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Triplegoose Visions Sankofa Ice crystalizing on my beard, the winter’s heartless Why do the righteous folks starve when the sinners harvest? My visible breath represents my soul escaping me It’s time to formulate a plan, or simply fade to bleak ACT-1 Feel like we’ve been stranded in the cold for like 80 weeks Snow waist deep, wind blowing like razor blades on cheeks If I were lame or weak, I’d faint to sleep until they come to save me But I gotta keep going just to maintain the heat Sankofa There’s no such thing as give up even if the forecast Is try to stick me, leave me the skewered on the swordshaft I’m kinda dizzy, vision blurs amidst the snow and fog Is it better to die with wisdom, or never to have known at all ACT-1 Trying to remain calm, but it hurts my lungs to breathe How will I ever make it if no one discovers me? And helps me to recover and to get back to my fucking feet Low visibility... it’s tough to see Shivering alone, on my own, no one to comfort me Now I know survival In the wild is luxury...damn...
Unflameable 02:34
Sankofa Culinary jump off we’ve got the trampoline for ample fiends to munch on Gustatory glory with the gusto Restaurant to bust long Select a font of fine deliciousness that we’re providing Tears are flying trust bond Conduct songs through neural networks Gepetto on the flyest violin, messiahs sin in wet work The emperor striking tender nerves December third My pen is church, splash placentas burst Cement a curse competitors can get a dirge Ultraviolet on the red alert Rawhides the leather burnt, twist genetic squirms Kinetic terms speaking to me, frequency of let ‘em learn Meal tickets punching past their weight class are fed to worms The vase smashed, shards embedded in the mouth of the bear rug Caught a fair one, diamond grills a tragic patch prepare tongues ACT-1 Had to try and come in on a different pocket They see me as just boom bap, so I had to shift up the optics I’m magic alakazam! - pull a profit out of a hat If I ask you dig in your pockets Y’all mad and just switch the topic The way y’all brag I imagined you get some dollars But the fact is all your bragging and cappery is some nonsense It’s tragedy Actually let me switch my response There’s craftiness in deception For that I can give ‘em props And That’s actually all they want They’re not starving artists They’re only here for the pageantry, not the art I’m mad about being pigeon-holed I'm not a “New York rapper” I’m a GOD - that’ll swallow this industry whole You don’t have to dig it tho Just so you know, people who actually know their shit Consider this dope Before you open your mouth consider this quote "A wiseman once said - nothing at all" Listen to folks This time decided to switch up the flow But usually, I see it like There’s really no reason to fix what isn’t broke Just know I’m capable of switching so Listeners know The kid is spittin bars so sharp He could slit his own throat
Sankofa energy was great, but what was missing was bars the word salad slap them silly seeing Michelin stars Mission to Mars smooth movement, prove it, Mr. DeBarge The only bracelet on your wrist comes with a click and it scars we show you where the BIG wall is, after Christopher starts see we're bringing you the dis to regard, so disregard long distance John Grisham prison visit alarms Bridget sitting in Virginia with her vision bizarre slipping in Ferraris hardly christen glistening cars we built the masterpiece, they swarm around to rip it apart what's at stake yields the gristle with some Sisyphus scars they dangle diamonds trying to blind us, wicked tricks and the charms do it strictly for the ones, don't need permission to start persimmon pulp juice dripping slick I'm tickling hearts meticulous with brushes, bells, and whistles and barbs my soul gripped by a griffin as I swim with the sharks time ticking sinister participants chart thirsty serpents sipping liquor in medicinal jars Snake Plissken tape hissing whistle at guards Preacher lost another sinister, original parts Anthony Mason, John Starks, catch the Knicks at the Gard’ can't forget Oak and Ewing, brick by brick it was hard ACT-1 They keep begging me to ease up with the pressure Every album released create a deeper connection Armageddon whenever I leave the session Mirror to society - vampires see their reflection Your entire