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In the sturdy thirst for knowledge Practices best left in the 17th prevail into the 21st installment An ever hurried world devolved too late to involve us… So if the clergy won’t show mercy…surely the law must It looks like College…but they’re the only ones learning Wait…ever popped a solid wheelie on a locked gurney? The clearest visions are often obscured by blurry faces… So keep my eyes closed…the communal commode is thirty paces… The metal Stetson rests just beyond the 88th axle squeak Ankle braces…masterpiece theater…the cattle shriek… That’ll be enough unless the herd proves the data wrong Until then…grab a seat…wear a jacket…babble on… Haven’t quite felt right since the last solution… Up the dosage quotient…that should do it mass improvement… Classic blueprint…trap the nuisance…sniff the scent I bet you can’t quite tell if it smells of betterment or discontent… Medicated vegetative states…They have in store… And this is what we hold them sacred for? Their complacence paved the way for the rage that’s been formed… So best to brace for the storm Our anger grows ever flagrant as we gaze at the floor… Some form of ancient war… Say no more…Say no more… Take the paces, brace the door… (Kofa) The time space continuum got a tiny tear in it Only got the wherewithal to stall, a derelict Dear diary the theremin becomes my errant therapist Prepare the rarest crypt for me lay inside of, fatal titans A wraith arising with movements made imperative Losing to 8 samaritans, passing by weighted arrogance Hatched a plot to have again what dreams had promised Turkish bath steam absconded with the needs admonished A steady drip of fear from the bag seems to keep them honest On edge enough to hedge their bets and get to work with traumas I ski with sonics, ACLs are tearing, bedlam in the bedpan A breath of peppermint treasuring threads of death’s dance Learning moves from the dead in my dreams, they glide slow Graceful fantasia brooms, Louima cries grow Powers that be only serve to keep the places warm Serving stakeholders on a shaking plate that hatred forms Medicated vegetative states…They have in store… And this is what we hold them sacred for? Their complacence paved the way for the rage that’s been formed… So best to brace for the storm Our anger grows ever flagrant as we gaze at the floor… Some form of ancient war… Say no more…Say no more… Take the paces brace the door…
15 22 45 38 357 with a 9 at the pearly gate Burly ape…inconspicuous trench…Shearling made… On the call rain or shine…midday…early…late Modified Japanese 30 gauge securely placed… Stone cold killer with the ‘what me worry’ face… Won’t see me coming…….I’ll be in the Jeep… Sunk in the seat…munching on beef dumplings… Bumping some peak Cudi…cunningly deducting A plan to complete the job without leaving the scene bloody The virtue of patience suddenly means something Cos’ I’ll wait it out all week…it’s nothing to me buddy… Espionage twisted with assassin’s procedures… Break and enter…drop of acid on the back of her tweezers Accidents happen…maybe place a tack in her sneakers… Laced with a fabulous agent made at a lab in some beakers… Stash a black widow into an Amazon package…Egregious The things we conceive when tasked with deletion… Reach in the past… re-pack what succeeded…The poison-tipped Loafers didn’t work as intended…heave em’ in the trash… 6 million ways baby…No reason to retract… Tea leaves…Read em then react…Yo there she is Fleeing from a cab…Oh shit the driver’s shooting… Now she’s bleeding in the back… What the contractor doesn’t know won’t kill him… Best believe I’m leaving with the cash… (Kofa) Transactions, masking who I was and might have been Fighting for him life and limb, tonight's the night of sin A hired gin from the frying pan the firebrand Magic trick appear the cannon, disappearance sleight of hand Saw the lady in the box, toss the blade, walk away Constant aliases dropped the godless operate Staying solo for life, no need to complicate Fair dinkum, linking up to dead them at the Quantas gate Caught the freight elevator with the luggage and dip The haunted sending armies after me, a hundred a clip No platinum plaques, supplied, for some who come with the hit So I stay cautious, watching though none are equipped Pride before the fall and I'm leaving before that Raking in the dough though supposing the format The ghost of a legend born of flesh and bone steps Exposing the destined to some lesser known threats Inconspicuous working on my various lives Any shadows of a doubt, I simply bury inside Got a hit across the river so I ferry the ride Switched the plates with the buffet of nefarious times Feel my heart begin to slow as the cherry is spied Another kill confirmed, cut the check for burial rites 15 22 45 38 357 with a 9 at the pearly gate 15 22 45 38 357 with a 9 at the pearly gate
