Mystery Album​?​?​?

by Sankofa

Hit them with that old razzle dazzle the shine has faded Muscle memory we’re cheering still for some kind of cadence Get your cramp on the climb is Himilayan now Lay them down upon a bed of broken glass to taste the town The question no one asks, culture clash, let’s break it down Pull myself snug, home at last, bathe in nature sounds Don’t conversate with clowns, I speak my piece to closer friends The ones who know the ledge, far from folks with codes that bled Some overslept I do the same cause I admire sleep Pen my thoughts inside a diary of flyer beats I’m tied to speech but better off when I can write it first Supply a verse when people ask me that’s the price of work The time spent is my expenditure I budget for it Either way it’s lost before I know that I can trust the sources A hushed assortment of lunar phases, that prove amazement Grandfather clocks ticking with a toxic cadence Hearts beating to the doorstep in blue suede AC Green is losing favorites, the crusade I dwell within the pantheon of possibility Sometimes I ramble on and plan a song to kill the beat I keep afloat, bobbing in a sea where all of the beats are dope ONEGRAVE the designated supply chain with a drum medallion Freaking flows until the posed in recent docents decompose Plumpest scallions the wondrous onions of this tongue battalion I reach in rows, my lungs the source of violence Artistry, a sordid sort of silence, when I’m carving artful archery The pure assignment, a spine is what could fortify them Mark the parcels deep the black box my journal entry war reprisals No crack spots, just laps logged imposter syndrome by far my most resourceful rival The gods of brimstone that cackle when I’m forced to forfeit Making monsters with a vorpal fortune, remorse the portion Ration tickets without the rationale to bash them down Got me playing chicken in the mirror
I don’t drink beer, hold my flavored water, the king’s here Serving up some cheer, but for others I bring fear My metaphor figure it stings, it’s dumb hot Working up the guts to approach, you’re getting one shot Burping up a bubble of soap I come clean Speech bubble with a couple of quotes my tongue mean If the first attempt was wack, aboriginal music Did you redo it? Wah wah wah bit of nuisance Having fun, and I’m okay if you consider it stupid Dad jokes from a father of two Trying to capture every moment that I’m wandering through More like a stumbling, parenthood is humbling Putting out a fire, next you know another one begins Crate 808 I’m in the kitchen doing dishes Ieast hip hop thing I seem to do is living Iron Sheik teeth shining on the guillotine blade Shoe closet filling faster than a millipede made Shh…that’s a lot kicks, I got to admit Even got a couple pair that I could probably flip But nah man, I’d rather give them away So if you rock 13, go ‘head and hit me today …Parachute attached, now I’m jumping down the rabbit hole Stepping on the the leprechaun trying to snatch a sack of gold Sword swinging with four fingers of Porzingis Bringing the tribe blink of an eye, I’m adored with it Never laying down the law, I’m bringing anarchy Your Anakin mannerisms began as panicky Ollie North…lead vocalist for Contraband Pleading Beethoven’s fifth, it’s the modern man I brought the God to Dam Shammgod a Hoover vac Vice versa with the mic bursted, you can do the math
-Sankofa My lot’s assignment clocking mileage on this hamster wheel Applying lubricant of sweat to keep the rancid plan surreal Here to entertain them, dodging tossed banana peels The center stage, immersed in Haagen Daaz for the grand reveal The author lost without a GPS but moving forward Caught up in a ladder going nowhere, I pursue the fortune Give us this day our daily bread and what’s the use of torture I’m on the grind again, it may be said I’m chasing torpor They feed me visuals, the stats for all the other racers Just so I can see what they’re doing in this struggle caper Under the tables, they funnel favors to the favorites A jar of clear, a faster pair of shoes to race within The chosen few who taste a win and get some accolades Lavish praise, managing loads, no working Saturdays I’ve had it with racing, I’d rather move at my own pace Striding to the rhythm of my conscience is the dope place -Lyphe Awe man….Sankofa my brother….real recognize real you know the deal….East coast to Fort Wayne it’s all the same… the grind don’t stop til our knees pop… It’s not for slander when when we jot these stanzas Y’all Should exercise the right of remaining silent but they forgot Miranda’s A resting mind could never top the grammar When they