce your face to my schlong You'll say it belongs, then treat it like your favorite bong Catching bodies- fade em with a fatalist jawn Trust, i get my Corpus comma Habeas on Once you get behind these bars I'm more than happy to judge u Yall been tried and found wanting- we as Crafty as pub brew Sext ya granny- I want a partner with the nappiest muff boo Prefer my dingleberries tongue lashed till they subdued And when im nuttin it's really nothing to be proud ‘bout Nastier than Vladimir Harkonnen in an outhouse Waist deep with goggles on, waiting till she drops the bomb Sankofa he's the model JON? See I'm just a loudmouth From whom you've come to expect disrespect in expectorate Incremental excrement expressed in excessiveness The flying orb from Phantasm who finesses and flexes it Next to snap necks and stay connected to the nexuses Plus give out pearl necklaces, breasteses gooed one time While Stephen and I stand in the back and boo dumb lines Looking down our noses at foes that exude unsigned Chernabog rhymes its return of the Blue Sunshine Acoustic tiles fireproof for when we vibe inside the booth Stepping to NIMH a crisis move, diatribes your life to lose Irreverent binge, wrecking your limbs you never will win, surmise you’re through These seasoned vets can pepper your chin with combos the legend begins Conniving crews talk of mutiny rocking a Judas piece Pray the lord your tithe and dues to keep, sublime the muse asleep The moods are deep, closing walls appall and suffocate the dilettantes I sharpen steel until their will is gone, a killer’s spawned Attila JON meets Genghis Kofa with the fangs of drones Military industrial, my complex, harangue and stone My language roams fields dotted with stones and crosses Silversmiths the flow colossus, broken hopes and dozing monsters Dope the mantra, anything less than that is strictly ghost and Contra Surround my castle made of bones with moats of trauma bless raps with magnificent words, sick and disturbed, to quicken the thirst Hearses lurching into reverse, no mimic is worth or gimmick observed
I’m pouring my creative juices into bullet molds Throw them in the cryogenic ‘til it’s time to pull a soul In full control, load the clip, my mind spray begins Shoot the gift panoramic with the wavy limbs Transatlantic, San mechanic, zero strays Penny for my thoughts playing C-note stakes My tidal wave slaps, praise facts seek dope ways Got them praying to weak saints hoping that the beach won’t break Old ladies love him, saying he’s so quaint So Oakland loans shark Detroit, and now it’s DOA Noise I organize with chess, call me Rico Wade A fam in dungeons with panic standard repo rates Now that place you call a fortress doesn’t seem so safe Got you cowering in corners reaching grief won’t wait Your vision blurs when I’m closer, most to see Monet I take it all, make you crawl, beat this RICO case Kuwaiti sands shifting as the snakes slither fast Aristocrats mixed with diplomats slip the gift of gab Amidst the map the route begins with sharp thorns, announcing wins A compass rose denotes the ways that I get down again Petals to the mettle tested chain gangs and railroads I speak my truth, never come with the frail prose My Cuban links bring forth forms of missile crisis Cold hearted, shed a tear and then it crystalizes Smashing to the pavement, shatter in a thousand pieces Each of them becomes a soldier that my power teaches The sounds of neediness greed alive indeed it is Fatigue is creeping in, hunger pang slang with demon limbs The crowd voracious for distractions, so they feed them whims Fixated on the sweaty cleavage of some Swedish twins At the end of the path less traveled, is where my creed begins Fighting the good fight against ourselves, that’s obedience Another rapper steps and I snap him in five I’m needing multiple mouths to spit the raps that I write Lost within the ponderings a cavernous mind hearing impaired interpreters at shows, the rapper is signed Cardiac visualized, the aperture’s mine Medicinal vibes my tribe is half of savage sublime My click track is the crack of a spine, tackling mimes Forget a diamond pendant, I want a map of the mine Focused forward facing, not distracted with shine The form of hatred with the horn of making acid of rhyme Forceful flavor war proclaimer in the back of the shrine Snatching your moonrock pebbles from the satchel assigned No time for Optimists, they’re past their Prime with Rodimus I’m transforming scared swordsmen into obelisks Cement mixer driving the only time I cop a brick I’m action based, you’re talkative, so put a sock in it
Four Percent 03:28
