that kobe song

by Sankofa



Back when Mike Bibby was a dangerous player, I was heavy into basketball. I'd never liked the Lakers and especially loathed Kobe. I was fortunate enough to have some beats from DJ Erase (producer of my first song, "Emasculation" with my close friend and mentor Kashal-Tee) on a CD (yep, this was back in the dialup/RealAudio days). As I'm a fairly topical guy, I selected a beat then wrote, recorded, and released a rap about my dislike.  Years passed and my passion/vitriol for/about hoops faded.  I took the track out of circulation and had forgotten about it until talking with a fellow NBA fan who was most curious to hear the song. Combing my prehistoric computer, I chanced upon the track and held it hostage until the person who asked after it supplied some artwork.  If you dig "that kobe song," thank Matt; if you don't like it, thank Matt.


released July 1, 2016
DJ Erase on the beat
Matthew Plett with the artwork




Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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