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I’m all in, going whole hog with the coleslaw Apple in its mouth with a gold grill, chill, you’d better hold off Nah, hold on tight because the ride is doozy Handcrafted basket straight to hell Gun rapper tongue tied to an Uzi Don’t try to reduce me, you’re GNC vitamin abusing surviving Lollapolooza, the height of Medusa, See indeed, the light is fading on your time of day in Talladega I’ll take a palindrome and smack you back and forth, no alligator Well, maybe they’ll be using you for ballast later, so i take it back, tapes and DATS, shaking up, the challenge, fader My callous cadence evading chances to interact with me I’m claiming apple picking when I’m up in that tree Flashlight is done, hiding more than a couple of gs Just for the taste of it, no diet rhyme amaziness, please Talking trash? Here’s a leash You’re be walking it back The bearded beast Saying peace, playing possum and splat Bobby Knight’s a gum flapper, Gene Keady means business Plus he’s got a helmet made of hair that gleams wicked You’d need arm replacement trying to hit his armored melon A Purdue hat, I could use that as a shark repellent Gene Keady beanie babies leave Chucky in tears Fighting Boyka to a draw and then he’d buy him beer Got Billy Idol smiling when he’s trying to sneer The cantankerous legend, forever presence is feared The national treasure slash gargoyle, crazy feat great whites rock necklaces made of his baby teeth I’ll take his five against you even if you’re 80 deep Got Bear Gryllz buying hair pills, you can save receipts Plus got chills running down the polar bear spines Mind sharp enough to make even solar flares blind With a "no one cares" sign near your brittle arguments Even got Chuck Norris hiding inside of the bargain bins A sniper tried taking coach out from the mezzanine The bullet stopped, turned around midair and hit the gun instead of Gene Even got Bob Dylan willing to chill with speech therapy He’s verily ill, sleek, rare and mean Even Black Dynamite is taking notes, the main event Away is where the haters go, no need to debate again Rated ten? Maybe out of five, you’ll never make it out alive No holding gats strictly gold and black save the jive Home games sponsored by Rogaine, off of the top rope swinging gold chains, promos with no flames Compared to the man, you are not dope Bow down and talk slow, hope that it's Tuesday and mow down on tacos The moss grows on stones that won’t roll Claim to swim but you barely dipped, with toes oh so cold Below is the monster that creeps Organic feather boa in its teeth from steady chomping on geese
Bird Bath 03:25
When I was younger, had a Cavs poster, Larry Nance Nowadays in my pocket I opt to carry plans Never figured my descriptor would have married man A couple sons and wife, without a family van Pulling up to the gig with a busted rear view Scuffed up, stuck in a trap that must appear new Must clutch something with snazz corrupted peers use I’m the one doing the worm within your ear tube Giving something catchy that’ll stick to your ribs Sanitation pick of the litter, so listen to this The mediocre actor with his original script So I hire body doubles for the video bits Pen game sharp, but the charisma disappeared Emerging from the chrysalis abyss that drips a tear Persistent twitching is the symptom plus a side effect The flavor injector professor with the gift that I select Another burnt batch preferring to crash, My word salad murderously serving it fast Observe the blast radius, past the lax mania Taint it and slash, slow burn Coburn, I’m making it last Another burnt batch preferring to crash, My word salad murderously serving it fast Observe the blast radius, past the lax mania Tainted the stash, slow burn Coburn, man I’m making it last If you’re getting defensive, maybe there’s a reason for it My train of thought, i seek and board it with the peak endurance Elite assortment of swordsmen, rise and greet the morning I feed the storm inside my soul and never keep it dormant So scan the radar, forget whatever they are The cost is epic, so wreck the set and rep with paint bars Visualize the cinematic rap DJs are spinning backwards Logo made of crop circles, standing in a pasture Arms crossed, armed with thought, my brain the arsenal From Cape Canaveral I land and plan to blaze the carnival I’m here to outdo myself prepare for song growth I’m building compost piles higher than Eric Montross The long shot, distance between inception and bomb drop Far beyond driven there’s no taking me, c’mon boss what you thinking? My bad, your cranium’s an echo chamber Bouncing off the words you just heard, observe the wreckage later This beat’s got me moving with spastic abandon Puffing my chest out huge you could put a passenger van in Neural networks connect with this a rapid expansion Calmly perched upon the precipice when mapping this anthem I’m imparting prose, who knows what evil lurks in hearts of those Hard to go further traveling upon a tarnished road Gravel sticking in between the tread of my shoes The herringbone pattern interruptor, blessing the groove Used pens to pick the stones out between class periods Nike Flights right before the lites, grail serious Just like the ROMs of yore, I can’t track them down yet But what’s the rush I’m dwelling in the underground bet No running ‘round stressed in another town, done for now Dumping out text fertilize another hundred rounds A bumper crop, head on collisions with vision blurred fast Feeling thirst cats slurping worms from the bird bath