heard that? said Lyphe and Kofa nerd rap - we are not the Lambdas Was dreaming posted on my pops veranda My appeal could squeeze the game if I got the juice - they’ll call me Tropicana Analyze the minutiae through telescopic cameras Goose a hater?! Pause - look further I’m past the propaganda Watch they manners like it’s prep school We sacrifice inside this rapper life pay the toll and think respects due but….. This shark tank is like swimming inside a cess pool We movin’ to the toon of set ruLes - that’s how we get schooled This fishy feelin’ gets me reeling but they took me on it Made my mind relate so the line and bait? they hook me on it…. Desire brings a forever grind the choir sing Married to it now recite my vows inspire RING Damn…Lyphe -Showrocka
check me out, library of five vocabulary with merchandise that varies, the purchase price to carry sometimes take an L, when that investment won't return but passion overcomes my logic when the boomerang it burns through the slang and terms, I support others doing dope it takes guts that I don't have and I recognize the load best to find a trove of people following their dreams DIY between the rest of it, acknowledging the schemes money once set aside for shoes finds a new home already got too many, so just pick the flyest you know I got another pair just as dope that I never rock The custom Airmax 90s with the quilted denim swatch Spin the roulette wheel for a new york minute then it stops Designated toothbrush keeping the shoes fresh, no need for dental floss Nike back in the days of iDs and two pairs of laces Wrapping up the flavor in that special printed paper Biding time until the dope material drops then I swooped in Animal print, call me Noah, examine the tints, it’s all we know of The LeBron soldiers after he won the chip in Cleveland Disbelief is how in the world reacts when seeing the pairs of Stephen Next year, copped the black cork Air Forces with the gold flecks But let’s take it back to that block on Iguodala, oh yes Couldn’t believe, watched the replay, various angles even No goaltend, and it was clean too, on every on review Not saying the goat, just saying he’s dope You need proof Like we need to argue over greatness instead of admire it Wish I could time machine Grant Hill a better podiatrist Need to take critic energy, redirect apply a bit And I admit I find myself an ingredient in toxic waste So I delete the hottest take tweet, and simply walk away The thoughts of prey, no need to hunt so humble’s where I stay And balance is found when I feel the rarest way I’m speaking joyfulness, being present with my sons Instead of hurrying them up and make another run They do their thing, I’m parallel, I’m doing mine Pause the raps for a moment and just listen to them shine
-Royalty OGTCH Ima always try to take it further Far from a basic earner My mark is a major merger Took some baby steps and forgot theres a lot to nurture Sometimes I keep the motion others nothing that's inertia Now ima mercher click the link in the bio Dont make it weird we can still link if you didnt buy yo Warehouse in ohio another down in NC Made to order cop yourself a hoodie or a fresh T Og tch . Com If ya know me your life is blessed word to mom In the midst of the storm i stand calm Go Thanos mode snap od then finally rest on a farm They take it for granted im flabbergasted at the sentiment Be greatful you had it down to the particle was heaven sent We aint make the cut? double check the measurements Royalty and Sankofa, respected off the rhetoric -Sankofa Somewhere in America, Fear Kills Dreams in Rap Seminars Generational Trauma, Clever Fools are getting large Digfindlistensamplechoprepeat BNCHWRMRS, Only Good Things Can Happen indeed Common and Normal, Burnt Up Records, Grimey Nobody Closed Sessions, three dollar pistol flashing, so lovely Rhyme Puma, Clearweather and Sneep Crew, the beast brew Bambi Guthrie Photography, Zero Seven scenes too Brad Bores with the rustbelt capture truly goes Pay the Rappers at Analog Junkie Studios Wrecklords of course, eating Bravas on the newer plates Undefeatable Matt Plett, Conspiracy to Choose your Fate Sneakersavant cards to all the Bandcamp releases I’ll cop it when it’s dropping, but then listen when this ceases The money I make from rap, I turn around to pay my dope friends They’d prolly do it for free, but that’s not the way my code says
Kofa Nostra 02:41
