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It's like riding a river raft of rap while wearing a cowboy hat.


When I’m on a roll, it feels I’m spilling with skill to spare
I’ll record a track to put inside of your kid’s build a bear
Don’t worry, most of my material is fairly appropropriate
Though you may find some reference to Soviet Mobius opiates
So be it, recorded a song with my man Kashal-Tee and Seron
They ask what planet I’m from, they may say he’s from Geelong
Holy Cross hospital, 1974 to be precise
Transformed Susan and Richard to mom and dad from a husband and wife
I used to call my dad Mommy Sue and he didn’t like it much
Way before I heard rap or even had a mic to clutch
They say times are tough, I watch multiplication tables
Just the way my mind works lazily making it graceful
I moved to California to work on rap stuff with a couple dudes
Spontaneous and JON?DOE, Double Helix was the group
DNA-lysis was the album they poured thousands of dollars into
And for nostalgia’s sake I’m going to give you the word Ginsu

I don’t need a freaking weapon
To sneak up on when you least expect it like the effects of a legal decongestant
You preach a message of greed, but you can have it
Pick my sons up when work is done and maneuver through the traffic

I hone a tactical rap until it chin checks an insect at forty clicks
Don’t know exactly what it means, sure sounds glorious
Needing more goriness? Peruse my earlier angrier works
Haranguing the earth with murderous slang in a hearse, serpent interpreter, a body jerks
Yep, that’s about it with a considerably harsher vocal tone
Nowadays, I scour Costco, trying to sample Toblerones
I’m from a time where Matchbox cars were made in Macau
I’m like the 13th angel, man I simply came to get down
I see what was and know what is and where I stand is in my shoes
And if you’re not feeling it, fine, it wasn’t for you
I'm not much for guzzling brew, the Doctor is my go to
I could roast most folks with a quote, but I’m trying to find my Roku
Remote dude, Walter must have taken it and hidden it
If only Arthur would have put out of reach, consider this
Soon enough his little brother will move his high chair to climb there
Sporting a 6 toothed grin to blind you with the glare

Practice makes perfect, but Allen Iverson was superdope
An easy tidbit for my hanging with Mister Cooper hooper folk
Two can play the game, but only one can win it, ask Stallone
If you wanted a mobile call, 20 pounds was half a phone
My road rage is intense, Joel Frieders seeing a pot hole
And I’m the type to dig cheese like that bad guy from the Boxtrolls
I’ll eat that wheel of brie that you’ve got on your shelf’
So uh…just let introduce myself
My name is…varied depending on where we first met
Rap, work, college, high school, and yep
I’ve got a different one for each, but it’s still pretty much the same guy
Though I tend to sweat more than usual when under the stage lights
It’s like calling Ron Dayne LeBron James, the wrong game
As for pie, I’ll take what you’ve got. You think pecan’s lame?
I declare it’s Bombay, son of the heat that showered Pompeii, but okay
That just means there's more for me, storming enormous eats


from Ink From Rust, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Sankofa Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne

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