catalog is indigestion Repeating over and over - Heart burning your sessions Your festering on social media sending them shots them tough thumbs got you bums looking Twitter toxic See you out now you switching topics catfishing your listeners, in person got a different posture I’ve been winning, riding high just the same as you But everybody at the top don’t have the same view There’s a difference 'tween the penthouse and the project roof A difference between wagyu, and gabagool I use their clocking and pocket watching as rocket fuel When you live in your truth, liars are not amused I been perusing the playlists When algorithms start clicking, you fakers feeling famous Do me a favor, don’t do me no favors The game is plagued with a sameness Me and sankofa are here to save it When I die, the throne is permanently vacant When it comes to certain levels of greatness There’s no replacement
Sankofa Carmen Electra complex photoshoots in Baghdad I wrack my brain connecting dots in talks remain drab I walk the same slab with different flavors every day Mostly SIA kicks the scientist of heavy weights Devlin got the flavor dropping every Saturday I’m copping First Come First Serve the versions with the work is awesome No circus walking, I’m supporting indie brands here I hear the flute music playing, maybe Zamphir Membership card respect the process, yep it’s all of that Preorders rolling in in 3 months and I’ll adapt It’s like a Christmas gift that I forgot surprising dope Sometimes spending extra bucks is just the price of growth Break it down to isotopes, no more hype from Nike now If they’re not biting, then they’re wack and that supply is down I pack the liver rounds, windows in my shoeboxes Set to hold your crew hostage with the new hotness ACT-1 Been refreshing my browser all morning for these Jordan IVs Exclusive shit that can’t be bought in stores Limited colorways accentuate my aura as an orator Closets full, now the bedroom corners where I store em all My girl asking what the purpose is To keep purchasing kicks when we should be saving for a house to birth our kids Somewhere in America - new versions are surfacing Gotta get em quick - I know the vultures are circling searching for my size, just wishing I could hold the box Didn't get em - the total stock sold to bots! Those NASA V2s got away They're already up on ebay for double That’s a lot to pay For a sec I debate wasting an honest wage To get that notification that says they're on the way But not today, suffering an awful fate Guess I’ll just contemplate consolidating closet space
Sankofa Three-wheeling Messerschmitts, messing with death and messages. Honeypot is golden, no need for the thieving measurements. Benson and Hedges hedging bets with Benson apprentices. Your sentence is sensitive, scented with candles and gentleness. I handle rhetoric with velvet gloves and feather flicks. Blood from stones is from over, now it’s time we pled the fifth Torrential rain paints the panes of windows stencil drip. tipping back a Grolsch I'm holding strolling in this wretchedness. prejudiced judges sniffing with benefits, vendetta bids. We plunge with wings, become a king just like Coretta did. and play the odds with flavor thoughts and raw percentages. Basquiats and Maseratis bless the despot gentlemen My penmanship is born from eagle talons meant to rip The best that’s ever been, impressive,yet to jettison ...Somehow the self doubt and melt downs had crept within Flamboyant poison surging in my veins so desolate JON?DOE ACT-1 Have you ever watched a flock of pigeons? They flew in unison - dropping shit on top of victims That’s how we movin as we conquer with knowledge and wisdom Not on a yacht spilling toxic swill on obnoxious women I was locked in a subconscious prison Til I learned that I don’t really need a pot to piss in When I got this vision It is my currency, currently I’ve amassed a fortune So when i start racking my thoughts I'm causin mass distortion Love my city still try to avoid the plastic portion If you cappin, I’m slapping the cap off your bombastic forehead Sankofa, John Doe and Act-1 are a massive warhead Aimed at the rest of rap, to enact the warfare I’m over it - shouldn’t be where our focus is The world’s burning but it feels like no one notices… The world is plagued by literal disease and homelessness And you on Social media posting promoting hopelessness.