This feels like the kind of beat that Truck North would rock One of the many artists whose any drop I’m sure to cop I wake inside a palace rocking crowns adorned with thought With not a sound, I cop some nouns and start to form the drop Chevy Corsica, old car commercials, far from hurtful V8s were mandatory, boats that floated glam according My camera forming albums photographic memories liner notes and lyrics that we quoted back so endlessly The grind exposed as something that I’d just as soon avoid Vision focused, slurry slurs unheard through the noise No clue that G Rap was sampled for Bel Biv Devoe Live and learn, listen long enough to give and grow Kiss the goat so gingerly, sharpen blades and lift them slow Spatter patterned Valentines slide upon the mistletoe A dozen angry scavengers pick amongst the wicked crows May as well slow down to see what’s happening amidst the drove Long as I don’t end up looking like a Piscopo Cause it could go all away and then the blip is shown I vault the maze with broken poles, taped with hopes together In the snow the leopards are lurking, certain to know the ledger Life paths change in conversations with an old professor Probably never realized those few words invoked the measure But now I do work, reflecting upon potential changes Navigating with a clarity in mental mazes My pencil grazes the paper and paper catchings feelings Screaming for attention with a nonchalance, no path for healing The Montelbon, Ricardo barbershop phenomenon The carpenter with carpet bombs haunting the parthenon Feeling like a ghost that’s floating, but see I’m far from gone The Kofa nostra with no dose of Cosa with his heart embalmed So pardon songs, I harness sharks, pull the chariot far from dawn Staying observant, paying attention how the spark is spawned
-Sankofa I’m handing out a stash of rappity rap rapping raps A lethal batch Believe in that Beleaguering cats that capture wrath No time for grapes to turn upon the vine, I burn them down to ash These clowns are hopping out the car and now they’re sounding gassed Didn’t believe in higher powers, I came around and they found them fast My blade is sound slicing through the speakers smoking drown the rats You found a flask I pack the countenance to cause the droughts My rough draft is sandblasting souls, your boss is down A caustic round from the furnace, volcanic bunsen burners Chumps are worthless couldn’t climb without a bunch of sherpas What’s your purpose? You claim a crown that’s made of stolen jewels I lay you down upon the sacred ground so now behold the truth I’m rolling though with ACT-1, my VLTR brethren Add the combat, LeBron stature man you’ve never been As dope as this razor cyclones my lungs release the plague Succumb to leaps of faith, your tongue and teeth decay, the reaper waits -ACT-1 Sometimes just to keep myself moving I gotta force my feet So, if you looking for beef ya better floss your teeth Starkiller - Feel the force unleashed I’m all for peace, but if you talkin' sweet I’ll let my dogs off of the leash So hungry they can spot a feast from Across the street Needed to be taught to emcee like I was taught to breathe I Can’t afford to sleep Up at night tossing sheets “On my grind” means grinding my teeth and these coffee beans live for spitting lines of heat over the type of beat That’s grimy like the west 4th McDonald’s back in ‘93 Feeling yourself like cam Girls - get your vagina seen Gotcha feet up, feeling at home, but never signed a lease I discovered your style - should get a Finders fee play the same sport but your team is in the minor leagues Invested in me, my money where my mouth is and the checks are sweet You're on borrowed time and the interest is steep
Roll With It 02:46
Empty the dishwasher, just to load it again play a beat tape and come up with a quotable gem bring that beat back, never let it go to the end inspired by my life is what I'm hoping to send the door seemed locked, but now it's open again before your knees knock, best to set the vocals to ten reaching zen with my pen and no emotion to spend trying to stay balanced my challenge, let that dopeness begin how was drinking okay but somehow toking is sin? and I don't even smoke, but that’s a motive to them A line they shift whenever it is inconvenient Liberty for them, I guess for us it’s disobedience So we follow rules they break upon a daily basis And if we mess up, we’re done, but that’s the wage of hatred We may have made it if we trod upon an equal earth But fear has the people scared that equal equals even worse sometimes growth comes at the price of moving on leaving those familiar things behind remove the bond No need to prove them wrong, just prove yourself right do what's best for you with measured moves conducive to flight take the journey to even if you don't know where it ends Don't break, yet prepare to bend and there is zen Rotate the situation, then prepare again we are the making of believe indeed the share is spent A world that we create and find the ways to keep at bay All the evil traits, leeching souls to eat away Recognize what I can do when trying to right wrongs Serenity prayer as my atheist fight song So better prepare for the things that you can do And let the rest go, cutting bait is the plan soon Don’t let someone else define what your success is Find what matters most to you and that’s the message