I’m Benny the Bull, smashing a Ford Taurus into your china shop The chandelier falls open the driver door, mic is dropped The sound of crunching glass, embedded in monster truck tires Grab my megaphone & shouting out we’ve had enough liars Got no time for tase unless it’s Kings and Ices, bring the crisis Pack a plexiglass box so egos can Shrink inside it You’d best to blast off and find a new planet You NASA Move fastest, your once upon a time little crew vanished And when the smoke has cleared, it’s nothing but my silhouette Steve Caballero, standing over you with a tilted neck I’m Jesus Christ in your temple, it’s time to bill collect A stage strong enough to hold me, man they haven’t built it yet You think I’m kidding, betting vs. me is lost bucks You’re Mayweather, ducking Paquiao until he’s washed up You’re a coward hiding inside of a mansion, posing threats When you couldn’t break a bill in terry towels soaking wet These cats are huffing fumes off dust plumes from fallen legends Feeling judgemental, well I’ma call the session Either got it or you don’t, the classics remain But fuel evaporates fast with miraculous fame I commandeer the spot with tarantula movements Don’t need an anthem to prove it, cancel them man, cause your plans are just stupid Champion San adamantium belt of the victor raising it high enough Let the sky kiss it, scrape a satellite and wipe the dust Astronauts hold services, above the firmament closest Chanting dead language incantations, burning a crocus The church is a ghost ship piloted by the remains of lost souls In pastels of the records of the those who have passed, I paint the cross roads My pen is a relic crafted of vestigial parts embellished The medicinal archer, starting to leave a mark so zealots start to yell it Part Magellen, finding my way through life with a map carved in vellum Adapting to a violent environment, in the darkness dwelling The gruesome illusionist losing his mind inside of a huge abyss Tightrope walking on a blackened thread, praying the sutures fit Stubbing my toe on cobblestones, hobbling home to a goblin’s throne An author lost within this troubled metropolis, novices gnawed to bone Hitting up O’Hare with a passport with more stamps than they’d asked for Decals plastered on everyone around me, the crash course Crass hordes reaching past the cash drawer trying to press the silent alarm, trying to harm, harass, swarm my masked form My brain is a vast storm where the pressure fronts collide and scrap This is a repossession, you’re never getting your tiny title back And I can rap a spirograph around that style you’re trying to back You’re giving up, I’m pushing harder reaching round that final lap Buddies got you gassed up, why don’t you try to siphon that Making a shank from your medallion, I’m laughing watching the knife collapse You tried to catch me off guard, but I’m on point, your loss scars Making my basketcase and closing statement, you pay the cost, sarge Lost your charmed life in bar fight, I’m with Redman in the dark side A bizarre ride in a fresh van better bet San’s going harm mics Getting a carbine at the par five from a large guy with a shark tie I’m a Son of Zadok, you’re simply wishing on a star shine
It’s on and it’s not a pair of suede tearaways Try to take it back, but it’s more than a phase Nice try champ, but your camp is weak Got attacked by a bear and you can’t retreat I’m singing Kumbaya with a Manson beat Voodoo doll dude becoming a dance machine Who to call? Maybe U-Haul to cart it away I’m sorry man, was there something you started to say? Your cardigan is fancy, but it’s dark in that cave So nobody’s going to see you for the fashion parade Bashing away with audacity, perhaps you’d behave Flashing spectacular chains and Cadillacs in the flames I’m here to rattle the cage, and frazzle the fragile today With phrase attacks waged to slay the babble you claim What in Carmen San Diego are you talking about Trying to get provocative, but man you’re soft in the mouth numbly walking on the coals of a burned bridge Somewhere inside my soul is a cursed script and the poison runs deep, feel the earth shift Was getting to the journey’s end really worth this? I’ll book studio time to record raps that I haven’t written What’s the worse that could happen, half a cataclysm Word to Kevin Beacham I’m time traveling Align my orbit with the satellite I sat within, Peel my grimace back, perhaps I then unwrap the grin Was it victory, or just a game they