The Beat Shall Inherit the Verse

by The Silversmiths

Sankofa: From Okinawa to Boca Raton, it’s Kofa Deezious Agent Orange cooking up the batch, never overheated My soul is emboldened, never fitting the mold that’s supplied Doing what I feel, thus my head I’m holding it high Cultivate every crop with just the right ingredients Collide with neediness, I risk the need live Despite the deviousness, this is myth and legend Understand the focus required when I rip a session Don’t kick confections, Confucius taking single steps in sequence Silversmiths, JON and I rep allegiance We left the keys in the lock, no reason to raise concern Craftsmanship and camaraderie, giving the lathe a turn Come walk, or in my crutched case, hop with me I used to happily believe in meritocracy I wear Monopoly bills thin playing games with my son And that’s the main time money is fun Hook: We don’t put our lives on, we put them in the line Intertwined with the rhyme, we give a bit and climb Been denying what you hear here is dope But guess what? Silversmiths, yeah, we swim in the moat! JON?DOE: You hear the tic tock when I'm creepin even out ya evening With that hip hop that ya seekin in between the meek and eking It's not the reason that speak in over beats when Ever slick thoughts reach in we just freak till they retreatin See the cretins creepin through the streets- rats to the cheese Infest the culture now she's askin to breathe We come thru, karate chop to the back of the knees Then delivering the sack and the seed Sankofa: No complaints, I have what I need and then a bit more You know the drill, power through it with a slick roar The twists and turns presented a chance to earn the pennant ...Indie since the day glo green was first presented When someone rapping on the net was soft Now it’s soundcloud r us, can barely fend them off Hold the world hostage, dope beats the ransom demand Agent Orange 2020, yep my candidate can JON?DOE: Call me crocodile or alligator imma fuck ya smile up later U the hated face that motivates the mallet placer Salivator pallet raider Shallot flavor allocator From here to Talladega Redefine the style and take ya Ass on a journey, get the gurney for ya broken limbs The facts is our act shut em down but we opening So don't become the token pin Bowling down the sucker's from the gutter when I hold a pen Cutting through the moats a fin, come on in the waters fine Agent Orange sent the beat now its slaughter time Yeah its kinda messy but massage the mind out to climb the art of rhyme until they call it god sublime
Sankofa: See, witnesses corroborate the wicked ways we chop the breaks Fans reciprocate with lots of plays in this colossal maze Find us, the hobgoblin of rap, gobbling tracks B-boys, adipose because they thought it was fat Barbarella eating barbacoa, got them in the carpet rolled up artist’s soul is sharpening the sickle in a dark pagoda No market binge or toga, not content to march in comas Silversmiths the garbage disposalists, the harbinger’s a cobra Note the marvelous vocalists sending regards to garden gnomes with this The Starter jacket packing parappa the rapper chauvinists Can eat a broken skiff chased with half a catamaran with two sails Carried the coffin to the salon to add some new nails And new trails are blazed courtesy of ACRES land trust No faking glam bucks, my sons fall, I make them stand up We can’t just lie helpless, waiting on someone to lift us up Not trying to eat a mud pie when my spirit’s gone and bit the dust JON?DOE: Welcome to the church of we the dopest, now kiss the floor Preacher at the pulpit word is spoken and it's the law make these rappers pray like they frozen In mid applause I'm like a demon from below but with bigger claws And scissor jaws- got em hoping we cower in turf rounds Bad news for competition we dopest in our cursed towns Open the bowels of earth now, the chosen’ll bow the worst down <Breathe> We force the token to hold em choking the bile of verse down Sankofa: I focus on how words sound rather than what the words say So is cleverness or musicality my wordplay? I live in a gerrymandered land where power doesn’t answer to everyone ‘Less you’re talking about benefactors getting plenty funds Got us fixated on the thought of a fix Pointing fingers at each other in a bottomless pit I thought it was sick, but then a closer study only made it worse What IT are we all trying to reach, if we have to fake it first? JON?DOE: Dont hate me cuz u not me, we great like anunaki We blaze, while what you paraphrase is sloppy copy Distorted like reports on walkie-talkies, watch me off these Diss the fake because the shit u make is Taki taki we focused more on lyrical intricacies While every line u rhyme is bout a bitch and how u give her deez And all ya ice that makes the river freeze, skipper please Man the culture and respect is why this spitter breathes I get under your skin like chigger breeds Making quitters bleed Suggesting you invest in padded companies who fit your knees Locally or overseas we known to bring the sicker steez Wolves who hunt the pigs that hid beneath the wicker eaves Huff and puff and switch the breeze- anemoi u blow but barely swish the leaves, ya devoid Of any substance any style, many scrubs done went to trial But still they up and getting filed as rubber chew toys to me boy
