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Aprons in the Abattoir

from Never Easy by Sankofa



Dog eat dog.


Broken glass upon the overpass
The drunken stumble with a sober past
Once Rapunzel, stroking flax
Lawnmower with the burning blade, smoking grass
Diet plans with the Coke attached, note the draft
Underneath the door, rubbery with smoke to match
Hands with paper cuts plunge in pockets holding cash
Took direction from the jump when bosses told them last
Walking out the door, hold a mask unfold it fast
Steam rising from the nostrils of the thief hiding
A straight refusal to let that hunger define them
The system’s broken but it feeds us to the meat grinder
And has us marching to the gospel that we keep climbing
Like they don’t have a ceiling laced with cyanide
Waiting for us if we raise the torch and try to fight
They’d rather have us play by the rules that they made
So we play that rigged sport, another fool in the cage

Divide and conquer just the tools of the trade
Another gladiator duels for the fame
They numb us up, feed us dreams from a pipe
Consumed by consumption, in this hedonist life
Can’t afford it? Max the credit plus installment plans
Just to give a bonus to the richest, call it scams
Won’t acknowledge efforts of essential workers
Just give them a billboard, bleed them dry, to hell with purpose
Keep in mind property rates are making rent insane
Just keep shifting around the pawns in the game
Somebody with money’s going to take their spot
Out of town investors only care for money in their pot
Complain about the stove not working, you’re out of here
Medical bills don’t matter, they’re outta town sincere
Hire local artists, make it appear they care about them
Any form of affordability, where’s the housing?

We get thrown a bone, they wonder why we don’t choke
The only thing they care about is them, no joke
We’re so stoked to parade around the scrap they gave us
We forget to ask who’s making cash and flashy spaceships
We celebrate the mega wealthy like that’s goals for us
That lie is what is holding up the knife of golden dust
Enforcers holding cuffs, legislators change the rules
Judas the incumbent with a war chest that’s made of jewels
They played it cool until push comes to shove, and we’re forgotten
Money makes power, power makes fear the doctrine
Meanwhile, we’re sharing trinkets we copped
ADD by algorithm and the thinking has stopped
Meanwhile, we’re sharing trinkets we copped
ADD by algorithm and the thinking has stopped


from Never Easy, released November 10, 2022


all rights reserved



Sankofa Fort Wayne

My rhymes kick in like a turbobooster.

Fort Wayne.

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