Kid Gloves feat. Kashal​-​Tee

from by Sankofa

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All hail the new King!


This little piggie's wrapped in a blanket of bills.
Anything to make marketing and banking a thrill
Makes his junk bond bigger and seem more impressive
Snout down in the trough, insert the pork for reference
Compassion's for the weak, see the predator arrive
Keep the klieg lights at bay, he looks better in the night
Nothing’s more attractive than a sow's offspring
Forbidden fruit from the loins of a loud lost king
We can count on those stubs to deliver us from evil, right?
Kardashian apprenticeship reality we deify
Powerful enough to destroy the toys the parties built
Princess and a pee soaked mattress from a Barbie spill
Thick headed with thin skin the combo
God’s favorite white headed son is Tonto
Who needs a platform, slap a slogan on a hat
Repeat the slogan to the loser people choking on the facts

Daddy got himself some Presidential kid gloves
Plus some gadget arms to help him when he zips up
10 Vienna sausages sending out tweets
Vibram five finger speech for the toddler peeps,

Got a sweet inheritance, let's see what he does
Now Obama plays his daddy and hands him the bucks
A sandbox with real live soldiers to get killed
Launch codes on standby, seeking the next thrill
A live audience lapping up on the news feed
Everybody likes a bit of blood in their milk, it's true glee
Being the boss is great, delegate power to his son in law
Keep in the family values, now you see he runs it all
Drain the swamp, sell the Brawndo to the thirstiest
Electrolytes are what plants crave to ease their nervousness
Cabinet members stay busy helping sell the urban myth
Watch for all the killers hiding with turbans and burkhas kid
Got a plan to Build a wall, kill them all, and get rich
It'll trickle down to you with a spritz of his spit
Can you taste the trace of champagne within the man's spray?
He'll sell you something made in China, bet you can't wait.

He's the Chester Cheeto golden calf, watch for how holds a map
Mad magazine back cover folded, scroll it back
Alfred E. Neuman the next guy for his cabinet
Testify to the wrath of a lie so elaborate
Calls his latest wife Rango see the modeling shots?
This moment brought to you by the enhancements she got
Trophy wife number 3 cause his daughter was spoken for
Let’s visit Taiwan, try to go provoke a war
Won the title, but the belt is inconvenient
And can’t understand comedy of comedians
Clearly, got an axe to grind with Mister Perfect here
Purse the lips, spray the hair, dye the skin and persevere
Adulterer appearing with church leaders for pics
Morality reigns supreme, indeed it’s seeming legit
Nevermind scope, we’ve got 140 characters
And a red hat to remind us why we decided to try this

Knock knock. Who's there?
Trump. Trump who?
Knock knock. Who's there?
Trump. Trump who?
Knock knock. Who's there?
Orange. Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say Trump?


from Ink From Rust, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Sankofa Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne

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