had us win? I must admit the rush was great, but then it faded fast Yellow brick ground down to powder, we made the path On a crusade for new way to prove faith is enough In the meantime, cheers, I’m raising a cup Counting down all the days in the month until they’re gone Then I start it all over when I’m building this song I try to never say that I can’t wait for something to be here Regardless of approaches, time will disappear And who am I, but another trying to hold strong As though holding on could ever change I’m, so wrong So anytime you’re feeling cocky and you want to talk I’m Tom Chambers, fast breaking with the Tomahawk Listen to your mama squawk, aftermath phenomenon The kamikaze commandant bombing on the often wrong I heard you got a rep and left a tag in Rotterdam But honest man, you thought you’d reach the promised land with comic sans Trying optimism, what remains is scorn My rose colored glasses have a frame of thorns life can put a stop to things that you hope to accomplish Getting close only to end up getting roasted, despondent Broken upon a road when the journey barely began Littered tombstones, where the conquered buried each plan Then again, shallow graves are dug with shuffling feet When given a chance to be heard, man we muffle the speech Nobody builds better walls that can never be climbed Than when we box ourselves in, it’s working every time
Find me, repeatedly beating them down, with rhyme schemes I mean, you need to be leaving the house at light speed Precisely, no beacon of hope is here, so move west A few steps, consider then growing a beard, a new rep To suplex, so sick of the posing with tears, insist that You quit that, your cinema scope isn’t here, it's wick wack Try to take a selfie, I’m Mutombo stopping the shot A wagging fingerprint inside your camera, that’s the block These jaw jacking jackdaws are running around half-cocked Are soon found stumbling down a staircase in a lab lost With the Gap Band in the Muzak at the cat scan that your dude’s at Finna tap dance in the rat race til the last days of the boot camp So WHO RAH to your new job with your suit straight from a Groupon That your great aunt with tube top couldn’t take back with her bouffant Gotta hate that I remind you with every single hole punch Better face facts that the Kaiju never waste stacks on the gold fronts It’s not overcompensation, it’s a truck with a sticker on it Got a snake in the shape of dump that i’ve taken, On its tail is rattle and the message is fierce Stepping in this here is going to leave you messy for years Got a gas mask with a Cash app, got to feed keeping the trash capped In a hatchback jalopy that is sloppy with some rat traps Got boots on with the goo gone interview's on the screen now From Detroit better move on with the rebound, that he found The Worm, steadily hitting the flippers as the lights flicker Another randy fool grabbing his family jewels screaming my liver Beefing with a beatjack to retreating with a peace hat And the reason for the sweet nap that you're taking, well it seems that A retract could have helped you, but it's too late it had fell through What the hell dude, shot yourself in the shelltoes, got a shell tube advising guy the guy with the Visine in a fight scene to ease back Not Kyrie but it might seem you're hiding in a ski mask I see that, treat you like his idiot earth, you'll to leave flat I pity the words to speak from rehab to relapse BeeGats snapped the heat rash on your knee caps in a e class Better react with an evacuation, tasting defeat with each jab You appear, stunned, up here with a virulent spear gun Abundantly clear I fear none, I’m running to clear my ear drums, a beard sponge Highly absorbent, Jihad with the sweet socks Finally rivals forfeit clutching bibles by the forest When the beat drops I’m walking away without the slightest sign of soreness Combining forces with Agent Orange deface your whining portaits I’m Cool like Keion Clark with veins full of freon sparks Beyond all the parts fully charged, yelling Yee haw! for a lark Sawed off the side of the see saw for my cheat code from the below Better reach slow with your weak show, sipping miso at bistro Your license getting revoked plus your key card with a heat stroke Worn down from all the ins and outs, man you keep goin While you've gone deep in your mom jeans at a concert of Jason Aldean's I'm at Aldi's scoring deals on brie like y'all need a withdrawal squeeze With the gym shoes that've been used til the insoles are Swiss cheese Plus a ski lift to get you inside of your truck, so tough and pristine
