Finger Puppets feat. Kashal​-​Tee

from by Sankofa

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It's your fault! No, it's your fault!


Stop complaining that my rap is morbid.
We live in a world where they suck your blood and give you cash for it.
And soldiers in Vegas play with radio controlled planes.
Leaving countless amounts of innocent citizens maimed.
It's sick, a cyclical stain twisting the brain.
Long as it isn't you getting done, it isn't a shame.
But wait, what happens when it's your house on the monitor?
And the screen goes black they found your mom and now Obama's bombing her.
If it isn't on the news, it doesn't exist.
Plus that crotch grabbing habit having man and the myth.
That famous quarterback who doesn't stay in his place.
Border vigilantes making sure no aliens safe.
Open carry's cool. Well, as long as you're white.
Because black kids with toy guns are getting killed tonight.
We've got poverty and climbing crime rates, where they come from?
Slums are industries moved overseas for the lump sums.
Disposable workers who are schlepping just to rent a pit.
CEOs don't care, cause they got benefits and Severance.
So if they do a bad job, no prob, pay them off.
A golden parachute for that failure of a boss.

I can’t decide if I’m a cynic or an optimist
There’s a track I’m content with, but am I locked in it
What kind of difference can a single person make
How much is compromised to reach a powerful place

candidates the people feel are cut off at the knees.
By the same who claim to represent the people and their needs.
My sons have the best security blanket it's called white skin.
They don't have to be as frightened when they see those lights spin.
Far as girls, society's expectations are ridiculous.
standards made to strangle spirit and quicklydiminish it.
try fighting your whole life and never letting your guard down.
That stranger in the shadow making your heart pound
Easy targets, dressing for it, blame the victim season
One giant leap for mankind, but see the witch was scheming
If they drown, they’re innocent, let’s find the riverside
No more yoga pants wearing, get them timid, right
Religious freedom slogan, chanted by a bigot
The bill of rights is overrated, see the road is rigid
I’m on the highway to heaven with the blessing of god
And if you don’t believe me, then I’m spoiling the rod
Spare the child, watch the bathroom, set the diver free
Let the infighting commence, begin the rivalry
Keep track of the news’ shift to entertainment
See what happens when the viral videos are center staging


from Ink From Rust, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Sankofa Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne

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