I’m giving my four percent, the 96 is gone I spent it making it through the day so I could script the song But better better that four percent can overpower most Diesel egos looking dour, another sour stroke I’m looking at you for the answer how do cowards cope? Start looking for a tree and gather around the rope The sound of dope personified I swim piranha strikes A lotta of halfwits got advice and sound lobotomized The bottomline, I’d rather cruise in the Econoline Beyond divine, I transcend your petty gods of rhyme You caught a body? moving mannequins maybe. Your braggadocious raps are nothing more than fantasy fading Calamity cadence, your whole career is the Lids store All caps, so fall back when I spit war I’m sick and tired of victimizers who pick a crisis And sell wolf tickets, opportunists, slipping fivers I’m the total package, Lex Luger, you’re just the bubble wrap Leave your ego bruised and dented with a subtle tap You run your trap Grizzly Adams, tinny hi hats There’s no room for entourages on that life raft The song colossus running past your cavalcade of clowns Pregnant pause a dagger faberge is found You dudes are finished, when moved to the spay and neuter clinics Spiderman crews pointing fingers, saying who’s the mimic? Truth I spit it the proof is their apoplexy Tracks are deadly, man I’ll never let their raps affect me Passion heavy, I wear it like a crown of thorns Got me seeing nothing but red, Taurus with a mouth for war Close the door hope the locks keep you safe from me You sealed your own fate, a clone speaking fakery I faced defeat left its grill reconstructed Shattered orbital bones composed, my speech combustive These cats are featherweights, disintegrate and float away Posing in a broken motorcade decayed and hope for rain i Don't body beats, i out of body experience them And that second that they claim as close is clearly distant Theory given CPR the breath of life when I connect to mics Identikit rappers a factor, cannot recognize I’m beckoned by the fire within withstood the test of time The breath supplied is dire and grim, at the best rest decline Select designs I’m driving again, intestines set to grind Ingest the finest pine with some tin, conjecture gets the shine I’d rather move upon it, walk the walk, but not pedestrian No secret club with a special Knock that let me in A heavy binge, staying at the table, plates that runneth over A fork in the road to Roman nomenclature closure Praise the sober staying humble while the drunken rule Payments brokered by abundant ghouls who fund the fools
Supplying fire bars, the molten lava rivulets Saliva might just scar, behold the calm omnipotence Tonight’s the time to carve, my scroll is songs of dissidents The knife of mine is sharp, I stroll with thoughts and prison pimps Forget a bass pedal, I’m rapping to the richter kicks Berettas spray several hateful with indifference Today’s a gray pebble, placed in this abyss to drift Survey and taste wreckage chase it with a sip of cris Aristocrats hold kalashnikovs to blast at gods Find my baby steps immortalized and cast in bronze Liquid courage bubbles bags emboldening brashest pawns The crack of dawn, wizened trackers cackle in Saskatchewan A breadcrumb for the nervous birds to pass along The rest numb, spin inertia cursed, the wrath of Khan Cadets stung by the blizzard trying to find the visage Defying limits my science supplies the vice a twisting Re-ceiving all the messages to overwhelm Keep feeding self hatred till the golden yell A soul to sell, behold tumult within a broken frame The reference gone, washed away from all the coats of rain Pariahs hide inside of old cathedrals, east of Mogadishu Propose to meet you comatose and frozen toes the review The ghosts that pose a rebuke inside abandoned lots Hand to god they brandish gauze commandments scams and branching off The tangent lost, frost creeping as applause fades The gremlin eating gristle in the chrysalis, the palms sway Grass dancing on the calm graves in long days LeBron James as the curtains close observed a furnished note An entree The best laid plans spinning with vertigo No hombre, strictly trauma, psalms so somber sure to go Strangers made of best friends can then amend and emerge as foes The more I practice seems the worse it goes, cursed droves Perch your toes upon the precipice and take a breath Breathe deeply, scare your lungs like you can break them next Three demons, one per shoulder with a fatal heft The last one sits within me with his bayonet
Raise your voice, they’ll amplify it if it suits their needs Hatred poised, damned with silence in a gruesome breeze Traced with droids every movement tracked and closely measured Too busy drowning to speak indeed they hope we never Head of the trophy severed placed upon the mantel well Give the guise of guidance justify the chance to sell We must abide, supplying Ls in the form of payments …Automated clientele installment fortune cadence Cookie cutters stay sharp with the filth provided Bravehearts emasculated for the silver lining A hill divided, I still will climb it until I’m tired People making faces just to get their grills admired Gift horses with a stilted neigh parade for photo ops The older cough above a platter stacked with stroganoff No bogota but still the flow is potent, dope and raw The Kofa law triplicate ripping it so the