Sankofa Happy Bobby Bonilla Day, it’s to to shine and be awake Things are different even if they seem to be the same Playing a game of keepaway, carrot Karens steeplechase The last one to claim a spot is next to leave in haste They try to feed us waste, defeatist with a demon’s grace Justice just a game the cheaters play with evil stakes My brushes leave the easel scraped, a canyon leap of faith I’d rather do and let the grandstanders speak away My inner child’s a prodigy no prada jeans, I wander streets Put psalms to beats no sponsors just a constant conscience speaks ACT-1 Happiness is slippery like Dr. Bronners Slipping through my fingertips slitherin like Doctor Connors Harder than a lizards skin and living in it’s twice as awkward I got more vices than I got advice from Mom and Pop And I sure didn’t graduate with honors from my Alma Mater I barely made it out alive with all the scars and trauma But I gotta leave those problems in the past - That's what we’re taught aint it? Problem is that trauma bothers you MORE later So trying to store it all way seems wrong maybe But exploring it every day just makes me more angry If life's a test, hope It’s graded on a curve 'cause I ain’t been doing too great navigating this world I’m agitated, disturbed But trying my best To make amends for all my childish regrets Before my final rest
Sankofa My autograph looking looking like the mustache of Ming the Merciless You must ask the king of cursive script depicting sickness sure to flip My ornate calligraphy for sure rates malignancy In your case, the script is grief No Northface to stick to me I’m never down with biters Cartilage of of sharks in it, inside the lot, impounded Vipers Serve the purest, piping hot to lifers Maybe arrive with Lady Godiva and tied the knot to out of towners, hostile fibers Lord knows, Rapunzel with a bundle of corn rows, for sure the floor froze The court chose supremes Diana Ross cyan and moss, my source code Cinderella’s slipper, Vibram soles, the life I chose, a pure road to wander forth I stand, astonished, warm as the glowing coals breathe it all in Calm in storm, the eye of My life was spiteful as a knife thrust, and I trust I take your plan and make a no-go from my gray Lenovo. Laugh at the aftermath, watch them (crash and) fade in slow mo. I rock the chamois pajamas she got the suede kimono swaying like dashboard hula girls on shaky rowboats I’m breaking No Doz, the flavors staying so dope, resplendent even I penned the reasons swarms in oak groves Smell of leather flooding my nostrils when I open the shoebox Breathe it all in deep, receiving a heap of new thoughts Scores carved into a crystal tablet, kiss the cactus Sophisticated tastes resist the lavish, sips some madness ACT-1 I’m in my Steph Curry rookie shit Whole fit looking like a bowl of Cookie Crisp Gum sole on the kicks Mid Forces with the purple accent Classic Material cap completes the perfect match I’m something of a motherfucker when it comes to rapping Started talking at 13 and haven't shut my trap yet When you’re numb for so long - dumb shit becomes attractive But I met my love and never fell back in those fucking traps since Still it’s hard for me to imagine something lasting Everything in this world seems impermanent except for all the bad things Say my name as a sort of challenge or call to action? I’ll put ya whole squad in coffins and caskets then autograph em There’s more to magic than just spells and mantras We living in hell, but conscious Wish I could expel my conscience Nothing’s ever fake When it’s me and Sankofa that generate it We the greatest of our generation