Got your Adams apple bobbing to the beat swallowing your pride with the words that I speak I’m done with rapping cats acting like they’re dim-witted Throw a meat hook in a shark’s fin, take a swim with it I’d play a tape and walk away with the word domestic And say to myself damn man, that word’s the freshest I’ve got to take it, find a way to flip it properly Talking all that Jazz, but never sick of Saucony Resurrect the rebel and my vessel's not a novelty This is just the way that I am, impress camaraderie No reciprocity, when I give props, you're flyer Heavy handed compliments navigate and pop a tire Hip hop MacGuyver old soul inside a modern rhymer Modified the ride, Kashal-Tee the chief mechanic With the wisdom that he’s given, these cats’’ll need to panic Feedback concede the static, react and speak combative spray cans sitting in the grass on the other side envy's litterbug patch running dry Bits of love sent with emerald eyes Back and forth watch the sentinels fly, there’s no lie Metaphorically, I stick to my guns Banana clips with gorilla glue weighing a ton, unloading none Number 1, don’t need a bullet to prove it 50 foam fingers swinging in the air, bringing the movement None of them are itchy with a trigger effect On safety like the 26 that Woodson niftily repped Now in stereo, a baker’s dozen Save the ego tripping rubbish for Jerry Jones I’m way above it My flavor crushing paper chasing muppets and complacent buzzards Each statement’s blazing pages namely for the sake of justice Do they really need to fake abundance, shaking hundreds Find a DJ they can pay to bump it, ain’t it something Checking with the data crunchers, use it all for write offs Mend fences make money, reduce the brawl to bygones But letting bygones be bygones is my fight song Especially when it’s fake from the jump, shake the Krylon I try explaining, but my vision here is panoramic Billboards of Standard Pattern slamming magic can’t imagine I chant emphatic perchance to land and cancel wackness A noble abbot with the scroll, behold a plan sporadic The champ is at it again, extend a hand to damage Open palms soaked in napalm, the olive branch is tattered Fumes raising removing fingerprints of true favorites Few traces are found when all is done, soothsayers Who favored the crude faded away with bruised cases Crusading for the wrong cause, their one tooth aching Mutating in the latest of golden calves Parading in the town square, hidden in a molten mask Holding fast to the hunger that motivates them Patiently biding their time until returns the mayhem A grey gem dully gleaming in a withered satchel The weight of passed judgement, clutch and kiss the gavel
And the Lord said, “Agent Orange, rock those Cortez.” But make sure to get a matching pair of velour sweats Portrait of a king, rolling round in George, red October in the back with the critters she force fed Reaching for another heater, rubber gloves, forceps Leonard Part VI, Fournette in a Corvette Special delivery, G Depp at your door step Uppercuts at candy rappers, hoping to score Pez So snap back, relax, my rap snacking is more fresh Miraculous attack the track tackling sore necks Simply stated, if you don’t want it, don’t set it You’re a bootleg Jerome Bettis with a coke fetish Scores slept, maybe they’ll eventually arise Don’t intend to be another, my identity is mine Forget a better pedigree, I don’t have energy to lie From Chesapeake to the place that we can mentally arrive The propensity to test the armor density relentlessly Sensitive gents and frenemies get overstressed and jet indeed Wandering amidst the treacherous memories cloaking me Openly scoping for some weaknesses they can/could seek to grow with grief Rotary phoning me, circles turn inside of iron demons The grotesqueries of my arena, try to see them Notes and remedies hemorrhaging feathers from an angel’s wing A fatal fling but the highs really made it sing Try flipping me the bird, I’ll tar and feather every digit raised Laser guided focused on the target, no ricochets Sick of strays, randoms in the thickets, grazed Panicking and drift away, and I promise, nobody’s going to miss you babe Your image is frivolous how you holding up Under all the cosmetics embedded a soulless nub The floss fetish mirage has got you glowing golden dust sober as a judge, hold a grudge with a cobra clutch Open up a keg forget your pitiful cans I’ve got you ditching every bit of your original plans I heard your miserable jam, the one you spit and ran I’m inhibiting the way you breathe, so sick of the scams Several sucrose sibilants you’re chiseled in sand Thinking that you’re going to last when there isn’t a chance Find yourself imprisoned wizening away with your camp Waving a flag closely watched as the craven advance I’ll be blazing the jam, from basements of mayoral hopefuls To bars or the all ages stages, I slay with vocals I paint proposals in the shade of opal, maybe could have made it global But that’s unlikely, I’m staying local I traveled enough, being where I am is where it’s at The F the O the R and the T, nothing could compare to that I’m your coworker, using big words at lunch break Not to curry favor, it’s the way that my tongue sways
PJ Tucker 03:44