(Kofa) Three card molly Monte Carlo with the raunchy cargo I’m folding laundry as the players pace with taunts embargoed A haunted Garbo, greta with hansel, no Van Sustren Chuck and Flav taught me well, I know I can’t trust it Clams clustered on the plate next to spicy sauces I lay my head down, but never rest nights are haunted They climb piranhas teeth to hide the gauntlets The mighty conquered, ninety types of monsters, Might have wronged them Take the maglite with D cells to shine upon it Raise it high, silver hammer Maxwell, apply the strongest The flys of ghana circling the sheep to jump the fences Torn apart by my insomnia sweet jesus beckons Loose strings of what I once was, can never reconnect them Table scraps flung from higher places feed the desperate Just about to drift away, find escape from ricochets Find the faces ripped with strays, jagged edges clips or gauge (Tali) Another Sunday morning, I sorely escape from bed… Bloody murder: Country in mourning is how the paper read… Sorry kiddo…Today, I won’t be able to attend the game Gotta get the train…Daddys got some fresh bread to make… The dreaded refrain…You’ll understand when you’re older…He won’t… And his deserved resentment will land on my shoulders…We know… I try to keep myself sane by saying I do it all for him… But if I had it all to do over I know I’d do it all again… The wretched scent of leather luggage filled with letterheads and gun clips Next to venomous substances is an temptress too seductive… Through all the sudden trips followed by restless lunches I learned asking too questions is often met with reluctance… Basis..need to know…just going out and seeing a show If I happen to get the chance..death’s what I’m free to bestow… In this life…a dirty napkin acting as a dossier passes… Now I gotta find that poor bastard with the blue Cartier glasses… (G Fam Black) Razorblade cutting through that Caucasian flake Todays the date, i wipe the smile up off that brazen face Ain't came to play, hit the pavement got the whip parked RIGHT ON TIME, it's 730 on the wrIst watch The strip hot, fiends.tappin veins for that liftoff comin out that pharmacy you finna get your script robbed Strolled past some old cats coppin porcelain white Steps crowded, crackheads scorchin the pipe Pull the balaclava tight nobody need see me Smoke cloud hallway like cigars at the speakeasy Creep sneaky 2 floors pissy staircase Lock pick slid an sealed this shifty mans fate Quick dip, dissappeared like forgotten memories So why i feel remorse cuz i jus lost an enemy Remember them 2 olds heads coppin the sniff Well those feds IDd an locked up the kid
Stop Playing 02:56
(Tali) Some say I play too much…play with what? play with guns… Play with dice…flagrant luck…4-5-6…Made a buck Play with knives…made the cut…serrated spine…filleted the duck… Playing spades….dug their sunken faces when I played the trump… Playing Yahtzee with the posse till we face the sun… Go to sleep…awake from slumber…play the numbers…pray to son… Father and the holy spirit…sike…I just play for fun… Might just play some Yanni…find a sample and…lace some drums… Play loose with the rules…i'm a naughty dude… Properly or sloppily…either way I play…I win…capicu…. Asked your favorite speaker for a verse…he said he’s dropping two… Played a snippet for the reaper..said he’s probably copping too… Scythe sharp with the fine art…don’t be shocked when I rock the Louvre Till then…I have naught to lose…and I am not amused… If I had a knot for every mom and pop who made an excuse I wouldn’t still be here on this backstreet…Playing the blues… (Kofa) Stream of consciousness is more a flash flood of fears Exsanguinate the pen as soon as any cut appears Every track attractive in a special way, my tractor beam Just before the shattered shrapnel crackles, watch the glass careen My tactics lean tapping on the glass a ghost in shoes Just when you think the coast is clear, we erode the dunes A trove of goons inside a treasure chest that’s rusted closed Wisdom from experience that knowledge says i must have known But until I live them, words are just some sounds they make Wishing well pennies cast inside a fountain gray I keep my counsel safe, circle tiny, lonely speck Just a dot inside this universe I lurch with molten breath The dice is rolled again, behold the tent above the graves Survive the cold and then, the souls that spent a rusted blade Percussive ways, enough grenades to take away the pain But the armory guitar that weeps in diesel makes it stain
