100 Magnets

by Sankofa

100 Magnets 03:24
For my everyday people, feeling down in the dumps Pump this in your Blaupunkts, bump it loud in your trunk The smile across my face the statement, shouting it’s done I call it rhyme travel, known as nostalgia to some Not that prideful of a guy, but man I’m proud of my sons Each penny adds up, catch me counting the crumbs Metal detector cats with Walkman headphones and a hunch The world spins fast enough. Your web, no joking it’s spun Surround sound, J. Dank pounding the drums Reverberate from your ears to your vertebrae, stun In a certain way, but content to chill, build and merge a phrase Bravas is the name If a burger’s craved We’re going higher than initially anticipated Two dads finding time to make songs, decisions aided by the bond between collaborators, made a map of flavor Doesn’t fit this beat, then we save a bit of the track for later It’s pretty simple, but simplicity is complicated Doesn’t make sense until you try, an honest statement Every tried to clear your head of every single thought? A rabbit hole of whack a moles inhabit souls a lot I’ve got a bakery creating fake Adidas out of quesadillas They killed schools and had the gall to go and blame Katrina The businesses moved in and took it lock and stock No need to teach kids when quarterly profits rock Now you’ve got celebrities starting up their own spots Jalen Rose stays making dough got the boast locked I’m a sick of it, make money not students, prey is people plus vouchers have my taxes go to help make a steeple church and state separated like Kardashian games faking moral outrage, seeking cash is the aim Plus guess what happens to the kids who don’t test well? Suddenly off the roster, a ghost of the next shell Got a learning disability or cause the temp teacher trouble? No sweat, kick rocks kid, eat rubble School choice means schools choose who stays And billionaires employ smiles to lead the crusades I’ve got a sleeper verse, hiding inside of my mind, indeed it works Used to have the kind of drive screaming like a demon hearse Cheated earth cause death was faced three times and I passed it Speech lining the caskets Puxatawny got his Phil bewildering Matilda, wilderness drilled The ill Atilla debilitatingly taking the skill, vanilla, breaking the till Godforsaken for a lot of breakin’, breaking tracheas contagious, still Playing around, goofing off, whatever you want to call it Paint my name on the fuselage, combine the break, I’m all in Shake hydraulics from the sweet ride that I never owned When I wanted a life sized tonka truck to better roam The earth, cause life to kids is big wheels with tough claws Way before hearing about excessive force and just cause It’s like just when I get the feel of being present here Something happens and I wonder how best to heft the fear
Nardwuar 03:24
Envisioning what would Nardwuar bring when visiting? Probably clippings from mom’s and the Jonah’s Saucony tape The Morris Minor and the Majors record ought to be great I drank a lot of V8 and that’s a tribute to the boss engines cars used to have But me? I drive a used Prius, checking out what Josef’s got at the museum Dude, see it it’s amazing what he brought to Fort Incomparable scores, it’s simply awesome and more I mean, I could run the list but do yourself a favor, pay a visit Our city is live, spread the word, stay a witness Not born and raised, I was adopted by the three rivers Guest of honor in China, minimized my need to besiege livers Kashal-Tee and JON?DOE sent me mix tapes Then I realized my words needed to fit the slick breaks Friends honest enough to tell me that I need to strengthen the strong Eliminating weak links in the bond Who do I fear? Pain visiting sons and my wife An mellow vibe is the undercurrent that’s live Used to want to drive 18 wheelers rumbling by Fresh Prince in his ride bringing the summer to time Pharoahe Monche and Prince Po, I’m bringing it on No checked luggage, are you bugging? Man they take it it’s gone Give me a backpack or a duffle bag and I’m golden If only I could shrink shoes, or find a way to fold them If I don’t have the beat, no way the track is getting rapped Cats spitting over their songs the definition of wack So let the listeners determine if the show is live Whether opening for out of towners or an open mic Dropping names like the tags came with lubricants Clumsy me, humblebragging up another super binge I’m moving in, nope, the ’07 is my home base I dropped this on tape, watch my words rotate Growth rate, who cares? I do this for fun, not funds Best believe some crazy merch is going to make a run Short of breath? Wave a lung in the sky to call a Chris Webber Fall is hoodies and shorts, yeah, I dig the crisp weather This is chill time let some others stress and pop Tums Or talk some brand of toughness cocking shotguns I’m not one to be doing so, even though evil is deviously easy The devil and angel are needing a meeting immediately Eating at me from the meager insides, see that wasn’t so hard to write Pardon my blistering barnacles reference, severing several memories with intrepid malevolence Knew a guy by the name of Sponyfield who loved that word in his raps Every now and then I’ll drink a coke with bourbon to splash Inserting certain verbiage, perhaps the dirtiest earning his keep, speech surgeon is soon to arrive With a glint of doom in his eyes, superhuman moving with his mind my my it’s time to zoom and I’m like See you later, maybe yes maybe no, a weighted vest not my way to go Hobnobbed with radio dudes getting free vinyl pizzas by the sleeve Not the slice that’s the cut as the crossfader leads, proper? Nice. That’s Whatzup Speaking of…Thanks to Doug for the coverage over the years I appreciate deeply the opportunity here