-Sankofa Crop the picture with a circular logic Just to catch a glimpse, what’s happened since the first to deposit Shout to Turkish with the first to accomplish Invisibility the curse of the conquered From fists the filth is squeezed blood money fills the eaves Stomach rumbles like a lion seeking wildebeests The ill at ease, feeling calm when there’s adrenaline Danger lurking as my doctor with the medicine The pharmacist slash calmly targeted the hardest hit Each move is calculated, Malcolm made a mark with it Find the treasure on a path that wanders through the mess Slight obsession yet the ask can slaughter crews that rep Who’s the best, I couldn’t care less but still watch Set to build until the thrill stops, the kill spots A crooked lair left by those prepared for doomsdays A new cave to build a better man beside the few brave Group rates sought by the loners, rocking Isotoners Light the beam the tightest team might just find some bonus The right aroma provided by all the kitchen wizards Whipping up a miracle, cleaning with slickest Swiffers Southpaw switch his stance up, it’s hitting different Sounds raw quick to blitz them with the fist ballistics The jab set to crack a rib, eve on the pipe Found the fight in the dog, the dog is leaving the fight Adam set to bomb atomic with the dawn of golden apples Staying active never passive far from old and fragile I hold the gavel like a javelin the court is supreme Fumigated all the rabble then reported it clean Knock knock, open up another door to a dream But my hand becomes the handle teleported to steam My arm begins to change to a bicycle chain With my elbow off the sprocket, no derailleur to claim Coke bottle lensed glasses with a nasal refrain Where the echo of the legends simply faded to gray -JON?DOE I heard that hanging on them heartstrings cures scars Healing in the memories of Gentinnes, Vieusart basking in the moments to break the seals Replay the reels, Nathalie and bedrooms full of Playmobil Asterix, Bill et Boule, Gaston la Gaffe Visits from Uncle Joe left us gassed on the laughs Family silhouettes on the bottom of swimming pools w sharks Walibi wasn't shoes it was an amusement park Moriah with pencil cranking teeth out your mouth Setting fire to the floor at Phillipe de la Fiore's house Gundam, Captain Harlock and Goldorak In cavalcades of latter days it's a hard lot to hold it back Recurring nightmares from falling down the stairs be over soon Abba on the record player, Moms up in her sewing room Giovanna in the kitchen making fresh profiterole Ciara in Olgiatta, or Velletri where my soul be I solely think about them days and I'm glad Jogging through the Villa Borghese with my Dad Sundays at Sabaudia Beach were bad, we loved it In the back if the Volvo with the sleeping bags and luggage From Le Verseau to Saint Dominique then Loma Vista Belgium to Italy to tha OC growing withcha Summers In Jersey and Brooklyn, 25 cousins Defining being in the moment, never cared what wasn't Grandma's house in Maywood and an attic filled with ghostly things These are all glimpses to the memories that chose to cling Emerald Bay where the spirit of my pops is Glad to say my childhood was the opposite of not live The genesis, remembered as the formative years Before I'd ever dreamed I'd be performing with peers Forever young, crafting these moments into bars Laying on my back watching fireflies turn into stars
Romeo going postal, that’s an Alfa/alpha male Pushing envelopes driven by the sound of gales Forces without the air ones, but Devers' sprints Is that ONEGRAVE beat? Please believe it is Having fun making songs is reason enough My coworker’s way stronger, don’t believe that I’m tough Old school vision with the tracking need an adjust The choir salivates at the sound of dog whistles The pious validate at palace gates with god missiles So let’s grovel with them vital on the live feeds Scan the QR code as noted in the drive’s needs Raise funds dollar bills inside the prayer hands Waste none, holler thrills provide a rare glance listen to the hum as money counters flickers bills hand inside the cookie jar, taking pictures