Mazebos 03:32
Sankofa: These cats are soft as Cobra Commander nibbling candied cantaloupe From behind curtains in CopaCabana decanter in a panic mode Even their cartilage is plushly carpeted And at that point, it must be hard to harness the spirit to resist the garbagemen Flow marvelous, Forget beef, I got Bravas Quality Meat, peep the marbling Rap carpenter Coy Dog of words, an artisan carving past the market whims Taking charge and barging in with twenty barges of power, no bargain bin And in my cage crafted of ribs his heart is in the right place No primal rage, more a steadily slow burn, setting alight the page Got the mercury ready to bust the glass, and that’s the circuitry I’ve got the dopest pair of SC trainers and they’re burgandry No burglary, my spree is strictly trickery based vehicular paced The learning curve is steep which is why i score ridiculous grades I use heavyweight thoughts with ink that sticks to the page While the attempted grab a quick buckers pucker up and drift away Hook: Indeed you need those What are they, gazebos, maybe placebos, nope mazebos cause they’re sticking to your ribs and we pose In a bboy stance, though my dancing’s horrendous Maybe JON?DOE can pick up the slack and stand tremendous Indeed you need those What are they, gazebos, maybe placebos, nope mazebos cause they’re sticking to your ribs and we pose In a bboy stance, cause Sankofa’s got the kicks for it Just don’t expect flips forward in some sort of slick orbit Or The phalanges two places from my thumbs stand erect leaveitupta Sankofa to pull a jango and bang the set JON?DOE: Listen homie, you can get to know me and the dick I hold Same grumpy dad with an attitude... but the kids got old find me on the porch with a drink- rickety bitch I scold Makinemfold when I'm going all in with the chips I hold Mix my flow, then I swallow souls over the drumbeats Claiming it's my toll… u must be loco to go n compete Catch me slow mo in a Humvee while she goes low with a tongue reed Not an oboe but she blows DOE, I'm like oh no, then I'm done B Hihhhh.. its naptime, see my eyes water Reach back and give em a piece of my mind- why I oughta... High quarter dry fjorder intermittent tide sorter Venomous with vibes ontha guys infringing on my borders Sock it em- build a wall. Barbecuing - grilled or raw Mix syllables, my inner villain calls- he whispers kill em all Bottom line, my thoughts align- i feel em fall… while murdering These filaments of feelings meant to prove that I am still involved Sankofa: Shoutout to the stay fresh crews with the hypest of kicks forever on You say grails, I say college savings funds, I got my message wrong A mess is on the wrong foot, Bravas with Lucas Carter behind the lens A pair of David Beckham Forest Hills splashed with the finest blends The secret sauces, Agent Orange is the beat colossus The keys to the kingdom unvanquished, freaking awesome JON is handling language, pleased to meet your coffin Note the appropriate head movement, you need to nod them
ankofa: The Art of War is Jackson Pollock splattering with blood and guts. Displaced facial features of Picasso are we numb enough? MC Escher etch a sketches psyches for the runners-up. A collage of negative space, aftermath is thunderstruck. messengers are shot down with a venom packed drone. A canvas washed clean with the medivacs hose. The rich sell it all and the poor buy to witness firsthand. Viscera won't even fertilize when all the Earth's sand. All for naught knots in guts, widows and the fatherless. And stomachs stay empty wracking souls stuck on vomiting. Embalm them in a pithy speech belched upon the newsfeed A trough of a thousand cuts from the same YouTubed bleed And this how we die, sayonara sounding off Blood on the scarecrow, Christo body bags, buy the farm, drown in loss Accountants click the digits, either side is all the same Money money money money money reigns we must be the good guys, the other ones are bad And the word they claim as