folks applaud The contrarian, turn an open mic into a closed casket fighting with the night, I’ll never go passive so graphic the language that’s is frying your cards 1000 words per syllable Orion to Mars Downtime is just a chance for me rebuild Strategize on this and that with rap and seek chill Getting away is easier said than done with Empty moment, I’ve got to fill it with the drum’s kick Serpents travel forked roads with their tongues split Gulping every opportunity, not one sip And once it comes,well, I’m running it dry But it never stops refilling with abundant supplies my cloud storage contains nothing but brainstorms. so clowns forfeit before their faces can take form It sounds morbid but I warn, the craft is serious. Half Siberian cafeteria slapped imperious. I pass the period with two dots so here he is. Life sentences immortalized despite my weariness. Or gear that he appears within in the pyramids cheering him. …spearing half the theories unraveling then the tears begin Dollars Reign Supreme Over Nearly Every Lobby Got a dollop of that CREAM for the molotov and coffee Hauling off to hockey punch the clock until it never ticks again Kick the habit nun in soccer practice back to rip the blend Sick defense, up the anti bodies, got me dipping friend My drip is zen, need no components zone to this and bend Hit the pen, without a state of mind behind the bars to grip My parliament without a parlor trick, provide it marvelous Why the garbage is regarded as the heart of this The vibes that martyrs miss, find my frame of mind is darkening Embark on trips, evasive replacement tasting the sample given Forget the guardedness, I try to take the plan and live it Won’t violate the ways that I was raised upon with rap Kool G Rap the family tree roots that made the almanac Bomb the track, megatron Obama slapping trauma stats Just my dope friends and me, no entourage with pomp it’s wack
The rap baccalaureate fracturing acts so glorious After attacks the morgue begins overflowing with war we binge Orchids from Kevorkian, sticking a fork in him The grim reaper use the scythe to wipe fedora lint No time for tourists I rhyme remorseless supplying forces Out for fame…with names trailing on the iron horses Flyer torsions, my adidas back in days before Kirby Puckett made them face the cord, names are made in gore Parade velour phraseology, I’m staying pure Filet the policy, my basic ways acknowledge grief A slug sliding on the razorblade and falls asleep Sacrificial lambs, lay upon the altar weak Spatter patterns on the sherling, flip the flavor higher A cold world triple axel on the paper tigers Late arrivals swearing loyalty on ancient bibles The taste of metal, gushing redness, 80 shaken rivals Reward the pen with a gorgeous blend, for sure it’s dense No more pretense, No silver spoons, I got a sword to bend It’s Uri Geller with acerbic relish serving zealots A magic carpet ride, hop along the Persian relic Circus pellets turn to landmines insides are turning out Record numbers not the 45 or 33 and third My secrets submerged, never blinking at the periscope I deepen the urge, releasing some words for those who dare to hope And there it goes, Ben Franklin anchored varicose Shivers shudder from the heavens to the cherubs scared to grow Prepare below because above is where the monsters dwell Gators lurking for the gaunt gazelle need speed to taunt them well I started early, playing keyboards of fontanelles My heart is churning taking seashores with constant swells The darkness turning into narcotic detours Al Jourgensen, one more fix and it’ll be cured No fortune spent beyond the time invested, seismic effort Dive inside the wreckage, my saliva slices diamond treasure I go against the grain, crosscuts, no time to measure Rotgut sitting in the citizen with flight endeavors Buckle up the harness fasten clips lock it down well No time for g-force to rearrange the count felt Slaughterhouse, canary coal mine the cowbell Bought them out, prepare the whole shrine pronounce hell Town criers voices echo in the empty streets Yodeling a dirge, death’s cousin with a frenzied feast Family reunions where the REM is carving them Lucid dreaming choose your own adventure then we start again Paralyzed, the walls are closing in, it’s hard to breathe My ribcage grabs my heart and lungs and then it starts to squeeze The bony fingers of panic attacks that slowly linger And never seem to fully leave indeed they grow to cinder