Sankofa Experience a heavy loss without a diet plan Stepping off, the demigod of rocking high command No concubine I conjured spirits that can overtake a weaker soul Closure’s traits are ether’s hole The speakers shudder in a spasm when I speak upon it Never let a statue tell me or be a thief of wattage Got some tattoos under the guns of Nick and Ted I Wonder if some can list regret, mister kiss of death I hear the angels in my skull sing more When I’m opening those gullwing doors, set to soar Showrocka Kim Jong leather touch the floor, what a site to see/ Rightfully/ dictate words I recite for free / 3.14 ounces , That’s the life of pee/ Pi if u pronounce it right/ the ounces quite / a site to see/ Ghostface mask on, cheffin like it’s cuban linx Rap game like the crack game… homie who would think ?/ That we’d get paid off these pages like we moved a brinks / Now my wallys Persian violet suede w/ the Bluest ink / I live comfortably … So if u come for these … killa beez… You’ll meet ya match…. It ain’t bumble b ACT-1 Coming sideways, thinking stuff is sweet Your shit Chamomile sleepy, that ain’t my cup of tea I like it uptempo and upbeat Keep upping the ante 'til they start upping the payments on those fucking streams Pay the rappers Honor us like Phi Beta Kappas All my tracks are slightly more Satanic when you play 'em backwards And I’m not here to play with rappers or cater to assholes Playing with my names the same as if you play with matches I’m the savior of the masses Got ‘em flabbergasted Slobbering all over the track like rabid Mastiff New York, New Haven and Fort Wayne Say you ballin', never even seen you play a full-court game Y’all stay posting on social media all day But your songs are lame like the internet before porn came
Sankofa Ram a lam, a couple ding dongs Leave them so confused, open wounds with puppet strings gone, Flapping in the breeze, flypaper snacking aperitif, packing heat Rolling through with the new ballys and some baggy jeans Machiavelli scarfing Billie Jean’s red jelly beans, Armor all steady dripping, peep the new Pirellis gleam Keep a guillotine in my pocket, name of Tina Turner 3 berserkers...left them baby talking, deep in Gerber Supercalifragiballistic Silver bullet wizard blizzard with some magical in it, cracking a Guiness Dhalsim signature yoga mats with boa straps I stay careening in my lane, so where is Lois at? Said she’s busy loving the Lakers, (even) got a Kobe hat Phantom limb, but all the pain won’t help to grow it back No need for stoppers, I’m eating Bravas on teeter totters Timberlands on treadmill ill, I’m talking Giancana ...never let the undercover leeches creep up on us ...a secret promise I made in the days to speak with calmness Saratoga, Dallas Reno el Camino velvet c-notes Body Bag ‘em with Ben, better tell them Chino I smell the beano you’re sneaking inside your dishes ahk I’m holding a golden pen, mercenaries gripping glocks Kick it off something wicked catch a whiff of the shoe Take your city’s phonebook and quick to rip it in two ACT-1 Was feeling kinda low, but I just guzzled a Monster Energy levels up - now judgment is upon ya And I don’t judge based off of any one performance I judge solely off the substance of the performers They keep saying there must be something in the water But there’s something in my aura When spitting this written torture ACT-1 is the sickest author Been in many prisons Never come across one that could reform him When shit started getting boring - I had to come back Grunge Rap - delivered by a slithering tongue lash I’m Mick Foley clutching a bag of thumbtacks In my element, you’re irrelevant like a bus pass Guess I’m never getting my Fucks back Gave em all away dealing with insufferable scumbags Stopped playing, cuz I know the game is rigged Margin of error is paper thin when you play to win They don’t support me even when I grind the same as them When I aim this pen, a sex change couldn’t make me miss Sick of humoring these plagiarists Instagram famous strictly for doing the lamest shit Fucking clout chasers - save the shit This is VLTR KMBT, bruh - major shit
Sankofa When the beat drops, my rap hands chop invisible cinder blocks To injure flocks of ninjas incidents glimpsed in Wichita The vincent law with price of murphy beds got them flipping out The words he said, spoke with pure regret, so listen now Reverberating with the slang we percolate in fire verses Fire melting tin soldiers down in iron hearses The kind of the workers punching clocks until the quartz is gone A bunch of knots upon your melon, smelling salts to birth upon Birdies rocking balaclavas with my logo dance in halos Glowing yellowbricks, the fellowship to stamp your way home The freezer gourmand, sprinkles magic on the Tony’s pizza I take the cardboard and make a flavor Mona Lisa… Jeff Spec Bobby Bacalau fry the