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Sometimes, I wish my brain came with an off switch But it never gets that simple, so I locked in I’m not rich enough to own a politician Buy myself a following, convince a flock to listen Optimism drowned where the toxic waste leaked Gave birth to a new form of hatred’s breed Feels like everyone’s content to simply march along Long as there’s a spot for their new phone charger prongs Take a selfie by the wreckage, lift the mask a moment Haz mat for bonus points avoid the gas that’s loaded Catch an uber to the spot by poisoned locals dive bars Hair and teeth falling out, better rate em five stars Got the keep the hustle moving, perchance to buy the gas A rite of passage on hamster wheels, surreal the eyes are glass Might’ve asked for a breath mint to mask the stench of death Told them have a nice day, hit the site and meant it less I soar above structures holding the lane they claim is mine came to find myself with a spine but then the same design Never wary of the blade that shines, I seek the blade with rust Tower of babel alibi, they tried to make it up But I’m not buying it, or lease to own, the beast that roams Over Roman streets straight shooter with the keys and phone Belief is stone unshakable, inviolate I’ll smiling to myself in this room alone, the quietness Psoriasis, revival of the rhyme survivalist Hibernating with these beats inside, until it’s time to rip Tonight the title is reduced to lower cases So my condolences to any trying to flow this cadence Don’t need the color black to murder out another motorist Phdbeats and I combine to coat the cliffs The nerves that clack in Montana cans to avalanche Watch them falling from the pedestal inside of Hammer pants
Customer service is the one packing guns MK Ultra ultimatums Fs for the placid ones Take a number, maybe 9, 38 or 45 Log that complaint see what happens as the glory flies Pledge allegiance to the boot, taste the leather march forth Blood tides lapping on the murder beach of dark shores Authority over another is the drug of choice That and never needing to answer for scams and puppet poise Body cams on the fritz again, favorite song for sure Scorpions circling the ramparts, a modern war Arming them against us, in the name of law and order Homan Square, Windy City, spin the pain so fraught with torture 7,000 people disappeared and these are citizens A land of punishment and cages, neighbors and the missing st That freedom of information act request you made Got more blacking out than frat parties, guess the trade What do you when the people making the rules break them The outrage fades away, famous jewels blazing What’s the point of knowing the truth when it can only frustrate The best for the best the rest of us are cut rate Organ donors, blood sweat and tears, the worker bees Dog eat dog on pay per view a troupe of circus fleas They’re taking what they want, we’re footing the entire bill Fast track that new weapon systems the messiah drill The reaper sickle steady slicing through the iron willed There’s not a union past the cops, they won’t try to kill The long arm of the status quo guardians Got them thinking that they are their job, foolhardiness Then again, who pays the bills when the cops murder The same folk they’re aiming at, us, the observers And taxpayers, funding weaponry it’s the same war Blue line stickers on cop cars we paid for Don’t even Mirandize these days, they owe us no protection The courts have said as much, look we got the whole collection DeShaney vs. Winnebago, abusive fathers Castle Rock vs. Gonzalez, for dads who choose to slaughter Warren vs. DC., no legal duty to protect They’re serving us a slogan, while we’re catching the death Main thing I’m seeing served here is warrants and that status quo No need to aim, they lack and load, come back to home with grass to mow Anthony Maclin in his grandma’s driveway Woke up to 3 cops clapping rounds in a live way Staten Island home to New York cops and Wu Tang Courtesy card flashers, Matt Bianchi news ranks Get out of jail cards for the friends of cops Seven forty mill in overtime, spending the lot Blue lines on flag, blue’s the blood of royal fams Using deadly force if you use the law to spoil plans
Sankofa Musical chairs, take a seat, you wouldn’t stand a fighting chance Bruising them there, break the beat, we’re cooking grams of vital amps Nose diving, perfect ten, fire from the frying pan Most likely verses bend rhymers with the livest jam No need to flex anything beyond my diaphragm Children of the cornball Kweli can cry to Cam The devil’s workshop, supplying mics with idle hands Vendetta’s cursed cost, cyanide saliva glands You might advance, standing mighty with some sign of flighty trance Don’t need approval from a major, keep your Nike stamps The gruesome wager, placing bets to make the main event Day of the dead part a billion, watch them all parade again The fatal penmanship reducing troops to bloody bended bits Doubting thomas stigmata glory holes with benefits Cal Ripken Orioles, Robert Horry story goals Less believe the more he’s told, Maury with the war we glow No Georgio Armani just an army with the gory troves Opportunists knocking on your