By the juice of Billy Zane’s wheatgrass Supply my microphone with phantom power to reap leagues of neat raps These cats are old nose Megan Fox, begging for props Hoping Megatron could be putting them on So go ahead Vape Vapinmost, vape away I’ll stick to powerwashing Patrick Ewing nasal spray Rap Cassanova Sandblasting your plaster cast with my logo Designed by Adi of course magically dope bro I spit flames, sriracha bottles for a netti pot So switch lanes, collosal lavas gets your chevy blocked Word life, when my money is tight I mix up milk and orange juice, pretend it’s Sunny Delight My MacGuffin is a need to create See it makes the plot thicken at a what? Speedier rate Malodorous, I noticed the funk was unbeknownst to them I’m hoping Netflix will soon have just a bit of Logan in I’m watching CB4 on a meteor with a Ouija board Had a taco off the Bravas bus, but I’m needing more No Dr Pepper? That’s what I’m blaming Nina for Ask me if I’m eating 3 or 4? uh huh Your rap uses the speaker for a straw, it sucks through it Disgust brewing through my very fibers, so hush Judas I’m a Krush Grooving never smoking dust dude who busts raps Bob Vila in a pair of high top Filas, snap good as Gon-zales, Mark, I stay sharp With an authentic flint embedded in my leaden heart Make a harp from your mandible, I’m going to play some chin music Yngiewie Malmsteen with a wicked solo, grin through it Transmitting live from the valley of the Dhalsim San’s spitting rhymes from the alley with Saltine Cracker in his hand plus a bunch of pungent sardines Cruising past Walter White hiding in his RV These cats are inconceivably wack Princess Bride written rimes with a meager beat that can match I put in work but this is play, it doesn’t pay my wages I’m doing headstands at the base of your totem pole’s hatred I rap with Occam’s razor tuck it under my tongue The school teacher, rep the public schools that I’m from My five o’clock shadow doesn’t speak the language of time zones Flux capacitate Delorean razors for the ride home So scrawl this down upon your cranium’s chalkboard Our nation’s primary export is how we brought war Shout to spoken word battle rapper gun sounds Cartoonish yet somehow rugged, unfound It’s like Pat Riley when his hair was black I had a pair of Air Raids, go and stare at that Polaroid of John Starks at the shoe shine stand before the FWA was renovated to bland LJ before he went and busted his back out Bubbachuck before paired with Stackhouse Freezer pizza boxes with the basketball cards Every Friday night watching my collection enlarge
Feed 03:12
I’ve got miracle cures for people seeking easy answers Talk game? Box score! Lead the league in banter Life enhancer, potential unleashed! With WD40 for the pendulum’s creak So you’ll only feel the whisper of the blade as it nears That’s when your payment has cleared But don’t you feel hopeful when you’re giving me funds? Cause that’s that moment when epiphany comes Instead of clouds parting, it’s the creases of your billfold Sunbeam replaced by the glitter of your silk gold Hear an angel chorus, I’m hearing CHA-CHING But I also take credit, so Square is a king I accept nothing less stellar than a best seller Turn the lady at the bank into a fortune teller And unless they contribute to my graceful path Your family and friends lack the faith you have What can I offer you? Everything in your life that is missing, that much is it true The sincere portrait of who you hope to become Giving you the roadmap for sending me some I’m here for you, DVDs and Blu Rays Showing you how to praise in new ways A faithfool and his money are soon attuned to me Halleluyah it’s a jubilee The first step to prosperity is giving me yours My hotline to higher powers is great for sure Tell everyone you find, they better relate Feeling part of something bigger than your everyday I see the doubters sending me hate, your love overcomes that My love language is the receipt of gifts, you and some match Tax free, teeth pearly as the gates up yonder Need a sweet private jet to spread the truth, mush onward Must conquer those who lust for things that I don’t want Throwback to Sears catalogs the cash flow strong See, my success is your success, donate Divine intervention using planets for croquet I’ve got radio shows, podcasts, the whole nine Merchandise helping me climb up to certain heights Hard working man, I’m a busy business Got at least 1000 people in your city to witness Mister miraculous offering different packages Had the president over and his visit was fabulous What a great guy, we posed and had a photo op Complete with big smiles, handshakes, yeah, you know the lot So if he’s a believer and he’s down with the movement Then what are you waiting for? Sign your life on the dotted line and do this If you can’t afford the Presidential, we’ve got installments Just a couple cups of Starbucks a month and you’re all in ID card with a sweet carabiner and a sweet lanyard Pete Frampton autographs, journeying to feast from famine My chief commandment is to deliver the news But my paper route wasn’t enough, so now it’s up to you
