by Sankofa

Glasnost 02:37
The soul of a Soviet Patrolling with his golden bic Jeff Spec the wordsmith Observe gifts then roll with it The P is silent Ptolemy on pterodactyls Belief and guidance, the policy is rare and fragile Comp assembles in a form inconsequential In a land of Ayers rock talks, I ponder pebbles Haunted echoes as the wraiths converge to party well A mardi gras for all the martyrs who departed hell I park the cell, my phone alone suffers loneliness Even amongst a crowd of friends, it reeks of phobias Teeth eroded with sweets eaten and so it is My guy Adi fixes mouths and makes them whole again Content to forget the score, when they had told us win I’m only here to play for fun and that’s the golden spin Evade the lasso every time they try to rope us in Sneaker Preservation, Trainers with the dopest since Fairweathers either rode the tip or fold and quit And that’s more than most admit, no cosa nostra skit My dope is spit, saliva glands are pharmacies Putting in the work, the verse they hear is far from weak Every day I rise and shine to reach with my heart complete bestowed the lion its heart, plus the shark its teeth The architect in in his parka deep, carving breath The Cavalier pay the Price and soon are Marked for death The piper here for 25 with no quarters taken Not enough fight inside believers that the lord would give him More a Raven, Pippen than a Jordan, sport the morbid cadence Rock the bold colors, not caring if I’m fortune favored The sort of neighbor you don’t realize is known as me Content to stay invisible, so I can roam the streets Collecting mileage depressurizing so never mind it So Cal and Kofa teaming up so we can rep the righteous These spitters expectorate without a soul to heft and state Couldn’t quite place with a compass, next to take
Rubber Raft 03:12
Patrick Ewing throwbacks from Mitchell and Ness And all the world is ever left with is a list of regrets Sitting in a prison with a wistful wish for what’s next And all the things we mourn, better not miss it to death Stomach linings sliced into tinsel ribbons with stress Plus all the things we never did is such a pitiful mess So word to Josh Leidy go ahead and follow those dreams Cause otherwise you’ll end up twisting in a volatile scream Acknowledging things that happen that’s a quality scheme Who wants a sense of dread instead of making all of these things? It’s not about hollering me, it’s teaming up to make things Finding dope folks to create, no time is wasting And there’s nothing wrong with taking plenty time to rest Do what you need to be ready, make a fly cassette Hike a trek or maybe trek a hike Stepping back to recognize perspective that connects to life Intrepid in the best of times, other moments tend to drift From commotion pens equipped Bumping Kofa blends again Makes me happy when I hear a car playing tunes of mine Shoutout to Big L, producing truth in rhyme And if somebody takes what I have made and makes it theirs Finds a moment of their life inside my lines, and praise it flares Me a little Rusty?, only if a Wallace adopts me And if I xerox, it must be a zirconium copy I carry tunes in a briefcase with the handle of Shammgod Chandelier shaking in the fancy room that the fans stomp the solar flare melting any candle fools are trying to hold die in the cold, my heartlessness leviathan goals schooling plenty even though they won't apply and enroll I just got them automatic with a science of flow Fight or flight, airplane brawl, i’m trying them both H E double hockey sticks, you’re now invited to go Got bouts going more rounds than extended clips Your stamina is lacking, time for that apprenticeship they swore to Gandi, the orators of origami i caught 'em theiving, border on some sort of Ponzi the flock of eden scheming in velour Armani Georgio for sure below luxury and sordid laundry accustomed to the things that seem finer to common folk Kicking in hole in yachts just so I can rock the boat comparison's a kleptomaniac to make the lame react a train of thought inside a gravy boat of baby fat No racy act, safe the NASCAR for other cats The iceberg, better go and grab the Rubber raft police bullets whistle through the air, to the tune of dixie
Sonogram 02:42
We live in a world where we’re told we either make it or we don’t And if we don’t we’re just a failure so it goes 100% or none at that, that’s what they chose Shoot for the stars, sell us rocketfuel and clothes Proper equipment, ready for the all or nothingness Handing us an idol target so we can chuck and miss Another feather in the cap some NASA bucket list But we need that luxury, deserving lusciousness Of course, we’ve got to be presentable to join parades A bitter pill of pride smile and thus enjoy the taste Embroidered lace and all the finer things I understand why the caged would bird try to sing What’s it mean to be successful in a marketplace? Another answer one could buy and shine in darkest space Good job, here’s a treat, UBU is self-sufficient That sameness returns to what we once felt was different I sell admission in the velvet glove of felt and shrugs Reaching for my pocket’s pen and I then felt the rust Kid Icarus with my glider made of crimson feathers Shoutout to Damo for bringing me back to rinse with effort Grim endeavors with the lightness of a moment lost We buy the farm to reap a monogram and know the cost Driving past the place we saw first the sonogram Now he’s the size of Grizzlies minus Ja Morant When mama ran to hospitals when the seizures struck The fear of not knowing how to treat a life and keep it thus