Suffice it is the way I’m rhyming off the GIANTS fit Meanwhile, I’m that rapper repping in his SIA kicks Somewhere in America, Fort Wayne to be precise Map coordinates, the lord in this breaking beats and mics A freakish sight to witness words from this rapping master The disconnect between book and cover, flabbergasting I pack a gatling gun for a voice box, the trap is sprung The toy box melting down to soy sauce, pass the sponge That’s the one, supplying detonator caps to beats In grapes of wrath I take a bath, convey this masterpiece Don’t ask for wreaths, I gave them flowers while they still breathe Doing dirt by my lonesome, proposing skilled speech I’m sitting at the windowsill, watching the world pass Turn within then begin to build my own, whirled, fast Christian like screaming bloody murder before god bless I recognize a hypocrite so I am not stressed Best in rhyme my inspiration steady infinite Confidence in myself, surviving any incident Walking in with a bell, your final call upon the vinyl spins You’re holding on with the slightest limbs don’t even try to win Wrestle an octopus, I’m seeing nothing but suckers here Rocking that pullover circa Warren Sapp buccaneers Tuck your tears behind those designer shades, no rhyme is safe Put some acid in your sadness just to fry your face, supply the breaks It’s phdbeats from San Diego, catch the padres While I hyperxtend entendres in solemn songs swans play
Fran Gull 03:38
look, I don't have room for hatred in my heart but my lungs are storage units as voracious as they're sparse Some sort of cupid in a stupor aiming arrows poisonous No time for parlor tricks deploying quips for toys to lift Hope the have that staying power Disappointment does Breaking chains connecting shackles when they hoist the cuffs I long for change like when Perestroika struck Everything is going fine, but it’s all poised to bust Looking great but that veneer is stretching thinner here Looking back the past and week and say it’s been a year Hindsight is just a trap, there is no mast to hold me Firetrucks, EMS, and cop cars patrolling Those are sirens and my rope is my day job Tug of war, will I win it? I’m afraid knot Footing the bill, shoehorning into pairs of smaller kicks Walking a mile but won’t make it past the politics (So) just go about your business, everything is swell Creature comforts in abundance, there’s no need to yell Don’t tip the apple cart, cause they will starve, we feed them well Money making power, power making money, sells Trolly cars carrying hipster rich apologists And every February there’s a slight acknowledgement Figureheads clear throats then read a polished script Acceptance verses tolerance, watching the gollums win Take some quotes to look the part, the barber razor looms Kumbaya for just a moment we can play the tunes Reading the room but the glass is armored, that’s a martyr Got the stones to take that guilt and cast it farther You ever see tear gas used against your friends A few blocks down from a bridge saying never again? Stormtroopers, state police, local cops spraying grief Rubber bullet eye removal for the sake to say we’re free Mops inside the jails flooded with the blood of victims This is America, right? What a system Salute the flag, lick a boot, praise a god, vroom a truck Shoot a gun, be the facist, moving up, bruise the young Pick a side, throw a punch, stock the bunker, wear the shades Get the sticker, snake charmer, body armor, tearaways Beat the ones you with disagree with cause they had it coming Back the blue, taking cop selfies saying cheese and running Cops represent the system, enforcing the status quo Taking marching orders from power brokers with savage notes The gas canisters are gone from streets, so most forget That the system lives to crush us if we pose a threat
I do this for the love, not finagling to monetize it grim flavor, not Jim Cramer, raving on assignment My honest rhyme is thought that is climbing past docile islands So there’s no way my truth and your feelings are not colliding The stock of Bryden’s what I came from, with a side of Smith Silver lining of a full metal jacket that provides the fit Brigades run, death marches to viper pits, saliva sick Turning in a project is the only time that I submit The ice to pick, instinct basic word to 40 water Seems the more we seek to have, the more we slaughter They treat them bad and watch them come back for the reruns Later seeking sympathy, yet receive none Waiters peep it from peripheries and take note A sampler platter served cold revenge to break folk Drapes close, immediately the screams begin Blood it starts to boil and thus the diving demons swim Rappers claiming GOAT status, what's their code of honor for? All I see are Jason Kidds spilling soda on the floor I concentrate on strategy, they focus on the sword Katana blade academy, provokes the calm to war Stop conniving, the author arrives in his own shoes, walking silent The toxic titan, leaving a bone bruise for those with…one to pick Christopher Rios, punishment Your fun it ends, blitz your heroes when my tongue begins Do what we can and then it’s Gunga Din A chunk of skin, a pound of flesh accountants crunch and spin A sponge that wins, taking in all in, the bucket of loam Best of luck getting blood from that stone, The mess that was holds no candle to Vesuvius Souls shudder when inhaling that effluvia In tune with the moodiness, fence is Gary Busey Picket cosigns and Mariuccis carry Uzis That behooves me, the fourth horsemen with the luck attached Watch the suckers duck and dash suffering succotash Take it up a class, forget a notch, they tuck the sash For that upper crust Augusta stash that they must amass