Sankofa: It’s not right like Dominque rocking Celtic green My shoe stash Imelda’s dream, raps’ll melt your spleen Hell to pay with express delivery My breath treads tightrope types of hype flows and mystery Eyes closed taking a step over the canyon Outstanding raps with pats on the back type commandments Hands in the air prepare for reentry into the atmosphere Lending half an ear to the rap I hear Laugh and cheer craftsmanship dilapidated My path is backwards, capturing bits of wrath, math the cadence No affidavit, my life is legal, rhymes aligned with my life Minus crime, grime, grinding and hype Sign of the times, I’m just teacher, dad, and husband With a Lazarus touch of syndrome added to bug them The raps are polished, no anabolics, cause San is solid Just vibing with J to the Dankworth and Castor Pollux Hook: Keep it truest, my rap is like a shark hat. NeighborLink in the the middle of my heart, fact. Fort Wayne to the west coast tarmac Stay humble, keep moving, true to the art, jack Keep it truest, my rap is like a shark hat. Middle Waves in the the middle of my heart, fact. Fort Wayne to the west coast tarmac Stay humble, keep moving, true to the art, jack Sankofa: You’ve got a clip on mullet like Agassi did Back when he was doing meth in the back of the crib You’re not imaginative, plus lack the passion to live That’s why you’re faking the funk, making it up, the last of the glib On the passenger list with mustache and some wax When it comes to making choices, there’s no actual tack Because direction is a chore that requires commitment It’s much easier to simply be snide and dismissive Castor Pollux: But they don't get it like typos on addresses it's all facades and fake residences Mask men bravery names get flipped like hummus it's just really blended beans don't trip Marketing geniuses weird science vision in the vocal side effects of the rhyming Precise in design paragraph timepiece Infinite signs on the date of our release timeless Castor Pollux: Yo I jumped in with some floaties on, the Al Bundy of this rap world star blog Clogged with sewage art is where the truth is Dank and Sankofa really teaching the youth yes Omni essence penmenship dimensionless push books of shelf like McConaughey texting We interstellar now a days with the squadron Really I be talking about Beth Billy and Bobby Fam and music, books and coffee, double espresso recording in the morning Comprehension of session now a days must be boring Rappers articulate there words like snoring Vote for Peace! Ego defenses, got ya dukes, up and excuses in plenty A gegorator of haterade's what ya tip back Find us all on Dirty Jobs known for making sick tracks.
The only box they’re putting me was made by Lasonic I’ve got a skillset that defies the face they place on it Fillet sonnets over breaks composed By J Dank with the lab coat providing the mightiest roads And I suppose that breaking it down to isotopes is kinda dope Pariah sliding a mite of cyanide inside the moat Just to moisturize the crocodiles, man they’re ravenous Protecting my grey skull, north of Indianapolis Doing it for the sport of nifty rapping plus it’s sorta fun Now I’m getting out freestyled by my son And he’s as good as most of these cats thinking they’re fresh Making up half of his words and losing most of his breath Corrosive posing an emotional threat for extra TV time And if he’s not pitching a fit about it, see he’s fine An extra episode of Wild Kratts won’t kill him I just hope he doesn’t become glum, verbose villain I change diapers in between writing these raps here And mediate who had the blanket when the laughs veer To cries of I had it first, brothers in hideouts Take your little brother’s stuff another time, it’s time out My name is Stephen, but I mostly go by the name dad Not a fan of Uber, but I didn’t really take cabs In summertime, I chill with the boys and try to make rap But life is busy and I’m quite content to play that Botanical visits amidst the zoo and science central Can’t forget the art museum on another fly adventure Maybe even the Children’s Museum in Indy We’ve got memberships to each one, saying hi to Cindy At the Firefly, picking up a smoothie and some suckers too Sometimes, parenthood feels like a rubberroom Battling, shouting, antagonism, doubting Back talking, tantrums, angst by the fountain A great reminder of how little control we have And when I cuss, they know it’s serious, holy craaap Better listen now, pick up toys and save the stress Sometimes thinking turns are a chance for me to take a breath I’ve never been more frustrated than I am by Two beautiful sons, the match of whom I can’t find The 12% of the time they love each other makes the remainder worth it The tattered ringleader, familial circus Shoutout to single parents, man I can’t imagine it Cause Jenn is there to tag team tap when I’ve had it with The nagging and whining, fit pitching, screaming and crying What’s crazy is I’ll miss it all when they are leaving this island Heading off to college and their places in life We do what we can to supply them with tools to face strife They’ll forever have each other, for better or worse brothers Akin to my younger brother and I, the worth suffered But time has a way of healing annoyances, now we’re dads And Jenn and I look at pictures with a poignant twist of sad When the day’s done and I haven’t snapped at either son I feel like dad of the year, the gold medal, freaking won!


released October 20, 2017


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Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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