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My favorite pair of shoes? The next pair.


father son husband runner teacher shoe enthusiast
Political letter writer too busy to use an uzi clip
See, when my life becomes gloomiest
I give a tip of the hat to the mighty Funkdoobiest
We all have our cross to bear, check Leviticus
No crucifix tattoos permitted in
You’re a Christian and yet you shave your beard?
You’re going to burn in hell for that, it’s a sin and it’s weird
See he’s a heretic seeing his Sierra Mist sipping therapist
Take care, that path there is perilous
Here comes the crotch-grabbing Hostettler jersey rocking hotstepper
Sipping nothing but the finest Doc Pepper
I see protesters holding up Mercedes badges
Give piece of German engineering a chance
No dissing it, but I think they went and missed a bit
These cats are sleeping like me when I pop in Mister Lif

Odds are good I’ll hurt your feelings if we speak at length
You’ll know exactly where I stand complete with reasoning
Not down with the preach and cling, I was born to question things
Blind faith is a voluntary deafening

R Mike will tuck his shirt before I tuck a gun
Your tough talk is overdone, I see you sucking thumbs
You’re ding dong ditching it, I heard you cuss and run
Fearing the repercussions of what your insipid little tongue has done
Flying by the seat of your JNCOs, you need flows
Claiming beast mode, you're sipping tea in a bistro
Bad blood between us, call us Eazy E’s vein walls.
Or Charlie Sheen for the whippernsnapper age y’all
I cruise through the valley of death inside of a bulldozer
Ready to flatten any wool they try to pull over
Handcuffs freshly marinated in lamb’s blood
Your whole team is chicken, it’s no wonder that your klan clucks
Your ancestors came from the same place as everyones’
I’m handing you the simple truth over heavy drums
But you don’t want to hear it 'cause you need friends
Paranoid insecurity your chief blend

I’m losing the battle of consumeristic warfare
The names of shoes muttered under my breath, my Lord’s prayer
For sure rare like the animal print with horse hair
I call them scissor kicks, sharp, and I’m needing more pair
A cut above the ones I wanted when I couldn’t afford them
Even broke a promise to myself when I put on the Jordans
The retro 3 Cyber Mondays in all black
My sons play with the shoeboxes, making tall stacks
Anthony Mason endorsing Adidas Streetballs
One of the sickest handles, Pippen in a freefall
The nano annacondas I got for 50 off
The alligator waiting for a deal and then I grip and claw
I love it, but it’s not a shrine cause I don’t pray to it
Custom laced from the City Museum...Saint Louis
Hypebeasts chill, keep your corny Yeezy packs
They’ll be played out soon just like my CD racks


from Ink From Rust, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Sankofa Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne

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