gospel, it is nothing but a fad JON?DOE: Sad to say, all my dreams and hopes done passed away Pass my days laying in a coffin while the pastors pray Actually, I kinda been enjoying tracing back the maze Wack malaise, when everything is dulled within a mask of grey And that's the way... yesu Kristo dressed to play Mephisto Chasing capital done placed us back in 86 bro When crack and babies mixed so the blacks became the maybe if-nos And corporations leaked the toxic waste to make your piss glow Its flagrant with no consequences if the money comes Now dummy Trump's the paragon compared upon- we've underpumped And wonder why the life rafts taking water- maybe oughta Take this sorta serious cuz clearly it's a thunder run Robbers on the road They out for precious cargo while we hobbled with the load, over cobbles that erode Got us going down faster than toboggans in the cold Corporatocracy done got the people slobbing on the chode
Sankofa: This here’s my insides, poured out and ground to the giblets Silversmiths linings, there’s no clouding the vision Rocking FILA back in the day like we’re carousing with Riddick This is how it is finished, allowing all but the loudest to witness No clowns are found in this instance, slow down amounts it’s explicit Pounding the rhythm to ribbons, pounce and then hit them with this it’s Floundering mimics, claiming crowns but all that’s found is the crickets So for the sake of perspective, we simply shout from the distance How to exhibit a howitzer spitting the vowels in blizzard, I’m shouting the Smiths and I’m proud that we did...forever vividly disembowel the embittered Putting insurmountable obstacles in the path of plenty passive cats And the last to laugh is likely oxygen deprived, and that’s a fact My Robinsons are fly, Command Forces damned gorgeous And my house remains a home, not some semblance of a grand fortress Overseen by insecure tyrants seeking reassurances Cause just like back in the days, we reach the firmament with verses mint JON?DOE: See Derek made the beats, we provide the verses Fluent as a script in perfect Turkish scribe de Bursa’s You defeating us is reprehensible, indefensible Incomprehensible like doctors write in cursive Cliffs of insanity, vanity drowns the honest You win this match of wits? Don’t be counting on it The sound’s atomic, your type of rap is bound in bonnets While I’m sicker on the mike than Jordan in a pound of vomit Sankofa: I catch myself waiting for tomorrow instead of being around today So the present dwindles to thumb twiddling a massive amount of waste The ground is paced and anticipation becomes the untouched bait Simply trying to get it over and done with, a sponged trace And one way or another that moment isn’t going to return to me But it’s exhausting to lead a life under the knife of constant urgency Feels like sleep calls to me the way that drugs do so many others Semi smothered in mild panic while many tougher suffer plenty rougher JON?DOE: So fuxk the world, fuxk yo girl, fuxk the rest of it Eat a wiener with your mustard ketchup lips We the best u never heard of homie check the list We here to lead the exodus from what's expected. It’s Moses when he get the ship we flying outta here You keep it street level we up above the cloudmosphere I stopped giving a shit if words are real Man i use a pen to murder steel, reinvent the perfect wheel Make these herbs a meal while virgins purge for deals Walking… stepping in my snakeskin boots on a serpent's heel This a tribute to myself- the new MAGAsaurus DOEs the left Sankofa gets the right then we attack the fortress Venture to the Vatican where vocals jack the Borgias Smack ya forces, yet and still we acting dorkish Laughing in the face of darkness- I don't know no other way to act I been a crazy cat since babies wrapped in swaddling clothes were laid in backs of mangers turning strangers into raving hacks Who preach of peace yet wave the axe Lost within the cost of letting Visigoths invade the map Then turn around and praise the sack, the message fades to black
Sharkproof 03:40