coffins with the door we closed trauma units get despondent when the Silversmiths are on it JON?DOE and Sankofa slit carotids kiss the wattage JON?DOE: U should know that I'm HIM I'm the genuine article Silversmiths blowin shit outta proportion like Pym particles Uncovered sins startle fools uttering garbled bull Strangled on the bloody harpstrings that grim martyrs pull We wettin whistles in the wind Remove the thimble and the thumb pricks the thistles in the end Them's some Mike Tythin bars End of the world find me firing off a pistol in the din Swarovski crystals for a chin and I'm swinging Mjolnir to top side it All my shit is fucked up patterns is lopsided Does it make it the right thing to do cuz the cops tried it Your humiliation will be televised, public and not private Boss guys that use our talents to captivate a moment decapitate opponents, make these bastards face atonement Raised on the teacha so i gravitate to know'n it Positioned for perdition and then activate proponents Base components represent a worst case scenario A couple quick witted quacks whose quirks make it scary yo Shaking the house like earthquakes in stereo Virtuosos versed in verse-makin varied flows
I’m giving squatting rights to all my insecurities deep seated, never leaving, it’s a certainty Springs speaking in upholstery, wallpaper peeling Sometimes it’s simpler just to suffer than to take the healing A painted ceiling smudged with fingerprints of hope Fingers broken failure lingers in the smoke Nicotine inside the walls, the plaster vibrates Radiators creaking as the building then denies fate Each failure is given a name and thus a place to rest Pacing back and forth, reverberating in this vacant chest Taking steps, under the gun, but that’s a bayonet Sharpened by the flint of every glimpse I take in stress Rats wrestle over scraps, but the bones are bare Ghosts visit I can tell it by the coldest air The drafts are creeping with a pack of demons Past the placid, staying frozen, in this passive season No path to Eden The only part of it left is simply cartilage Ready for that martyrdom, harbor them, then harm again I am that drop between the curb and street Search and seizures certain seekers are the first to leave The work of circus freaks Terse amoebas floating in a pool of poison scum Ribbon breakers testing medals that’ll hoist a lung A toyful tongue, pierced with canines the blood it gushes Fear the daytime, hiding in the dust amongst us Talk is nice and cheap, but my doubts now supply the grief Four horsemen of apocalypse pariah steeds Straining just to take a stand, when I try to breathe Fight or flee, immobilized in all my times of need Behind the shrine is where they hide, maligned the tiny wreath Advice suppliers with vices knives and pliers sliding free Repeating with the demons teaching them to turn with me Stuck on losses second third fourth and fifth thoughts, bursting free Immersed in beats, my soul submerges into soulful dirges They pray for hits, slump busters, while I wrote with purpose The only part of it left is simply cartilage Ready for that martyrdom, harbor them, then harm again I’m Eric Spoelstra working your goats until they’re out to pasture Homeward bound with molten crowns you’ve found the vocal master No compassion, so brash I leave them broken, bashed in Quotes are massive, a mastiff foaming at the mouth of madness Devout combatants defy the deities they once had praised My soul is driven, never shall succumb to wage I run the maze from above, refuse to run within it Begun with hatred to nudge, my taste is tongue forbidden Refuse to budge, catch me limping with bazooka crutches Ready to take aim and break frames, peruse percussion Grooves combustive final call supplier we place wreaths …Sankofa over beats straight from PHD Keep feeding them more and more, watch them freebase greed Souls for bid, complete with eBay fees The auctioneers make a killing steady d day scenes Normandy the war in me forming to reap gray dreams
I terraform the beat my territory , finding places where my words can swarm and then I’m sure to share the story Terror dormant turns malignant when the phrases twist Forget a flagon, best to raise a razor blade to this Take a sip, slash a sycophant with sickle in hand Sick of the scams giving ambivalent missions to fans, rip it and scram My vision scans entire lands, fire diaphragms Acidic saliva glands embedded with venom deny the chance Survivors hide inside the lamb, the blood is over doors Crimson dripping on the oaken floors, soaked for sure Most lack the protocol to go to war Hope is all they’re coded for, focused faults and dozers snore I forge misfortune with some notes of gore A hint of mournfulness for those we warned, woes adorned Black roses, crowns flooded with bloody frozen thorns The ghosts that form overhead as we invoke this lore G Fam Black Mental fortified, disorder borderline Ripped corduroys blood drip on the floor Stop the leakin' iron press flesh cauterized These kids mortified More than they bargained for All carnivore, primate irate Toss em let these maggots fly straight out the skyscrape Empire State sidewalk crash landin' Black from the Dragguh camp Slap em backhanded Harvest moon current pullin', it's the rip tide Cadavers washin' on the beach, limbs ziptied Skulls split wide, removed his insides Inside the vest got the tek, keep it spit shined Shooter like Messi, shooter get messy, Through fluid poolin' he manuever like Gretzky No trail no evidence they usin against me Epstein, hang yaself l, noose wit the bedsheet