I Am Death 02:44
The day is over so I make my way to scrape the coma Off of all their skin begin to binge with shots betrayed aroma From Ancient Romans and Caesars the hands are cleansed again Betrayal breaking the code of the living for the ways extend A walking score board full of scribbles to erase again Six feet deep my callouses, talisman taste the trench Rosaries worn rough and then smooth again to make amends The rudest end, unkindest cut so sup the latest trend My blood is flooded with toxins to drown the memories Charon on the way to next to leave, Council centerpiece, Rest in peace best believe I leave the rest to grieve Tearing at the flesh of life with majestic teeth, festive feast Connect the keys to open locks of doors that lead to me A billion breaths, yet they hope for more repeatedly receive the scene with coldest eyes beneath this cloak of mine I am the space where atheists and hope combines So sublime, watch it slip away the spirits rise That last flicker of their fear is mine, hear it climb A weird design, seeking magic ways to slow me down There’s no creed or secrets held inside of frozen ground I see you digging this Digging that hole There is no more to this There’s no control I see them build cathedrals, tallest buildings for escape My masterpiece painting ends within a tilted easel The lord astray drawn and quartered for display Stained glass windows don’t disguise the lies they stored away The more debates they try to give me when their life is slipping Whether starving, bullets, drone strikes or knife is ripping I’m forgiving none of it, I just fulfill a role Jerry Cruncher burning diesel dirt I’m filling holes And so it goes, the undertow I have become the foe But without me, life is worthless, so they summon hope Creating vampires romance and novelists Deities to try to dodge me by a god’s assist Escapism seeking solace in mirage’s mist The dare to love, the air is rust, for what? the cost to kiss? I cross the bridge and take them over with a steady hand Choir muffled through the brick of churches, work this heavy plan
Walter J. Liveharder: Welcome to Liveharder’s funeral parlor. You getting murdered doesn’t make you a martyr. Just buried in my garden. Feel free to Pay homage to the dearly departed Don’t be disheartened. Dealing with blatantly Brain dead is draining. Getting gaslit in the basement the job remain thankless Another wasted painting on the mentally vacant. All I see behind riveted is complacence. I don’t mind Cause most of y’all don’t matter. I’m tuned in. Don’t get tuned up. With all that chatter. You’re ass got it backwards. I am not a fucking rapper. Fuck around and find yourself served on a platter. I’m known for taking it too far. Over the edge your shoved. Stupid is as stupid does. I’m taking off the gloves. You want it you can’t get it. My city shows no love. You going in the river. Rolled up body in a rug. Sankofa So many fall over themselves copping some gear to continue feeding the rich But supporting dreams is the policy so I buy from my people keeping it sick I used to pledge allegiance to adidas, cause Run DMC did, they seeded the turf Nobody conceded, In league with the search, repeating seeking the need with some worth But they’re just another company using cosigns to find a newer market I have no need for their manure harvest, my movement is lucid and through w/ the garbage ruin the carpet rolling it back rewinding the fanfare Why have it if you can’t share with your friends and that is my plan there I’m on a Panter minus confederate flags, vulgar power displayed Word to Body Bag Ben, Hawaiian shirts, I'm plowing the graves The trowel then raised inside of my hand is rusted Smack the screen but you can’t adjust it, tarantula tympanic crushing San combustive Plans adjusted getting discarded and denied the fastest Your rhymes are passive aggressive, master the lesson, connect my mind is massive Rite of passage is embroidering my raps on velvet lining caskets So raise the bar, I’m flying past it plus your whiny half wits


As soon as BLKTCHP dropped, phdbeats was all for making a follow up. I promised him it'd happen once I tended to some other pieces I had in development and here we are-notably devoid of any feel good vibes and diving deeply into that menace medicine.


released July 28, 2022

Production: phdbeats
Artwork: Dusty Neal
Photography: Bambi Guthrie Photography
Graphic Design: Chef Mike
JON?DOE appears c/o Beat This! Entertainment and Indie Pennant Records
G.One appears c/o Geeonitis Entertainment
Chuck Brown appears c/o of his daughters giving him a chance to record
Walter J. Liveharder appears c/o dope gear and bottles of wine
Mixed down and mastered by TaliRod


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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