Killer Mike for President

by Sankofa



This is about the ugliness going on right here, right now. Thing is, at this point, right here is damn near everywhere. These are ugly times and, as an artist, I can lend my voice and speak my piece. Seeing Killer Mike's speech made me think about leadership-what if our country was overseen by thoughtful, charismatic, intelligent, informed, humble enough to seek input individuals who had in mind the best interests of a country rather than a corporation? Thus this song Killer Mike For President. This song is free for download because what matters is message, not money. If anyone happens to name a price and buy it, I will take that money and donate it after researching where said money would most effectively be channeled. Through all the swirling mess our world is in, I know there are people who care. Call it my Anne Frank moment.

This is not a time for despair, this is a time for reflection and determining feasible action steps. Look at your leadership and ask yourself how they have helped or worsened this situation.


Pig's head torn off of the carcass and held high
Believe your friends who were there, the rest tell lies
Milk, it does a body good and eyes well.
Plus cleans the pepper spray away, water combines hell
Goggles and a mask, keep your people close by
Plus charge your phone before facing those who chose sides
The brave new world with pioneers in their riot gear
And the narrative is something that the owners try to steer
Citizens showing heart refuse to hide in fear
Trolls try to crucified with a jeer amidst the violent peers
Tough guy behind a screen name on a social app
Calling out people doing something while they choke and slap
Accounts full of memes fueling the flames
The court is overrun by anonymous fools in this game
And soon as they came, a double line is formed stat
Cover to load the tear gas guns by the ones in the back
No warning, canisters flying on Clinton and Main
Kids in the crowd but it’s hard to see them when the smoke is spraying
The mayor won’t answer why servers and protectors
Are shooting tear gas at children without an ounce of measure
Yessir, we got a mess on our bloody hands,
fools are breaking window panes in the name of chants
And the excuse for our protectors busting out war toys
Is people were sick to their stomachs with what happened to George Floyd
The straw dispenser breaking the camel’s back to smithereens
The latest in an everlasting list that splits your dreams
My sons don’t look like they had a black grandfather
For that they’ll be that much safer from another manslaughter
Whether catching a charge or being the target from an authority figure with issues
They have the Irish looking skin to erase their their miscues
This system burns innocents, leaving victims the burden of proof
Concerned citizens then turn dissident
Perverse Sisyphus, pushing my rock of optimism
I’ve got to believe in something other than profit driven
We’re fighting over crumbs ownership is laughing at us
We stay divided with the same devices, map and atlas
We don’t stand for a flag, the flag stands for us
A plane crash atop a train wreck with hands in cuffs
We stay divided with the same devices, map and atlas
We don’t stand for a flag, the flag stands for us
A plane crash atop a train wreck with hands in cuffs

Killer Mike for President, yep, you bet it is
The only one in this mess making more than just a shred of sense
They’re pouring a brother’s blood until the gutter was filled
American dream peeled away and then another was killed


released May 31, 2020
Produced by EDS
Artwork by EDS
Mixed and Mastered by Burnt Bakarak




Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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