-JON?DOE Welcome to the twisted world they call the brain of JON?DOE Stinger to the sternum if Steve Irwin tamed the Congo I know it's Australasia- but the rhyming made the combo Divied privy in ya skivvies? I suggest u change em pronto Catch a whiff of ocean breeze- I'm begging flush the snapper No seafood on my platter bro, that's word to Russ the rapper Im 5’11” but my money makes me uglier Your girl loves my 2 pack it's bringing out the thug in her They sayin serve the customer- behold, dad’s the bloke Wipe the crumbs off of a belly that I hold back to stroke I'm old fat and broke, plus I like to rhyme This lovely life of mine- I been told that's the joke Truly titillating, The words I utter fly at you I spread my nut across on her back- that's a butterfly tattoo She like a gutter guy that's true Find me standing in a sewer, tip toeing thru manure It's a carnival when carnally's the only way I knew her Post it to my story look I gained another viewer You were all a witnesses to witless groping of the neighbor inviting me to dinner's inappropriate behavior Say, your silhouettes surreal-Dali in effigy Wont you let me in Djibouti like Somalian refugees Hardly the best of me but I gave it a shot She turned grown men to boys like a shave of the crotch Misbehave then I stop- pause for the moment I drop a sick verse that draws applause from opponents In no drawers but I own it- time to snap out of it this isn't a dream- you're rapping on Stephen's album- quit!! It's all about impressing em with flows Got beef? U catching indigestion at my shows Misdirect em with the pose then kick they chests in with the prose Assault the beat with language peppered with Tourette's and then it gooooes... bump -Sankofa 30 silver surfers throwing deuces word to Judas a baker's dozen at the supper club amongst the movement Roman in are soldiers, party crashing covert they get me closer to closure when I am older You swear to god, I take her name in vain, the flair is raw Is that gimmick everyone or just a rare facade? Blaring off Ferris Bueller with a snare to stomp Parker Lewis status, move in madness slap the groove and bond My accoutrement is Duesenbergs Medusa Prong It’s in my nature to, disregard or prove them wrong The scintillator syncopating cadence to renew the song The twosome gone on a trip where caged in cavemen choose to taunt Acoustic Fonz without the leather jacket or the hair I’ve got the power in my snap, to rap for war prepared Some more in there, the storage unit staying flooded with it I punish mimics like it’s carryout, So come and get it I’m noncommittal, you’re uncommitted, that’s major difference I bomb with missles to stun a mimic, stay your distance My flavor sizzles taste buds are dancing to my words No fake love, I give props and mean it every turn To whom it may concern I serve a heating plate of goodness So grab your chopsticks, forks and knives, and eighty butchers Cut the tension wire tightrope walkers wobble I’d rather clock some mileage walking it than talk a novel The Rawkus gospel operator here to dial it in Old school corded phones shown in such a stylish tint When I begin, the world freezes for a nanosecond Kids shooting off their mouths and now the ammo beckons They pan to reverends with thoughts and prayers for all the corpses No cops aware of what had happened ‘til the fault is sorted Another battered body hidden under tarps again Cold dead hands, let the karma starve and bend


Prolific producer SoCal (24k Dirt, boardsmith of ACT-1's Beauty in the Chaos) reached out to me a while back, inquiring about us working together and, being a fan of his work, I told him I was interested, but first needed to complete a handful of already underway projects. When I was ready, I sent up the bat signal, then SoCal sent beats until we had the just right 5 tracks of goodness. KofaSoCalfragilistic features the vocal stylings of both PoNY's Royalty and frequent collaborator/great friend/fellow Silversmith JON?DOE.


released June 30, 2022

production: SoCal
artwork: Chef Mike
photography: Sankofa
engineer: Prod by Din
features: Royalty, JON?DOE
remaining raps: Sankofa


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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