They’ve got my running on the fumes an alien ship 80 ways to make the brain inside your cranium split And if you start complaining, maybe you’re just aching to quit And if you’re worried ‘bout a lady, well you may be a simp I’m simply talking about the worry that they’re doper than you And if they are, cheers to that, because the focus is true Proposing to view the world, set to conquer as teams A stronger regime responsive with the mantra from queens So how you feeling about things man? Oh, you don’t know where I stand yet? You better start listening Phdbeats, hit ‘em up! Demonstrable dreams instead of being concerned About somebody catching up to speedily turn This beat’ll be burned, my condolences to PH DBEATS, I know you put the work in, but de-ceased No repeats, waking up short a limb, no amputee Or polio, just your man going on a phantom spree You can’t believe it, so you play it back in Cantilevers Security beset by random breeches, hand to Jesus Straight out the looking hole, a crooked soul with magic beans in You better plant those seeds… So let us climb to the giants we can soon become Shine upon our own feet, ravenous consume the sun No additives, just heart illuminating passages A rude awakening soon consuming traits of passiveness I will not succumb and beg for misery with negativity Self piteous falling dredging for venom in rivers deep I’d rather revelry prefer to set aflame to fresher beats Dreaming of new ways for me to do this as I get some sleep A league of bruises, memories of journeys made Scars collected from this architect so I can burn the page So what do you stand for? Some of these songs take more out of me man I’m a firm believer in doing what I believe in, If it isn’t something that I stand for then you’ll find me leaving A tiny demon spinning gears within his velodrome Tire tracked calligraphy inside my skull the relic bone wire tapped epiphany, lightning bolts striking fast electrocuted dirges, my inspiration fried the staff Moses posed a statue of charcoal, as a barcode In a dark hole where the guards troll for the teeth of sharks slow There are no parallels, everything intersects A lion roaring at dying cinders as the winter crept, A sardonic grin is next, a red tongued carpet rolls Inner children hiding in Russian dolls that scarred the souls Ajar is closed, adore what we have and how to use it Top of the mourning, off of the hinges, docile informants offer us binges A proper contingent, plans and clauses, causes das EFX’s rawness And the best thing I can ever be…is me and honest
I heard that little Rittenhouse is getting skittish now some new killer took his job then kicked him out Another white assassin, plus daddy’s a cop Job security a bandwagon hearse they’re happy to hop The flock is growing thirsty for the blood of any others Give us this day our feigned regret as many suffer Loading up the thoughts and prayers inside extended clips Ready to spray with festive bliss, playing guess the bits Liquefied appendages, of perforated people Enough holes to put upon a swastika from church to steeple Modernized Stigmata vibes lock and load then shoot them down Shells jump the gun for fun and fall on gruesome ground Cops are Keith Haring fans with the chalk work So many outlines, shattered lives and lost birth Concrete can only drink so much Falling down the price is crisis human Plinko pucks Woodchipper family trees pieces of a family broken Needing dental records to identify the scrambled chosen Maybe swab for DNA if teeth have flown away Cold dead hands missing fingers in this open grave Trigger fingers staying itchy and the fear’s contagious Christ upon an Uzi is the only here to save us We hear the neighbors, doorbell and blast a hole in them Death is rolling in thicker than black linoleum Lead flying thudding into flesh, it’s been a mess Meanwhile the talking heads begin to stretch and spin a web Tangled over corpses closed casket fortunes Body bags containing lumps are carried to the morgue swift A leaden force rips, the ripple effect cripples with death And we wonder, are we prisoners yet? Gripping a tec Assault rifles slung over shoulders to get a 6” inch Sandwich artist with the random carcass tricks wins