mackerel Bait and tackle style. Throw a mutiny I’m captain now Rat a tat. POW. Push your hairline back a mile. Acting wild ever since a latch key child The blam chromey ask my man Tony Sand slowly through the hourglass the dunks Japan only Young fan by the name of Chloe put some hands on me. Two could tango. Then I’m ghost but no alimony Push the Zamboni when it’s time to skate. Crash the iron gate. Fake love is only silent hate. Flying high rock the flyest cape My pen in fighting shape. Y’all could fall in line never violate ACT-1 Trying to stay positive and live life to the fullest But The modern day rap game is a different type of bullshit Nothing can prepare you for the fuck-shit and the fakery Flaky peeps, one day they love you, the next they ain’t ya peeps C’est La vie - If they offer help, believe it ain’t for free ask em to buy shit they gotta wait 'til they get paid next week Keep all that phony shit away from me Snakes and thieves lurk around every corner awaiting me On the flip you got cats like Sankofa Who’ve been a mentor, a friend and a damn coach in this rap culture Anything I don’t know - I can always ask the homie We got each other’s back without an ounce of acrimony But I've noticed fewer dudes offering assistance When you prove you can out-do 'em, then they start viewing you different To me it’s all kismet, it doesn’t make a difference if we friends, opposition or just friendly competition Listen...from Japan to Atlanta We shoot the gift brrrr blam-blamming at Santa When you speak to me, you better mind your fucking manners 'Fore they find your mind splattered all due to misunderstanding
German Beers 02:12
Sankofa No firefighter suit required, I am going in Crashing through the door, no time no more for frozen limbs I kick it down with force leaving splinters flying thick Explicit sounds that scorch, beats and rhymes, the scientist Propose a theory then I’m trying it, no time to sit That’s mindlessness I’m moving forward with no minuses Can’t put myself in prisons made of all the might have beens No time for nihilists, i’ve got a life to live The fly proprietors, you know we’ll be the ones to act From Vintage all the way to now, this thunder shakes abundant cats And if this makes you feel some kind of way, just run it back Inclined to stay believing in us, no sweat if none attach At the day’s end, it’s all worth it if some fun was had Whatever doesn’t bring me joy? I am done with that And there’s no changing the path that I’m rapping upon Pick up some new friends, together make the magic of songs Forget a seat at a table, I want the room it’s in Plus the building holding the room, it’s time to move again I’ve got a gruesome twin that grooves within the beats supplied My spirit spreads beyond me, amplified the reaper glides ACT-1 I turn my wounds 2 wisdom when I’m spewing diction This the true and living proof that god approves my mission My true conviction is to move units and move the needle Combating them vultures with Sankofa subduing evil We move the people with the music we’ve been brewing in the stu That’ll batter your braggadocio and bruise your ego Hitting snooze on people trying to ring the alarm Crying the sky is falling, stringing the ignorant along To get me to break my leg, don’t have to twist my arm I hit the stage and perform filled with a sense of calm Meditative states created by the words I’m saying Appreciate encouragement, but still prefer a payment Might have to defer and delay all the plans you’ve been making Once you hear how we take the mold and just totally break it Barely a taste of that old original flavor left Still maintain to try to save what’s left with my remaining breath If Hip-Hop is truly deceased, at least let me pay my respects Before I accept that it's fated for death
27" Zenith 02:31