still a thousand words, every syllable a dollar sign found unearthed treasure, finders wanna hollar mine! I rock the spot like Kwame jeweler in the clutch riding Z-28 weak medullas finna bust Find me creeping through the dusk on a run, working cardio Far from ghost got no gun but imma sorry show I'm a carbon copy of my heros in a blender A chop here, a bit of puree and then it’s rendered Spin the bottle, twist the cap, no aristocrat Blitzing cats with the gift of gab so picture that Tracing out escape routes on the prison map Locked it down so bad I can’t get to that Sealed all the doors, maybe welded them shut The bars remain hot, skin can probably melt to the touch Syllables are Ginger Rogers, watch them dance to the track Your breath control is too short to mess my stamina stats Hand the mic to me, forget it, man I’m handing it back All the punching in you did is now tarantula grabs Crowd can hear your voice fade cause your diaphragm’s weak Don’t have the breath support to test for sure when riding a beat Maybe crawl home, find your bed and hide in your sheets And then stay shook, scared for what is gliding beneath Pneumatic volume got them swooping tons of valium, jamming the pump You’ll find me at me shows, stand in the front, no planning to run You cowards are kicking deja vu's buckets
Relief indeed is being conscious of my halted menace And stepping softly as I please yet unapologetic A robbery of steez, nah, I’m not a gifted mimic My wife and sons can vouch for that, see that bit is missing Knowing myself well enough to know what I can’t do The Venn diagram of dialect that my hands drew Dry erase board with the humor to match Drier than the marker that is missing its cap In the middle of a desert where the sun is ablaze And the sand is hot enough to melt and punishment waits Their reaction vids are nothing but a stunning disdain If not a cardio shot of posses simply running away Coming to paint with a wondrous array, brushes engaged Just another linguist as cunning berate On the blazing track you know it’s simply One to the Grave So berate the flak or better yet go the way of duck’s backs Kevlar embedded feathers shedding hits and rust cracks Brett Farve endeavors for a legend bleed the poor dry Timex watch stays ticking on the sore grind When you’re a Jet, you’re a creep and it shows But there goes another shrine as obedience grows I’m Indiana without the Wranglers or aw shucks Or the marital discord, toes down saw bucks In other words it’s ten, Bo Derek volumes Bump it to Isiah Thomas CBA, gestalt looms Vin Baker’s dozen couple short with the faith and loving Vindicated with the goodbirger favorite was it? Pay the puppetmaster but parade the puppet razor rubbish Ramone standing the Hall, toothpick staying rugged Scott free got away once the beat was kilt Notebook stashed in the sporran (spore-N), form an evil thrill Sean Connery’s in the house, word to RhymeWise 30 7 like Bernard King plus a slime guy But sub the former mayor for maybe a Kenny Anderson Bobby Cremins with the Georgia Tech-tonic plan to win launch a song put the eggs in one basket watch them pray to NASA Breadcrumb trails, likely never make it back a gain Anfernee plus Nike for the Hardaway a half a cent Paper watches horror movies, it’s attack of the pen 10, think of what had happened to them Snacking on some brie while I’m steady rapping again And I’ll never be the same as what I was back when But that then built the now that I am it’s a blend Examining the camera lens, narrative bends I was and am still learning, not embarrassed at them Predating social media so no comparison then I’m not here to parade skeletons from Paris for rent Sometimes making raps from barracks with the arrogance meant Because it covers how I feel when the carriage is sent And I don’t want to take the journey quite yet, but I guess That when my time is up, I don’t have really have a say in it This is all I game I play and I’m playing sick So pyrex them all 3.14s and drum corps And rat the tat the general mathematics of it once more Funk that’s from the sewer so manuever with it, plunge forth …The same air as what you breathe is what my lungs store But maybe I am finding ways use it differently Not selling you an answer like I found a huge epiphany If dudes with dues are missing me, so be I’ll just stick to being me Things I could’ve done the same as them, no need to be