Better not think those thoughts too loud. shh… red for the blood of the people who built it Blue for cops steady drilling the kill switch White to wash anything that offends us Stars for distractions they happily send us Stripes for lines to read between, this and that Or maybe just the bars in a prison map Used to be hot dogs, ketchup and fireworks Now hatred flies high atop this violent earth Palms cross broken hearts… Palms crossed broken hearts, stating pledges Loyalty to a system made to wreck us Patriotism for those who hate another Pro-life until birth, then we make them suffer Rubber bullets special ordinances, for the crowd The crunch of bones, such a gorgeous sound Make the audience the target now Battlelines with riot gear map, we mark them down, Any frustration a cop ever felt this is a free for all Black and blue beat them deep inside a demon thrall Just let time erase the memories that we recall Bar patrons designatedly drunk, allowed to keep the crawl Baby talking way too often, pray to power Kneel down before your overlords and taste the sour Baby talking way too often, pray to power Kneel down before your overlords Maybe a confederate rag maybe just a simple swastika tag Maybe diesel burners, flying ragged flags now Maybe better to be wrong than ever back down Man, this pride will be the death of us Compassion cannot exist in hands that fester thus So many flags at half mast I wonder why They even make full-sized masts that some supply Half turns to one quarter and then an eighth Followed by a 16th, then a 32nd waits Next thing you know, the flag is draped upon the ground Covering the browned blood of those who made a sound
Saliva glands go into overdrive Intestines start churning when I begin to vocalize So close your eyes I am the wall against which every one of your hopes collide The Bane of your existence, leaving a broken spine Picking spots is worthless, there is no chosen time You won’t survive when I disperse this, a toast maligned You’ll never reach the baubles that you seek, a frozen grind you won’t combine your cosa nostra lies, verboten vibes That taste of pride upon the razor’s edge, that made them sweat Trace elements of skeletons a cage of death Take a sacred breath and hold it close til lungs collapse Cement mixer swim instructor, swum some laps Watching every wraith that steps vaporize I’ve got no faith in tribes, your lips are moving, betrayal drives Courageous guys claiming highs pray to naked Christ A game supplied with death, coldest winds, shake the dice Bubbles in the devil’s levels thus survey the plight Gaze upon the scene with vacant eyes, forsaken twice The third awaiting the crowing knowing a certain mayhem Blood flow is steady going down, no circulation Crimson droplets crystalize upon the frozen ground The first to cave in, asphyxia with a broken gown Magi travel over camels faith is fading fastest Running out of trees, with sloppiness they made the caskets Replace compassion with an avarice that never settles Forever seeking more than it is given Gretel pedals The driven set of demons keeping me company Misery reaping a secret seizure reaching for that something sweet, The herald angels trumpeting a dirge, minor keys Repossessing each believer’s essence for a finder’s fee The beast that steps with claws retracted but its fangs agape Keepers of the ledgers weighing hearts that start to hang the gates
No set of lungs can ever contain our names in the same breath On the edge of glass vase, I’m watch them trace steps Observant tracking the workers keep the machine moving Learning mannerisms, just so I can seem human Management handling damages, sadistic list of fears hush money makes them disappear, A slick veneer maintained to keep them all away A non profit in my name let’s raise a holiday Hollar hey for the photo ops, I know the spots Cannon fodder locked and loaded at the loading docks Teeth gleaming perfectly to hide the jaggedness Lock it down securely, sure we know whose bag it is Bag it up, pass it on, breaking down the next to move Maggots swim splashing on, replace the count with extra doom Bottles for the rest to room, orchestral guests that never knew Just keep the money crazy, irreverent revenue From convenience’s palms the newest weapons flew The wings of angels with blackest feathers, my sting is fatal Insert your name upon the placard here, we bring the fable Rabble rousers, but I’m doing fine, the news is mine Crucifying new suppliers with elusive titles My move is tribal, mood survival with a gruesome idol The host beckons and is brought to you by An engorged lord of flies with portable eyes No more to disguise, the fortune it climbs Borderline Mordecai selling the torturous grind Long as you believe lottery tickets are purchased with Chipping away your very lives, supply the working stiffs Another zombie army staggers for the blockbuster Badge of war, calmly haggard, you can rot flustered Suffer for the greater good, the monster must be fed Just pledge allegiance, never mind the god and what he said Give birth to new consumers, grow the marketplace Taxpayers for the breaks to fund a martian race Greed is good but hate is better Provide and conjure the mantra so we can make a lever Divide and conquer got us gobbling more Players in a game without a thought to the score So what you waiting for? Silhouette inside a vacant door Still a mess that made the war Final fatal four, all rivals blinded lasers bore Not enough to be a man, I need to be a god So tithe with membership supply the christ his benefits It's not enough to be a man, I need to be a god Bow Down


"A post-capitalist hydrogen bomb imploding." -Tali Rodriguez


released September 15, 2023

phdbeats: production
Chef Mike: artwork/layout
Tali Rodriguez: engineering, album quote
Sankofa: raps


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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