Sankofa: Got to raise your hopes up. Life you make the most of. This is not a hoax, nah. Get your bag and load up. Pack it for the challenges that lie ahead. A steamroller for the speed bumps of life that often will provide the dread. Nothing but a setback, step back and adjust your route. If there's something you believe in, go ahead and bust it out. Too many are reassured by their own discomfort. Familiar confines, Stockholm syndrome. Time to puncture dysfunction, stop that, move forth, push onward, keep moving, do something, seek more, look, conquer Success is the best revenge, vengeance is a desperate end. The sick get joy from making you yet another mess for them. Who is left it to clean it up? Ignore them, do your own thing Why in the world would you ever want to be a clone king? For the love of all that you love and all who love you You’ve got to proceed, you’ve got believe, you must do Hook: Do you want to live or do you want to simply get by Crawl inside your shell when life is tough enough to stress, why? Bend the prison bars and make a catapult to fly from Silversmiths the team of believers preach it with fly drums JON?DOE: Hola hijos, I done told the people, time to act correct Eff these morals hollow as the followers of Baphomet Truth is we part and parcel, partial larvals that connect Marvels of a Darwin article, attracting mass effect Startle em, they backs erect, it's time to proselytize Spread the message, no more awkward and shy Be impressive, don’t be chicken, we not waffle and fries It’s simple, smell the shit? just don’t follow the flies Weeble wobbles aside- tell em vacillators later! The light is in their eyes- when you activate the saber Lead by example be an active neighbor aider Help em all get into the groove like an acetate engraver May yer path be wondrous in its wandering discovery I hope you find enlightenment while pondering the shrubbery Defy preponderance with subtlety Shatter the mold, and then behold who’s fond of singing of the love of free Sankofa: It's easy enough to sit aside and criticize Acting like nobody ever went and did it right Backseat driving up the wall with all the bitter lies It's high time to live it right with a bit of civic pride Enough with being passive, switch to active as a pro The answer doesn't lie beyond you, they're just packaging it so In the middle of the stage, make a wave that is tidal Inspire others with your deeds and lead the new revival JON?DOE: Intercede on superhuman idols, stupid rivals get the bozack Instead of worryin bout which vial you’re next to throwback Focus on your own track, adjust and change direction Find an audience beyond a choir who share the same perception Take constructive criticism, be open to improvement Citizens been broken, put some hope into the movement Start the process inward, then expand the microcosm Push the banner windward lead the clan that fight the problem
Paper Hoops 03:49
Sankofa: My laugh is toxic, to self esteems catastrophic Bringing the energy to stages, never lacked the wattage I’m the rest of Wu-Tang Clan, man you’re Cappadona A championship ring with a lump of trash upon it See broken clocks don’t even count with digital screen Rakim’s original fiend revisiting riveting scenes If this is a dream, I'll probably awake without the slightest My penmanship’s a submarine that sunk and yet it’s timeless Fresh assignments roll off when Agent Orange sends another heater I can get lifted without a puff of reefer If that’s your thing then have at it, maybe it’s even legal there Wherever you happen to be bumping this, but be prepared You think big pharma isn’t going to grab the lion’s share? Meanwhile in prison, minor possession cats are lying, there And the prison’s a business turning a tidy profit too So now you see all the hoops the lobbyists are hopping though JON?DOE: We chase the paper- murder, rape for vapors Make the caper- in this world there ain't no place for later Kids are raised on betas where they taught to raid ya neighbor’s Stash- wait or dash? It’s later skater, life was made to savor Dominance established, same manner that we do to girls In the name of clearing hurdles, verbal abuses hurled Point to the corner, encouraging you to curl Then place the sand into the oyster’s mouth and cue the pearls Sankofa: I view this world so competitively That all I see is someone getting better than me Insecurity's a monster, yet I'm letting it breed ...Money for nothing agendas and the rent it is free A shred of disease squeezing every ounce it can get Boa constricted anacondominium minimum breath Spinning, this head, birds sing mellifluous dirges I work verses while demons whisper it's worthless JON?DOE: Sensationalist reporters couldn't write a better story In my backyard these gangs are killing for territory They don't care long as the Dow Jones average Mirrors the death rate of these downed coon savages Police only serve to protect the establishment That we railing against, using words as our last defense Dashboard cams as murder porn, it's a perverted storm Of death in the modern age- rage while the herd is shorn These words are borne upon the winds that whip the wings Of the angel of death- a witness to wicked things The stakes is high- like the nails in the wrists of Christ The passion of the lamb rewritten as a plot device Where cemetery plots are twice as common the income Required to afford that resting ground we wrest the ink from … I mean the blood of those whose backs are made to bear the weight Seems we can barely wait to play Dicaprio when bears escape