So raise a glass of wine made from the grapes of wrath Where razorbacks and primates in the cages clash Fermented vengeance their engine, letting the rage adapt Primal imagery predating scraps on Betamax You wandered into my lair, it’s time to pay the tax I’m running straight up the gut, man, you played the pass Deflating egos, lay them flat on their face, collapsed Hit the gas station for a tall white tee, wave it fast Already too self-medicated to feel pain So i’ll lock your dealer up inside some steel chains I’m tearing out my tongue before it’s tasting defeat Adjacent fact, biting leaves you busy chasing your teeth Plus i’ve got the dopest logo, I’m engraving it deep Corrupting data files akin to any papal decree Rhythm’s turning dissing rappers into aparations, listen Holograms at Bonoroo, the only one your mama knew From sea To shining See, I’m climbing Re-defining My Tech Nique of rhyming You can keep the diamonds Along with beach and islands The insincere better seek asylum Acknowledge the freshest who sets it unapologetically You better call the medic, preventive for not surrendering I’m PJ Tucker, coming with the flavor that you’re keeping up with Speaking rubbish, leap above it corner 3s and Ds the summit My speech is crunching flummoxing at least a hundred dumming Find them under the thumb of one with abundance leaving them running The beat, it is stunning, in the deepest summers, no leasing Hummers Stopping half-steppers and past efforts, I rap better Trash reppers better adapt, my laughter venomous sending them back shredded Time travel, edit the track This cats are important as Eric B minus the R Leaving them deep in the throes of heresy, trying to spar I’ll arrive in car that’d make Mixalot blush Not with put upon the glass, but for all the rust Paint chipping away the hooptie brakes squealing something fierce And I’m still doper regardless of the way that I appear My regimen besting the verse you’re writing cursive violence Heard you might’ve been sliding inside the church and hearse that i’m driving Sankofa’s ghostriding, explosively close to the curb, and it’s rubbing black smudged white walls sermon is summoned Disturbances got you searching for something wandering the earth with pair of rusty nunchucks From sundown to sun up amazed by the recipients of dumb luck Specifically the ones tucked in the pockets of puppeteers, who spun rust with numb lust So one what? Microphone is all that is needed? Smack them with their own hands, now they're Dumbstruck, Jeebus Have their skin crawling back to the test tubes that it came from No rescue from the mayhem I provided from day one Let cats sleep, my preposterous output speaks for itself No PR release for insipid gibberish yelped Nah, I speak clearly so we don’t need the translator Got Konfewshus over here, putting a cross on the fader
Rebar Bones 03:56
Look, I know it’s kind of weird, but man forget a flight of beers I want a jumbo jet with different pop to sip, recline, and cheer I’m the button masher, mixing every flavor possible King of fountain drinks, your approval’s not an obstacle See, I figured that I drink it, my opinion matters here Climbing carbonated ladders up into the stratosphere So Dew comes with a new one and who runs to pursue some? The gift of yummy parts of gummi sharks, plus a blue tongue Cut a Q-tip in half and put a piece in each ear Let it dangle just a bit, would you consider it weird I got air pods that didn’t even cost me a buck And if your posse’s not on Wall Street, then they’re probably stuck Shout to George Tom & Robin, 7 days in Santa Cruz So many years have gone by, yet the faster it moves And I’ve got still got the photos that we took in that booth And maybe one day, we’ll rerelease that album anew walking down your block in a pair of stained blue suede shoes No pay stubs required, I paid dues Take truth divided, tonight it remains true how many day ones are going to make it to day two The latter day saints who ain’t half that contaminate The gamma ray recipient sitting within a bath of rage Examined states different stakes raised a little smidge Ice sculptures, AKs, parade days, we visited 8 days a prisoner, smoke breaks habitual Good for the soul, yet broke planes of physical Don’t change medicinal dose weighed on triple beams Arthritic fingers that crocheted the crippled scene Behind a set of worn curtains with a tinge of green Always the observer ever since a winsome teen Taking notes closely never would she intervene Sweeping up the scraps of foam cups with a hint of lean Her name was Imogene growing up in the same spot A corner mechanic, an empty payphone box Grocery replaced by a Dollar General Neighbors with a big screen in a broken home, it’s all rental I’m Son Doobie bumping Illmatic, eating some Pop Tarts Wash it all down with flavored BANGs and some Rock Stars Crass and loving language visual the buzz is banging strong Thought that maybe it could be so simple, I wasn’t wrong Come along trace the circumference of my wonderment Alias my radius Wonder twin mumbles summoning Another roly poly coming in for a pummeling No rebuttal what a subtle binge, bottle guzzling Sitting on the wall, 99 of them in all, tonight they’re finna fall So don’t begin to call, Before you know it, find your chin within a squall, your boring opus Is sort of hopeless, a rapping Maury Povich Furthermore we noted, you’re a purgatory chosen Elope with wack beats to some deserted island, with the shurikens flying For sure you’re frying, sizzling upon a burnt horizon So listen to this interpret nicest murderizing