The folly of facing TaliRod, molotov acknowledgements Split the baby, ways of Solomon, razor to Gollum grins Rod Strickland slicker than the olive squeezed in bottles since Forget a vowel they bought a limb, the price the cost of sin Bob Costas in prosthetic skin, to mask the monster, let us in Splinter cell inside the trojan horse, remorse, indebted kin The medics spin hermetically sealed fields of dreams within it I hold my plowshare like a sword no screams diminished A beast admitted for a moment for his own safety Watching shadows creep on white walls so hazy My son dial is a phone call every seven days Gone to seed, my voice travels in a fettered maze Plead the case until the 12 became conjoined twins Rose colored glasses, acid in my ointment Freudian slips twist anointing the next to save us all Rise above the storm I made to take a grain of salt (ACT-1) They rap corny ad naseum Avoidin Battle, They fragile as cracked porcelain As a kid, I was taught that your soul is the cost of sin So I sold that shit and now I’m guaranteed to always win Wanna toss a life vest to the less fortunate Trying to keep they head above the water like a porpoise fin Trying to be kind While I’m still looking at this side of the coffin lid But dealing with you awful pricks is tortorous We Rush the stage like a smash-and-grab Nowadays the game attracting pussies like a bachelor pad Once they hear the VLTR KMBT collab rappers getting quiet like Rakim when he was signed to Aftermath Your output and your work ethic is the worst Sankofa put out 2 albums since I started this verse Hard at work on producing art that’s regarded with worth only rap part-time, which is why your shit hardly works fans reacted to your last shit like a fart in church the shit you dropped before that - None of us hardly heard The truth is here and, I’m sorry, it probably hurts Godless smirk plastered on my face while I watch em squirm (Tali) I spew a fluent mucus storm everytime the music roars… Moving with the smoothest form…I’m a sturdy proven horse… You’re a stumbling newly born…A dime a dozen donkey… Don’t fuck with a unicorn…you’ve been warned… Used to pour liquor out for the lost flock… Until inflation got me figuring out it’s a lost cause… We’re rotating upon a caustic rock that does not stop… So at times I keep a hot broad in my pocket I call Glock… Used to call her Taurus but she got a little too judgy Chugging all those 45 Colts made her middle too pudgy… Never will a bitter crew touch me…my dudes are literal monkeys Dragging their knuckles through muddy waters Mumbling to the instrumental for come clean… Whether pondering the truth or steady mobbin in the zoo… The difference is minimal…got that from a shaman in Peru… Should have been born a dog so I could go jogging in the nude Phew…this animal cookie got me feeling awfully loose…
We Will 03:14
(Kofa) We will seek the evil, heaping plates of vengeance served Blood alcohol on chipped yellow paint, to drench the curbs Intensive burns third degree the worst indeed cement sojourned Clogging up machinery with sprees the wrench, it burns Torrential rains spreading over systems hydrochloric Kings cower under crowns, hide inside a fortress The knife absorbent, thirst is slaked for this accursed fate Feed the lust, find the sheath, insert the blade, the dirt is stained No urgent claims, the vultures circle churches strained Bullets flying fast, die at last that’s the murder train Crematorium smoke makes it hard to see the sun Gray days, cadaver clouds announce the loudest grief to come The secrets numb, carried in forgotten vessels Grasshoppers chopped when trying to hop from stocks and pebbles The reverend overworked yet faith is lost to obsolescence Sequestered hoaxes turn debaters into awful weapons (Tali) A living isn’t given…an earning doesn’t judge… A checks a check…as long as the wording doesn’t smudge… Begrudge us if you must but we were never much for trust…. The world that’s been constructed wasn’t ever one for us… Enough’s enough…famous last statements boldly shouted By those whose exact placements remain wholly shrouded… Lowly cowards turn ferocious when the throes of power loom… Those who run into the smoke will often choke on dour fumes.., A lack of hesitance can leave the bullish crooning sour tunes… Power moves are the result of hours consumed…Scouring Through surface levels of rust till’ stakes have improved The ride may be a shade rough…but trust…the escape is smooth… Make some notes about the ignition and fix the suspension But don’t get under the hood unless you’re sticking a wrench in… Minutes and seconds are the differences between peerless successes And total loss…So know the cost…and steer clear of death's grip…