Sankofa The way it calls to me is altering my DNA If there is a beast at bay, I'll pay the price and be okay I heard that Jesus saves and keeps receipts in deepest graves and the snakes of recent seemingly just sneak away. they fade to places so ostentatious, obnoxious wages. The long-awaited sedated from trauma lost in hazes. The dose is just approximated, but I walk with greatness. My tongue is swollen with thirst, a single drop could save him. X marking Dalmatian maps deep in toxic mazes. let's not debate it, the flavor statement on top in Vegas. But I'd rather be at home instead of shiny prisons. I should have taken time to listen, now my life is different. I'm kind of twitching, tired of sitting with this knife that glistens. The only thing I am left with, desperate times arisen The price of admission was everything I'd ever have. such a clever lad carved into his epitaph. ACT-1 Got a lotta anger toward society, I'm been trying to beat Anxiety got the pressure rising inside of me I appreciate every emcee on their grind like me But never stand in the way of a lion when he’s trying to eat Back when music excited me, I would write with ease Now I just squeeze these thoughts out to try and find relief If I’m a die of this disease, please let me leave my mark By tearing all of these fairweather rappers apart I’ve always been in it for the art and the culture That’s why I got no choice but to doubt the heart of a Vulture Combating the poachers with the Ultra-Instinct glow-up These jokers would do anything for a little exposure Show up on your IG live, faking like they know ya Show love, but couldn’t quote a line of anything you wrote up Used to fantasize about how blowing up would be sweet Now I never dream, shit - I’m lucky if I even sleep
Sankofa I play the dozens with a chanticleer San appears to bring your man the fear, feel the panic near In the chandelier diamonds shining with a manic leer The mad mechanic mapping raps that follow black arachnids Snatch the can of beer with Cam Neely Got you cats retreating like you moonwalk in damn Heelies Not breathing, then you can’t feel me Malik Sealy rest in peace, the beast a drunken driver Steady dumping on cats, I pack a bunch of fibre The one survivor climbing from the wreckage lungs asbestos Come and test it, I’m on fire with my tongue fluorescent Your brunch impressive but the mix needs some worschetshire sauce The mercenary with his merciless thoughts ...The boss of monster trucks Gravedigger rolling to crush You feel fear then you know it is us Vibrating in your capillaries flow is deluxe Get to tearing folks apart just like a doberman does, what ACT-1 Walking science experiment gone wrong Mix between a melancholy swan song and the thong song Music’s my mediation but murders my motivation Patrolling all the global fakeness with a soul of hatred How can you qualify as GOAT when a ghost wrote all your dopest creations, At best you’re just a co-creator We're not just beating the game, we’re clearing bonus stages Like culinary cultists, we’re slavish to the notes of flavor Your shit is pre-packaged Chipotle flavor Fast food microwave trash that’s no one’s favorite I work Solely for the flame emojis, that’s my only payment If you don’t own a phone at the moment, then you owe me later Me and Sankofa could both be famous For choking Lame-Os with an XLR cable When they approach the stage trying to do the most Posing major We posted in the paint throwing flagrant elbows at opponents faces
G Fam Black Kofa said strap up, goin to war, You want in? .2 for 1 thats a bargain... My team bombin,. Bring my dogs in You gon Face 1000 arms like the guanyin .Red dot ya third eye Hide and sikh, i'll END you, you hindus Neber tried the beef, .fly physicque, nah obese amerikkkan, .July 4th at the club i sneak the weapon in, .Let that that thing ring independence cruel scene, weeks back, did the same for juneteeth. ya loose teef in the ring wit brocky marc, .You can't hang wit these gloves thats poppycock, Stocky dark skin brova wit them brick mits, Body shots cause a slip disc dipshit, broke nose let that shit drip. triple x body bag,. make sure that kid fit Sankofa My spice rack has that Suge Knight vanilla extract Melt the boots of hotsteppers, man they leapt back My set snaps, on any competition trauma death trap don’t trespass, Looking for new tune, suggest taps, Huey cobra on my roof, Marion Cobretti shades cool customers drown a mountain in the sweaty days Denial categorical rap the oracle, morbid forming storms Holding to the radial saw, raw no remorse for you The Jordan Rules breaker, Taking ten paces then I duel haters with blue sabers, reduce fakers Bomani Jones