Cable Grips 03:27
We used to wear masks, now the masks wear us Scanning every facial feature to ensure we share stuff Buying in with our identity the silver pieces Look at rainbow vomit pouring forth from all the filter’s features Let’s take a trap down memory lane And get entranced by us as the shiny stuff that we crave Celebrity me Inc and the platform glues us Meanwhile, through our slowed shoes we don’t see the roots bust That flitter of dopamine when a heart or a like shows up And I’m no better, running back to see what the folks sup If a tree falls in a forest without a twitter account to document Will it fall upon the wanderers who are steadily getting lost within Terms of service are nothing when a business thrives We live within in a house full of paintings with the switching eyes Strung out on our data plans, a junkie with a screen fix The dealers even bill us monthly payments make it seem slick Hook: Swipe left swipe right, field of vision life like Charger cable at the ready when I need a slight high Hindsight isn’t needed, see I’m seeking my time Feeding every bit of me that matters to the pipeline JON?DOE: This is my body and my blood, freely given I am the corpse they feast upon in a mealy prison Even as I warn them of the putrefaction, you distract them View the captions and the hashtags, ignore the steely wisdom Clear revisions in a magic mirror dish The masses are engaged in a love affair with others’ stares The likes are sirens, ain’t nobody left to steer the ship It’s a shitty syrup dish of surreptish… Sankofa: We're equipped with all the tools we bought To make fodder for the wizard of Oz in a mirage Awe shucks, got a bit of scratch for the product Placement subtly facing the camera, I want bucks But the tension intending to get attention increases What is the price enticed for my plights of allegiance Taken at disfigured face value the eternal grind continues Sucked into.the cycle, thinning cartilage my life of sinew JON?DOE: As the artifice of hype pretends to, I struggle onward in a World full of these trap beat mumblers- pawn beginners Zombie dinners, omni-sinners JON ain’t never fond of winners Especially when they’re also cheaters, condescending honor thinners We here to shock the culture, we here to stop the vultures The mediocre keeling over on a slop sepulcher Just got my Black Thought/Ice Cube on to rhyme it Time it with a bit snide side eyed shot repulsor So fuck your image and addiction to the way it seems Make the cream, but then they paying extra for some faded jeans Just wear em out workin for it, what became of dreams? Even I’m addicted to the role, watch me play the scene Awkward actor in a life I’m posing for Settle for the setup when I know I could have chosen more We slather makeup on our lives like the Shogun’s whore Just give me my unlimited account and close the door
Flight Check 03:59
This message is for people who are perched upon the precipice All this time stressing life only leads to less to live There’s definitely death in it, but that goes without saying Especially if passage is silent, laid in the ground, latent An amalgamation of every piece where each breath is weighed I’d rather be woven in memories than on a resume Reduced in rhymes to eulogizing a rude and brutish tyrant And if reincarnation exists, i’ll see a new assignment But this speck of star dust weaves words into new realms to wander My imagination is the escape pod, compelled with honor Honoring a code I invented for the sake of having fun So when life slows down, I take that time to dabble some Sacrificing half a lung to perform live with a warm mic Going all in like Henry Rollins hollering in war times And the more I’m involved in it, the mellower I become But still find myself transfixed with the mighty drum Hook: Hey Tom ready for the flight? -check Mic? -yep Got the parachutes? -For the cats who want to high step? Absolutely, stow the luggage in the overhead -compartment It’s starting -the margin Save the Bailey and Barnum Hey Stephen, ready for the flight? -check Mic? -yep Got the parachutes? -For the cats who want to high step? JON?DOE: This that LAX takeoff type of jawn, and the flight’s at dawn Out over the ocean then we turn around and light the morn Blinded by a destination sharper than a tiger’s yawn Shish kebab these citronella sipping