The miscellaneous lyrics that hit the craziest Can’t quite predict that rhymes that might just stick to your soul Participate in this, but used to feel the rage with a glow A fan fanning flames, I can’t explain, the wages of growth Advance the stage to play the back and that’s the way to rap Uncle L with the dope cap, I play the gap My vocab beyond a flex, it’s the just the way that I speak A constant quest to see contagions and glee, beyond adept, familiar with the stench of that piranha breath Strip clubs where the flesh peddled is the Gaza dead And disgust is just something that we ignore Posing pretty as reflected in insanity’s sword The plan is reborn, tourist trap with fantasy tours So hop aboard the bus, there’s more to us than vanity bores Or brandishing hammers with patter that the battery scores Claimed to starve, yet denying all that manna before So what gives? Falling from above in the clutches of a dove Dying on the vine with the sustenance begrudged Moonshine battalions hid the musket in the tub Still waters run deeper than the thickness of the blood The clearest vision making clarity from watered Christ Picture Pontius with his washing bowl, crop it right The spear sticking in his side, might have bought them ice Mary Magdalene with magnums of that proper type Admired first Hawaiian shirts, Ferraris and the fireworks Helicopters on the island, sly proprietors Reject before ever knowing what we might observe A kind of cursive, cursed with 9 diversions, tiny birds Sometimes the nurses work the shifts that end up frying nerves Pick the tunes and lick your wounds, but best to hide the burns Testify the life we might survive to escape Souls spilled to total strangers, been designing away Yet somehow friends and fam get no time of the day Expensive plans that never land, and that’s the life of the gray Cement that stands long enough to hold engraved initials Lady liberty, thorns on crowns now replaced with missiles The mule that bristles at the yoke upon the oxen closest Opportunists parasailing in with constant notice The fossil rooted in his ways of stone with thoughts of Dumas What could have been if he was reachable by Coach Lucas
-Sankofa flick the toothpick at a stone, they called it Excalibur. made a legend from an afterthought, so what's a challenger? I rhymed the same words, but somehow made it doper max contracts, dropping nuggets, pay the Joker A rainbow over the Mitchell and Ness, I exist in that space between the quick and the dead After all these transgressions, is forgiveness the next? An old friend I never see that I hit with a text Opportunities to talk up lots of lunacy The Mahajah groove is deep, from mosque to monster brood indeed When dudes convene to brew the latest batch, catch a flight No bootstraps, we simply lace tracks and that’s the life Maybachs, post April Chiropractor calendars So face facts, shine the halogen on callous calipers My ballast serves to keep my ego grounded, Humility is what I’m aiming for, I maybe found it -PAAVO Hard to ruin a myth Thats never proven But i see you seeking the truth In supernatural its rooted Eyes turns a cloud feet float a couple inches He flinches The bigger the boom The bigger the feeling Working in the fringes Of the telepathic This tumor is big Lets go the path Of homeopathy Now he on trail Looking for wolfsbane A secret strain To unlock the powers of the brain Feelin it strong The winds of change have arrived With all this snake oil How the hell you survive You knew it was wrong But too deep in the lie Wallets start to bleed He wants them bone dry We pray to the stars When the flowers Start to blossom We all chasing good times When the feelings were so awesome life incomplete If you not trying to cheat So many mouth And no food here to eat
-Sankofa Never claim raw drugs, I’m the golden vet With his brain on dubs of the old cassettes Pack a diving board, ready for the jump off Rhymes galore set to get them with the drums raw Find the door, the key is jammed in the lock Got a beatdown like you went and ran to the cops Think of deez now, vital for the the fans of hip hop On the rebound, Gina Gershon with the feast wow Meanwhile working each song cause it means more ONEGRAVE setting up the alley and we keep score Some say that what I do isn’t music I keep on, walking the walk and the shoe fits Not an elevator operator one you get a rise from Coming with the rhymes I devise in a tight sum Even the keel and I’m keeping it real with the mic son Got merch, you can buy some -Tali Rodriguez Might have claimed a few drugs…But it wasn’t for glory… Just happened to be a small chunk of the story… Stories are told through the facts and the fictions… And…... here are crafting the visions… Mapping out sounds till the accents are favored Smashing compounds and extracting the flavors… Aromas floating through kitchens with zeal… So the final product is a sip you can FEEL….. …..Without guilt for the pleasure… ..