(Kofa) Leadfoot, brick mitts, heavy on accelerators Going for the gold, an alchemist propelled to greatness Propellers raging, gravity my adversary Between their vertebrae, you’re soon to find a hatchet buried Acoustic grind powder mixed with all the louder riffs This is for the prisoners who weren’t allowed to live The sound that lifts beyond the bonds of constant bills to pay Why wait for more tomorrows when we can kill today? I forge resentment in the fires just to build the blade To form the weapons that will spill the blood and bilge remains A furnace made of every time that I was targeted Looking at the younger me, I wish that I was far from him But the bargain bin of what remains is made of me Garrote string puppets jerk along the make believe Thick lashes clumped with Maybelline frame the painted scene Staggered fiends gliding sideways, eyes a crazy gleam (JON?DOE) I gotta get away, they never understand it Planning my escape from this damned prison planet Barely conscious, indentured into servitude Driven by our daily dose of media to stir the mood Predators slay the sheep and they've conned the 10 beyond me Into a getaway as sweet as Akon and Gwen Stefani For this exercise we discnnect the lies The mob mentality, banality in experts guise Feigning my resistance in the sacrilege of action The bane of my existence: this happiness I'm trapped in The immaculate distraction that's been nigh revolutionary Trapped in the designs of the High Evolutionary Yall fight the power, I sleep thru the awakening The threat of life devoured while we speak truth into greater things Dont bother wasting effort to deceive me w some hope to cling Just lock me in the dream machine and feed me through the opening We gotta get away. Drownin in this fantasy, no plan to see a better day We gotta get away. Hard to find a corps d'esprit when your release has been delayed (Tali) Laid back…Reminiscing of days past… Running on the train tracks…runaways on the same path… She raced toward the action…I looked for an escape hatch Her ambition and my caution made for a great match…. Wasn’t surprised by her rise in the ranks… I was there the whole time… the heists she’d try were insane Fire in her eyes combined with the ice in my veins… Meant we’d ride till we thrived or died ignited by flames… Drive baby drive…Catch us on a plane fly baby fly… Para glide over Cyprus…reunite in Dubai… If the tide gets too high find a submarine to slide in Move subtlety…Till the muck is clean… No such thing as sleep for the likes of these… Playing a perpetual motion rendition of hide and seek… Piece of advice I received from my wife…Never try to bleed… And never trust a person on your team you see not trying to flee… Just leave… Gotta get away… Gotta get away… Gotta get away… Conquer or retreat, but heaven’s sake, don’t ever get detained…
(Sankofa) Detach myself from all the fame and glamor, Mademoiselle Remain enamored with this stay in hell and play it well The rat compelled awaiting treats, lab of maitre d Justifying so I make believe with graceful ease No suede lapels, just razorblades in collars taped with Ls Palatial grief, wringing necks, best to taste the bell Wonder how betrayal felt? I keep reminders Just to stay on point, anoint with poison made of vipers The wiper blades are slicing through the rain that dares to fall Phantom limb I’m pantomiming to prepare the call My vision clears for a moment, then the water floods Hazy days when the glock erupted got them slugs Whack a mole, insider information popping up Blackest soul, painted over conscience, talk is tough Colossal guts, it’s hard to eat before the passage Tossing lunch, even when I keep it sort of placid Apple of my eye inside the serpent sort of savage The source of madness is calm, but more dramatic Forging panic from the aftermath when going sideways Make it seem like random but I planned it nine ways That’s just the way that the knife sways Pack a Sword of Damocles with panic we buy grace The other shoe about to drop at any given Machetes glisten with the redness that can end the quickness That’s just the way that the knife sways Pack a Sword of Damocles with panic we buy grace The other shoe about to drop at any given Machetes glisten with the redness that can end a witness (Tali) Resistance decreases with every minute relinquished… In a manner befitting the genus…this is the pretense… A riveting sequence implicitly ridden with imminent demons… Missions recalibrate the instant regimes flip…indeed it’s Tough to keep up as the syndicate deepens… The standard of caliber drops as the vision is cheapened… As long as the dough continues to knead and business is frequent… The best I can do is ensure that my biscuit’s the cleanest…. Stuck between actively learning and learning from past actions… Some call it my prime…but I call it exact axis… Fact is…This status only lasts till it passes… And we’re the last ones to know so best to