If I add up all the pieces, will it ever amount to anything? Or am I trying my best to fly with dialect of shredded wings? I bled the king until the palace floor became a slip and slide All the diamonds turned to rubies soon as I could dip inside Piling all my riches high the soulless gold standard born A crown overrun with rust abandoned in a land of scorn My side adorned with circular thorns, my cup runneth over here Just me by my lonesome, so fear that there is no one near Stones, the tears cascading don’t go chasing tails again Broken in the trenches, victim to another failed ascent Pick up all the pieces, sticks and stones, comb the mess of wreckage Less aggressive with each subsequent attempt, vex the message It’s mathematics with savage laughter added for bitterness No matter the method I can never get rid of it My shadow puppet with strings woven into nooses of bad luck Holding diseased carrots at the end of an olive branch, they can’t touch Just, out of reach, mirage beckoning with a night’s sleep Chubby fingers playing chess with my checkers plunging the knife deep When I breathe, the sheep flee, preferring dinner plates to my fences And in the meantime, my thoughts sharpen and pace with a vengeance And the footprints run deep enough to draw blood Almost being close enough but never there is lost love Awestruck with a gauntlet I never should have dropped in the first place Don’t know if I’m cursed, but when it fell, I swear I felt the earth quake I see a nurse pace just out of my line of focus Or is it a wraith of one I used to hold closest? I don’t know this It approaches and i shudder with an involuntary twitch nine prayers won’t make up for that one skipped stitch If this is a game being played, please guide me to the reset These are the reasons nuns cease to be and the priests wept Each step is closer to something, but the ground is moving backwards Stumbling with each hobbled leap, my energy fades in factors This is my brain on no drugs, going strange to scare the passersby Plus I don’t like the way the mirror looks whenever it captures light Crashing tides bury my feet, the undertow beckons In times of uncertainty, being alive feels like a close second My inner child is orbiting orphanages, somewhere in Georgia it is Thinking thoughts were simpler back when I was somewhat more religious I was raised to raise my voice and question to seek the reason why I don't need to believe that I will be here after I have died There’s a certain reassurance that comes with being infinite We can agree to disagree and keep it moving minus incident No wince afflicts this countenance drowning within quicksands of hourglasses Cowering in a coward’s massive bitter bath of sour has beens A cloud attached containing memories we hold at the end of kite strings Something to tug at the heart whenever the darker parts of life sting The icing on a cake I might sing a song we’d rather keep away Reverberating with an echo of fear sunken inside of a deeper place Rumbling by, the reaper keeps the scythe handy A telescopic handle stretches far beyond the bystanding So who am I to tell you this is life and how to do it right We are ruined by the measures, edges are unsupervised True to human sized glimpse the world through these polluted eyes And find your place if and when that brittle little troop arrives Who am I to tell you this is life and how to do it right We are ruined by the measures, edges are unsupervised Who am I to tell you this is life and how to do it right We are ruined by the measures, edges are unsupervised


Agent Orange's father worked in the oil fields, as hard a worker as he was, he was equally distrustful of banks. He had a significant amount of money stashed in his house. Cameras were placed around his house, security cameras within his house, hallways leading to locked doors. In his house, there was a large safe. The door to the safe had a lining, a lining which his father removed. Where there once was a lining, it was hollowed-out, allowing there to be space for flashlights. But these weren't normal flashlights, they didn't have batteries. Instead of batteries, his father rolled up hundred dollar bills and placed them inside the flashlights. There was approximately $5,000 in each of the flashlights placed on the inside of the lining of the safe door. As such, the project Agent Orange and I worked on is called $5,000 Flashlights.


released September 2, 2019

All production by Agent Orange
Scratches by DJ Konfewshus who appears on behalf of Hometown Hooligans
Cover art by Greg Locke
Recorded at Tempel Recording Studios


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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