cypher pawns Dice the prawns and scuttlefish- bottom feeders bite ya tongues We rain disaster on the flat and bring delight to some Damn right we might incite the scrum Guess we’re the (W)right brothers taking flight over mics and drums Sankofa: What might be spun from a random thought on a nightly run Provides the moment of magic, and that becomes my tidy sum No Texas Instruments, my method’s sets of images So get out your phasers, with flavor levels set to infinite I rep at minimum friendships, adventures, good intentions and mentions Of Fort Wayne, that’s my essential list That’s not to say that venomous thoughts leave me unscathed But JON?DOE, Agent Orange, and myself are on the runway JON?DOE: Strange to think I might be on my way back down the hill But I guess that means that I can coast from here Imagine that I’m not another rat that’s drowned in swill Struggling to stay afloat, I stoke the fear Guardian angels got me thinking that the coast is clear But once I turn my back again them ghosts appear So just toast a beer for them hearts that departed us And evoke some tears for the part that’s this arduous Harbingers of art for art’s sake- they ask is it alive? The fire pulses hard enough to make the hearth quake Never question my intensity and passion Just understand I lead a double life who’s density’s imagined My propensity to procrastinate has left me in a damaged state The complexity of dampened hate that fences me with rations Till eventually it happens- loosen the release valve And watch me take flight, escape in music made with these pals
Calling Tom Brady a punk with Warren Beatty playing Arabian crunk Forsaken the clutch, came through with a strange brew, I’m basically making it up As the rain drew mushroom clouds in the muddy puddles that I was standing in I saw Anne Boleyn rambling into a random ambulance with hands of tin Playing tarantula banjo without speed rampant panhandling Did Angelina take her toll or was it a loss for the los angelen? Ideas are Dominique Wilkins dunks, I hydraulically cram them them in Flip the limerick to a rim to lick, that's the kind of jam I'm in I solemnly subtract any regard for those choosing to play guardian I rock Target cargos and friends’ tees, keep your suede cardigans Weak flea marketing harbingers with hearts patched together with bark and sin The pack is severed, carcinogenic sharks are charging in No need to beat around the bush, the leader's leaking liters now I've rocked a million faces and I've even seen the feeble scowl No sense in eking out a living and resenting rap for the lack of payment I don't have a lot of time but am activated with a fascination JON?DOE: Not really sure what’s going on here, Sankofa done gone there Challenge issued- vol’nteer… Aint a damn thing that I’m gon’ fear Doing handstands in a lawn chair, while riding on a john deere With Dumbledore in a blonde beard with the balon d’or? Beyond weird Barbie’s banging Bumblebee in a basement in the bible belt While a crazy grandma called the scrapbook killer stabs a knife of felt Wilt under the quilt- jilted Nazi raiders’ eyes’ll melt Indiana Jonesin here in Cali… Where’s your pride of self?
Sankofa: I’ve owed you half of an album for a couple years now Most of the stuff is written, but the flame to drive it died down And I want to make the dopest stuff and never go half-hearted Whatever keep that sucker moving got buried in the Antarctic it’ll be dope when the time is right, but will that time come? I wish I could promise you yes, cause that stuff was fly, ummm There’s what the heart desires and the guilt that drives it And my distractions were the wicked tools to build a crisis It isn’t like we don’t lead busy lives, plenty sons between the both of us So now in this I open up Is it dope enough to bridge the gap that my inaction crafted Flashing back to big dro on how to rap a classic Eating dinner with Mystic, the GV rap invasion Before I left Angelina for the Appalachians Hitting Vegas...checking Spitkicker was fresh But years pass and now our bills have a different address You’re still my man Hook: I saw your mom with Tom Gugliotta in navy blue Miata Singing Hakuna Matata, crazy glue we ought ta Use it on the dudes that bought the woozy blues who do me nada, true kicking dope talk, Diego Maradonahue JON?DOE: I'm Maradona with the hand of god, jewels for ya man to rob Funky as a can of cod known to make the fans applaud Coming with the gift like mommy fucking santa claus But nowadays I slowed it down a little- call it manopause Sporting phantom claws, we no longer bring the razors out More concerned with how to raise a house But don't be thinking that u