…Fulfilled by the meal cos it’s measured… …..Rather than feeling disgusted by strangers It’s better to build with trusted arrangers… Up in the place to be…nothing mistakenly done… Every horn…every lick is engaged with the drum… …And I’ll always have something to say Till the day I become…one with the grave -Chuck Brown Lyrics Gina gershon We live on the edge of a razor I’m balancing ego and id The reason that some people slid head - first into base Then thirst for taste of the evil and sin We barely survived it made us all hide our teeth when we grin// The ace up our sleeve believe we cheat for the guaranteed win and won’t pay the fees Suckas !! rap in finesse mode tracking potential Targets to harvest and add to the stack of the bodies stored in the back of a Masonic temple Yeah I’m rather suspenseful rather unique A-Z up in here spit so clean like bleach in your ear That’s be the got damn truth, just bring you a hazmat suit so at least you prepared I’m sayin i never smell peace in the air, never felt the least bit aware of anything but war Feel like Caesar in here with steps I’m headed up towards like what’s all the uproar They just want to take a stab at it So we finna see which of us cut more Til last man standing with both middle fingers up like fuck y’all -Castor Pollux Some my favorites got claimed by they vices Some of those faces still see in my eyelids dreamers in nightmares thats forged in the timeless wandering aimless in aces diamonds ……. With shovels and axes…..Where diggins a practices, for samples, or self or fruits for the juices im frequently crafting small batches, all rappin’, off the top or even manufactured, With a passion of life that ignites up a light Design for insight on the path that we smashin Keep it moving .....until the wheels pop Create til Death ....Until the body drop
Save the alien politics I’m a paleontologist Favorite savoring flavor with native acknowledgements Don’t pay the politics or piper with the hollow laws I’d rather toast them with a molotov, polish off The flamethrower with a commandant far from common taunt See my crew’s in control with the soul of the autobahn No autobot, forget a path to walk, I wander off Sportscenter via Tash, dah nah nah nah And that is how the Howard Hughes are painted A truthful sadist playing games, forsaken choose a plaintiff Feeling braver by myself than with a crew courageous I’m flu contagious catching on but most immunes can take it The portability record a war soliloquy Comparison the thief, logging on, fulfill the theme Vanilla bean, Kerry Kittles with the ups and downs Sockonomics, Jersey Nets with the dots and commas You heard me rest, but I’m still rapping in my sleep REM’s Nemo, just a captain of the deep Got me losing my submissions to the placid and the meek Speech close captioned, passionate I fasten the mystique Prefer to stretch than sit complacent as my vessel roams Deep in bleach, the reliquary so we bless the bones Imelda buried with her shoes like it’s a Viking ship Funeral pyre to the water with the hype assist I submit a bit of life I’ve lived inside the lines And hope you find a bit to carry you in trying times Business, I’m simply minding mine, Working on humility, saying less is by design I fight the urge to raise my voice, and work on picking spots Falling prey to the ticking clocks, picking locks Used to live and die by the bocker Knicks that lost My posse on wall street, hooptie outta Mixalot Peace signs, air force ones, peep the Nixon prop Non Phixion helicopters, Juan Dixon shots


ONEGRAVE and I had worked together on some joints here and there, and then he approached me about the idea of rapping on some of his beats for an entire project. He'd already lined up the artwork, which explains the AK chilling in the midst of religious iconography on a Sankofa album.

ONEGRAVE was on a tear, sending me dope track after dope track and I'd get back to him with my progress. As time passed, I heard from him less and less, until the day came he told me he'd taken a new direction with his life, had sold his gear, and was leaving music behind. ONEGRAVE was gracious enough to give me his blessing to release this album and I'm as thankful for his gift as I am saddened the world won't hear more from him.

Music is sacred to me and I'm on the verge of crying typing this.

May you enjoy our work.


released October 15, 2023

Production: ONEGRAVE
Featuring: a bunch of dope friends
Engineered by: DJ Mattylite


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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