fashion a lattice… Keep the knife edge salient…keep the scope free of fog… Stop speeding through this marathon…the whole key’s to jog… Keep involved in the scene or retreat from the brawl… And either way the beat swings…be at peace with it all… That’s just the way that the knife sways Pack a Sword of Damocles with panic we buy grace The other shoe about to drop at any given Machetes glisten with the redness that can end a witness (P-Ro) Gotta keep these plants watered, my hands potted em Certain expectations once you’ve hit Manslaughter calls get heavier, the job becomes easy Don’t gotta get un-queasy son believe me* it gets Second nature- It’s almost uncomfortable When you around normal people that look up to you -but I wear it w pride True professionals never fear it inside* I swear it from my spirit you can hear it in mine I keep my standards in line, all Clear in my mind, it’s just- Drills and spars, kills and scars Keeping ya steel sharp w these skills is harsh* Cuz everybody need me eventually But until then, they don’t care bout mentioning me But they hold me to a standard that I control -I hide the scroll cuz it’s lined in gold
Sea Pink 02:35
(Kofa) Forget an A game, I’m bringing my alphabetic melee No need for raunch slash career launching pad, hashtag Ray J Kirelenko jersey closest your 47 ever got to an AK Scale factory workers for the methods best to make way Maybe I’ll leave a pair of SIA shoes in here for your souvenir Watching Justin Lim’s boogie van go by, maybe recoup an ear brushstrokes via bristles taken from breaking street sweepers Lollipop christ with the crucifix stick, sweet jesus Connect the dots, my constellations deal with falling stars Elasticity of thought that’s free, some seem to call the guards And all the bars bend into a new form, a vision is born My brain umbrella tries to hold it all away, so sick of the storm I level city blocks with a single thought, they try to kick in a door This isn’t a war, I’m just warming up, Royalty, different for sure No crown required, inside my heart I found the fire Inflammable veins course with lava, decipher the sound designer (Tali) Make way for the B-team precinct…Chief green…Breathe deep… Beep beep…Ceaselessly covering new ground speedily…Sea Pink… We bring…Fiendish seasoning to the brink of reasoning…Nietzsche… Brush to the canvas…flooding the stanzas strategically…heat seek… The melted remnants of these three crowned legend’s thrones Will supply enough lessons to feed studies of future freestyle sessions owned… Easy bro…the master key is ‘need to know’…To grasp you need to grow… Hatch a seed to sow…Proceed to hoe the patch…de-weed it slowly… No holding back…Just pushing forth trying to polish this vision… A modest mission accomplished… psychic automatism… Fondness will hold staunch as long as righteous profit is driven… So be wise and listen to Linus anytime he’s dropping his wisdom… Establishing the canon real-time is a passionate pursuit Every expression is sapping but the clapping of inhabitants is food After we’ve passed all we can ask is that we’ve added bits of truth And as if the catalogue isn’t stacked enough we’ve added this as proof…


TFK is beautiful. Partially due to the heavy skillset each player (Tali Rodriguez, Sankofa, Flu) brings to the table. Here is a secret, every truly important album became that way due to chemistry. These three fit. The bars spit by Tali and Sankofa are 70’s Sci Fi art brush strokes. Imagery woven like colors that pop, glow, and warn. Why is Sankofa stepping into a freight elevator with suitcases on Quantas Gate? It’s a tense story that tightens and releases. Don’t let anyone tell you what it is about. Find it. Search the vast bombed out dystopian sonic ecosystem Flu lays out. Golem’s Grin is the kind of beat that makes your whole vehicle and those residing within it dance. This album knocks but as with all of Flu’s work it doesn’t have a dark underbelly it has a dark exoskeleton.

The glue that holds this project together is Tali Rodriguez who engineered this music into its final form once Flu carefully crafted it. The same voice steps right up to bat next to the word monster Sankofa. Fifty percent of managing professional relationships is feel. Navigating the common ground you see in different people, it is Tali who brought that feel and united TFK. It is that high level of textural understanding that should be your guide as a listener. Follow the texture.

Dan O of freemusicempire.com


released October 6, 2023

Produced and arranged by FLUDUST
Written and performed by Tali Rodriguez and Sankofa
Engineered by Tali Rodriguez
Scratches by DJ Decepta and DJ Navin Johnson


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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