face a mouse Cuz when the beats drop I'm like yeah, it's time to do it right there Sankofa: I’m the type where I don’t even talk to my friends I’ll send a random lyric quote every now and then One of Tom’s lines is stuck in my head on a five second loop I pay my respects with a text because I bet it’s due He had a fanny pack full of minidiscs Containing every single song we ever made, and this he did Looking at the output could well result in dizziness So I suggest you take my word for it and hit the bricks JON?DOE: Put in my time as a dad and I'm almost done widdit Rappers want beef i still tell em come get it Making music with my friends yeah I'm havin fun widdit No more caring bout opinions from some dumb critic Just trying to get Stephen to breath fire But hes like sorry tom I am fucking retired And u can quote that minus the fuxking Cuz he dont curse Duck rhymers be ducking, just hymens for plucking Re-aligning the truck and then it's Niece on Bastille Day Running down rappers with Stephen if he'll play If not it's cool I got enough shit to keep me occupied Music is the muse but don't monopolize 5 boys, 2 jobs, one woman and a lot of sighs See we mastered how to toggle lives we got it guys Really I am not surprised U go head and chase the cheddar I'll just melt it on my waffle fries
The Keep 03:34
Sankofa: When life builds a wall, you find a way to overcome that Tunnel digger, helicopter ride, or a drum track Elon Musk was too busy with some twitter beef And the Huey Cobra was in the shop, I pick the beat In my dreams I rise and recall what i have just dreamt With enough ideas to fill the song plus ten What then do we do when the world is conquered Celebrate victory with the misery of a monster Moving onward is easiest with a team to share the ride An experience that no blue check mark can verify Bear in mind minus X-ray specs That today could end up being one of your best days yet ...Sometimes, even average is an improvement Cause downswings are going to come, that’s the movement I’ve had friends lay on tracks waiting for the train But it didn’t, these are the thoughts are weighing on my brain Hook: This isn’t bootstraps, everybody’s got their own path And hindsight is going to tell you that you should have known that it But what’s the point of beating yourself up for what is done? Take note, switch your approach for the next one JON?DOE: Great, here we go with another motivational Early morning with the faded glow Tony Robbins said the only problem is the foe u face in you But fuck that freak and his big buck teeth Life'll slide a trial up ya thick butt cheeks And leave u crying in your filthy slut sheets Yeah, what's a JON song without some dick nut speech? Now I'm finna tell Biggie what's beef Somewhere u made a decision to stop making decisions Just let life happen that's fatalist livin, but maybe it isn't What was u raised in a prison? Nah, it's time to start takin back the days that u given Instead of watching all ya hopes and dreams fade in the distance You shouldn't have to settle for what Fagin has given like it's a fable of Dickens', if u able then listen Put a plan in motion and then stay with ya vision JON?DOE: Miserys the measure that we suffer at U want advice? Quit puffing crack Turn the other cheek? What the fuck is that? When life tries to fuck u then u fuck her back Be mindful of the pendulum, the burden of rebuttal Is the hate that you give is only worsened with a cudgel Burst another bubble, draw the curtains on ya troubles Just lay the pain to rest and fill the dirt in with shovel Sankofa: Each person has a struggle that they’re trying to get through Some need more armor on their hearts than the rest do Others claim they’re fine and it’s nothing but a flesh wound May steps not lead to lack of breath, when the mess swoons I’ve seen tombs festooned with trinkets and wet bears Memorabilia from a time when life was kept there And there are going to be the times when life is less fair But we find a way to do what we can, seeking fresh air


Approximately four years ago, JON?DOE and Sankofa AKA The Silversmiths, a duo dedicated to making it happen, recorded an album. Beloved producer Agent Orange trod a mythical path only he knows and reemerged from the shroud of leap yeared invisibility with this banger of an album. There are backstories and then there is how this album came to be.


released August 25, 2022

JON?DOE rapped really well
Sankofa rapped pretty good I guess
Agent Orange remade every beat from scratch
Artwork by Undefeatable By Matthew Plett


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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