interlude wiretapper The flyer rapper messiahs flying backwards to the sites of rapture The title smasher, calloused hands hold the sledgehammer close Last one who came and went? Let me scan the notes You brandish toast with Vegemite, that’s Ms. Jackson nastiness Platinum chains and Rambis goggles on my basilisk TaliRod Little did ya’ know…Talirod had a little bit of flow… Now y’all lining up…hit em’ with a NO… Quite firm…make a right turn drive into the ocean… Take a mighty deep breath and hold it tight until ya’ floatin’ Know this…I’m one of one…something uncommom If you must approach me….Abundance of caution… Tape draped across the block…didn’t heed the warning Wind advisory…40 knots…see them forming… Lungs full of cyanide snuffing out ya’ diatribe Knuckle Dragguz are the full course..y’all are diet tribes… Bring tears to the driest eyes… Can’t beat us or join us…but if you’re keen on dying…try I am I…Front line worker…lead a private life Reach the highest highs teaching mine to thrive…quiet type Iron vice grip on the game like a lion’s bite So if you’re not a doctor…best to stay up out my line of sight…
Sankofa They call him Mo Cheeks, Rikishi with the cottage cheese Sounding like horse in heat, drop it heavy got to breathe Rest in peace to Pun, my recipe is effortless Magic with emperors temperature climbs, it’s time to rent a nurse Provide the better work my crew is super venomous Pursuit of pleasure’s slick the pessimists packing beretta clips I heard you’re riding tandem on a Peloton in mansions Smell a song this rancid tarantula now your mom is dancing JON?DOE: Chuck Brown They obtuse with acute angles Im over heads like the Blue Angels, Big difference pay attention to who pays who And who can turn any cypher to Beruit, i dare you They went the popular safe route And aint do the mathematics like Jeru I mastered it and the wrath of it plague fools To their dying days, I wear them out like designer shades PAAVO You want swim where the body floats Wish fulfilled Want to speak thought quotes You lack the skill We is armed Taking the ears And wear charms Threats being made Bring you closer to harm Now you conked out Claim injury Pre battle A doc note Workmans comp Now in the chapel demand Sorry but this god's plan Taste sweet Licking the blood off hands Ekspan Hook for hand and javelin, he's back up in his bag again You're barking up the wrong tree, Barker brand Candyman Sweets to the bittersweet, Cabrini Green horrific Creeps Beneath the Surface, see him swing a Sword that's Liquid Opponents grossly negligent and hopelessly conditioned To the misconception that they could control their soul's position Cold Moon up in Babylon, reproachful and vindictive As we're working to your disappearance homie, ghostly business Quintessential It’s Murrieta Joaquin Tall in the buttered down/ Elven made crown w/ the ostrich feather/ The cut Rivendale - Black Cash Folsom/ Ace of Spades off the top rope Whenever I hold’em/ No Olsen, but the eyes Red Scarlet/ Blowing Peanut Butter Breath with Rioja in the goblet/ You got shooters? I got cougars jaws Hoover/ League of Gentlemen dropping gems cuz we all jewelers/ Memphis Reigns: To the common man Im kryptonite/ Im killing em inside whiff what I spit I react like cyanide surprise, I’m unstable like a nuclear reactor with a crack in the center I’m an inny car collision wanna start again,like a born again christian warn you if you do it , I’m a suicide mission I let a cobra bite me on any of my extremities so I can suck the venom out and spit em at my enemies ACT-1 Spent My whole life considered a low-life Canary flying inside insidious coal mines It’s showtime, Darth Sidious glow time When I point my fingers, the force energy bolts fly and I don’t need Idiots co-sign Real ones know I’ll reach the goal in my own time To reach the mountaintop is a slow climb But I refuse to die an inch away from the goal line


VLTR KMBT (ACT-1 and Sankofa) appear on behalf of a love of OB4CL and fly sneakers, this project is named after SIA's Sub Zeros and Scorpion D1Ys


released December 8, 2022

Peace to all the dope cats who are down to build.


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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